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Author`s jewelry - to buy or not to buy?

Among a number of other things and the phenomena in the world, the author`s jewelry embroidered with beads are special type of things …

the Era of general deficiency sank Into oblivion. The dream of the simple Soviet citizen or citizen - to come to shop and to see everything that it is necessary for soul on counters, at last came true! Welfare grows. Nobody remembers any more how it to have for the winter one couple of valenoks on all. We are full, put and dressed.
A on a full stomach it is possible and to reflect: what it is actually necessary for my soul?
A is necessary for soul something unusual! To admire, touch, own!
the Civilized world went mad on creativity and a creative view of world around. Unusual things attract to themselves as a magnet, it is not dependent on the price, availability, prestigiousness or relevance.

Among a number of other things and the phenomena in the world, the author`s jewelry embroidered with beads is special type of things - they allow to be creative in relation to themselves.

Beauty is a terrible force!

Making the decision - to buy or not to buy decoration of handwork, we decide - to be or not to be to us not unusual, not similar to others. And even more - not similar on yesterday`s. Together with ornament we get a new image of ours “I“, new mood and new itself - a chuvstvovaniye.
you sometime held skillfully executed bracelet or a necklace in hand? And saw themselves at this moment from outside? Saw that you smile? And as your eyes shine! You remember how after that it is difficult to leave it? It already became yours!

In it sense!

Buying author`s ornament, you do not do investments in the Future, it is not a funded part of pension. It is not necessary to consider how many will be if to divide the ornament price of times how many it can be put on. you put
in now, in today, in the Present.
to Admire, touch, own!

Sensory perception

In an information age when on us tons of the facts stream, empty sloves, similar to the facts and frank lie, we so got used to it that we became capable to feel two contrasts - information hunger and information overload.
But as if we were “hungry“ or “loaded“ is information, we did not lose ability to feel DIRECTLY - beauty and ugliness, kindness and aggression, a mutual attraction and disgust - thousands and thousands of the most various things interacting with us is SENSUAL.

Choosing for itself ornament, an amulet or a mascot do not allow a stream of the known and not known facts to deceive you. The fact that turquoise is a stone of love, how many will not help you if the amulet is mixed with turquoise in a handbag or delays a trouser pocket. The canine of a lynx will not make you stronger if it is opposite to you to touch it. And the piece of a squirrel skin will not tell about secrets of forest maidens if you have an allergy to fur.

Without having passed this first and such simple test - of ACCEPTANCE by future owner - the bought ornament will not bring any benefit if it is worse not to tell - will become a constant source irritating or factors hazardous to health.

What in them such special? Why ornament in many cases is the most preferable than another? It concerns not only women. Though women most of all love jewelry. but also men.

And everything is very simple

Ornament removes excessive barriers at first “acquaintance“ among themselves and future owner. You easily will understand, you will become “couple“ or not: whether you want “to communicate“ with it - to put on, carry, hold in hand, to consider, admire, keep around.

you already have own experience to wear jewelry, own answers - how to carry when with what where, and main - whether ornament will draw attention, napityvayas with it, napityvy and protecting the owner.

Ornament has an opportunity easily, is close and long to contact to the owner, without bringing almost any inconveniences. Be it is sane and are sensitive in the choice - trust the feelings, keep yourself from attempts to rationalize, prove or justify the choice.

Being VZAIMO - PLEASANT each other, you will be able to concentrate on more important things.

Homo sapiens.

Of course! Nobody cancels sensible reasons of the price, availability, prestigiousness and relevance. And one does not exclude another at all. A current state of affairs in the sphere of sales of author`s jewelry such is that at desire it is possible to find ornament on your taste, at the price available to you, pertinent in those circles where you rotate.
the Market hend - meyd jewelry is huge! And the Internet does it on truth dimensionless! A set of trading floors for every taste and a purse - from personal blogs on free portals to international the Internet - shops. All offer - from “busik on a thread“ to a necklace the size and the price about the small plane.

To buy or … Buy

you Wear author`s jewelry. Dare to be artistic, it is not dependent on age and an environment. Enjoy yourself and the mood! Be artists to yourself - create new images! Surprise! Change! And let the world changes together with you!