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Australia... is?

“Where this Australia? And in general, who saw it?“ - the captain of the Israeli KVN team, and in the past - “the Odessa gentleman“, Jan Levinzon was interested from screens of TVs then already. We at that time already lived in Australia, and this question of Jan to us seemed especially ridiculous. At that time we already saw Australia. But it at that time. And everything began so...

When we, at last, were going to Australia rather when we received these “unreal“ visas overlooking a residence, having undergone numerous testing and having handed over the sea of documents, we knew nothing about Australia. Absolutely anything. That is we, of course, knew that such country is. There live some relatives of my stepfather whom only he also saw. There is a kangaroo. There all the year round summer. There... And what else is there?

Everything that we knew about Australia, so is what was written in letters by relatives. Still we knew what was filmed by the grandfather with the grandmother when visited there after opening of “Iron Curtain“. But idea of the country somehow did not develop. Well, absolutely. Personally to me in general it was unclear what the country that there for people that we in general will do there is.

No, of course, at geography lessons I diligently filled contour maps about Australia. And at English lessons in general was considered as the specialist in Australia because there lived relatives. But the ostrich and an emu me still seemed to the same animals, and Australia remained just far green island.

Where this Australia?

Geographical reference (Wikipedia): Australia (English Australia, from armor. austr ā lis - “southern“), officially Australian Union - the state in the Southern hemisphere occupying the continent Australia, the island of Tasmania and several other islands of the Indian and Quiet oceans; is the sixth state on the area in the world. To the North from the Australian Union East Timor, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea, to North - to the East - Vanuatu, New Caledonia and the Solomon Islands, are located to Hugo - the East - New Zealand. The shortest distance between the main island of Papua New Guinea and the mainland of the Australian Union makes only 145 km, and distance from the Australian island of Boigu to Papua New Guinea - only 5 kilometers. The population for November 10, 2012 makes 23 069 964 people, the majority of whom lives in the cities on east coast. Who it saw


many Saw Australia, starting with Cook and finishing my own grandmother and the grandfather. That is in existence of this country of doubts did not arise. We with parents wanted to see it too.

The way to Australia, apart from embassy, OVIR, infinite trips to Moscow, turned out very long. As we rejoiced, silly that we will depart to Australia “directly“. To us people went to Australia and to any other countries to the PERMANENT RESIDENCE, through Italy, with a stop for several months, and even for a year. Ours “directly“ turned out very much even not directly.

In - the first, at the Borispol airport where we reached hardly under incessant by heavy rain, with wet baggage, declared to us that the company from which we bought tickets does not give the plane. When gives, it is unknown. And with tickets advised to do to us anything. Good beginning of emigration...

In - the second, we from the CIS only by the night took off. Of course, having been late for connection flight, we spent the night in Bulgaria. Lodged us in hotel with the weighty name “Homeland“. In hotel there were cockroaches, dampness, there was no cold water and there were not enough berths. In a word, “Homeland“.

In - the third, the next morning at the airport of Sofia broke through the sewerage, and all airport floated. We reached a ladder very cheerfully.

In - the fourth, the crew of our plane to Australia never flew. Plus to see, still there was very cheerful and resourceful this crew. Instead of the flight specified on the card we flew “some other way“. Barely appeared in Dubai. After Dubai everything went more cheerfully. We Doveselitsya to the fact that fuel began to reach a limit, and not to see the airport of Ho Chi Minh. Sat down urgently on some airfield in Vietnam. It was the military. Conditioners switched off. In salon became hot and boringly began to smell a bog. The plane was surrounded by submachine gunners. And we have a full plane of the Russian emigrants. We have fun further!

In - the fifth, instead of days we flew to Australia three days. Our relatives got tired us to meet... But nevertheless met. And Melbourne met us by a pouring rain...

There all the year round summer?

When were going to take off for Australia, we called the family and asked what clothes to take with themselves. We were assured that in Melbourne already absolutely summer, t-shirts and shorts are necessary (we flew in October, in Australia it is the middle of spring). We obeyed and left warm things behind a board...

As we cried on arrival on our jackets, trousers and warm tights! Dampness, not ceasing rain - here the Melbourn spring of 1992. We with mother could not be warmed.

Relatives at whom we stopped saved on gas and practically did not heat. The things left on a chair since evening were wet in the morning. So there passed nearly two months. The summer appeared by Christmas...

By this time we rented apartment and considered ourselves any more nearly as natives. We got warm and began to accustom and grow roots slowly. Dealt with supermarkets, transport and cards. Life seemed not such difficult and gloomy.

Tam is a kangaroo?

Australia at us, as well as at many people, was associated with existence of a kangaroo and ostriches (they even on the coat of arms of Australia). We saw the first kangaroos in the Melbourn zoo, several years later after arrival. Natives were seen, by the way, nearly in the first vylaz in city. It then when I already lived almost out of town, a kangaroo, wombats and other representatives of the Australian fauna of steel for me the habitual phenomenon.

Where we will live?

When before departure friends asked me where I will live in this Australia, I only shrugged shoulders. I did not know. Knew that Melbourne, and all. What address? Where to write? By the way, in 1992 the Internet was not yet, and we wrote each other paper letters. Seldom, but wrote.

Australia in general was presented to me by some big empty spot on the card. Where there people live? How? What there cities? I then knew nothing (now and that I know not everything). And my parents knew a little more too, than I. But went.

I will go to school with huge dogs

One more my myth about Australia, is more faithful about life in the West. I grew at the normal Soviet child. Was very active pioneer. Though then did not enter Komsomol. Well, I was the Soviet girl - the honors pupil. The West, for the time being, was presented to me by something big and terrible.

When the question of moving to Australia turned into the plan, and then and into its embodiment, I began to think of the safety. Also found a way out: I will buy two Dobermann terriers and I will go with them everywhere... The benefit by then when we at last were going to go, a lot of things changed and Dobermann terriers were not necessary.

What we will do here?

Practically all who got to Australia will confirm that realities are contrary to the theory, that is: if in embassy the list of the professions which are required in Australia hangs and people pass emigration and estimate the diplomas and skills according to these lists, then there is no guarantee that on arrival these their “required“ professions so will be demanded.

The department of Migration and Department of Employment in Australia are simply not familiar with real life. They absolutely lose sight of existence of local experience, recommendations, skills of language and work on the Australian rules. Come, expensive. There will be to you a manna... It seems so to them.

As for me, I did not know at all that I will do in Australia. I graduated from school. And there? Really again in school? In what class? Nobody could explain anything to me: neither in embassy, nor by phone relatives. I after arrival understood it: their children even did not graduate from school as they could explain me something. Well, I gathered with the backpack from “lump“ to go to school... also would go if kind people did not get to me in time.