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To generals of the twelfth year of

When the child grows on your eyes, his growing is almost not noticeable. At the same time growth of foreign child whom you see time in a five-years period sharply is evident: “Well it is necessary as shot up!.“ Here so, having come across information on the number of generals in Russia, also I exclaimed - well it is necessary! The country lost a half of territories, the army was cut, respectively, by half, and the number of “zolotopogonnik“ grew quadruple.

At once Mikhayla Evgrafycha Saltykov-Shchedrin`s tale of how the man of two generals fed was remembered: “Generals all life served in some registry; there were born, brought up and grew old, therefore, understood nothing. Even words any were not known, except: “Accept an assurance of perfect we wash respect and devotion“... “ Russia and a system several times replaced

that finally to tear with a shadowy past, but still in generals not so much military valor, how many personal devotion make the way. And the quantity personally devoted, in connection with the raised monetary allowance, steadily grows.

General shoulder straps on the shoulders carry now, besides actually military, all ministers, directors of federal services and agencies of the Government of the Russian Federation, heads of these ministerial managements and similar managements of seven federal districts, eighty nine regions of the country, and also plenipotentiaries in the international organizations in the countries of the FSU and beyond. For - for the sake of beautiful a shoulder strap “militarists“ the chief road builders, river transport workers, operators, foresters, builders, insurers, mail carriers and accountants declared themselves... Especially civil organizations headed unfairly befouled, it is much more, than military.

And except them, in the Russian Federation there are more than thirty departmental armies today, with the “pocket“ generals unaccounted by ubiquitous statistics are the militarized divisions of large commercial structures, type of Gazprom and Rosneft, with total number of the armed idlers to one million people over the country. And still there are generals on a voluntary basis whose form and shoulder straps differ in nothing from state - Donskoy, Tersky, Ural, Siberian, Transbaikal and other Cossack troops of all edges and regions of the Russian Federation, the Cossack troops of the Abroad, the Supreme and Marching atamans, the Cossack Unions and the Unions of Cossacks, volunteer societies of assistance of the Russian army and rescue on waters.

But most of all I liked exotic copies. Probably, for increase of defense capability of the country of a rank the general - the major the chief of hotel of the General Staff and the chief of the Central Officers` Club having in submission on a platoon - to another of staff are awarded: that is, their positions at most pull on a rank of the senior lieutenant or captain (though for what in general the animator needs a military rank - to the inventor - to entertain the opponent?) . For expeditious sale of a unit of fire of the USSR - the colonel the former chief of “Rosvooruzheniye“ Samoylov “ran“ a way from the colonel to the general in one and a half years: oborotistost record.

The general ranks are given to heads of district and central ensembles of a song and dancing, musicians, sports, museum and other figures: and as, the rank is higher - the top “la“ of the soloist is louder, the blow to the forward`s ball is surer. For Elena Agapova`s professionalism (being a press - the secretary Minister of Defence Pavel Grachev) a general rank her husband, and also the chief gynecologist of Armed Forces is awarded... The more deeply to the back - the more commanders.

The whole world - theater? It is rather - circus. On streets, stations, cars of the subway and underground passages vseya Russia masked “Afghans“, “Chechens“ and other “fighters“ of hot spots of a public catering in an indispensable camouflage and landing berets ply, giving hands to purses of citizens: “You will help the disabled person...“. Above the camouflage is richer with a couple of social floors, it is more gilded tinsel, but a swindle essence former - to receive cash not for action, and for the status: pull, masked generals pull long rubles from the man`s pockets - the taxpayer, under familiar “Pomozhite poor...“.

All this exaggerated as a soap bubble, the troops in the vast majority not only did not smell gunpowder, but also with a smell of footcloths not familiarly. In this connection I make the offer: for separation of civilian flies from military cutlets to enter the following branch ranks for generals of bureaucratic troops: the general - the quartermaster, the general - kukhmistr, the general - the registrar, the general - the key keeper, the general - a posadnik, the general - a stolnik and the general - a stulnik, and also the general - the corporal for especially caused a stir and - to walk so to walk - the highest rank the general - the best man with the honourable right of the first toast! To appoint official salaries by it above-mentioned soap bubbles and not to charge to generals of 2012 of a line of the remarkable poem to “Generals of the twelfth year“ of Marina Tsvetaeva at all:

You whose wide overcoats
Reminded sails,
Whose spurs cheerfully ringed
and voices...

Not about them these lines. Not about them.