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If you relaxed - will be healthy!

If you realize that recently are too strained, excited, irritable if you feel physical and emotional exhaustion, so your body and mentality need relaxation. Why it is so important to pay it attention?

The matter is that in a day we endure, at least, several episodes which are followed by strong negative feelings. Any experience surely is followed by visible or invisible reaction of a body. For example, you became angry on the business partner. At the same time you can openly express the feelings as the loud speech and active movements. It is visible reaction of a body which gives a natural discharge through shout and the movement. Observe how children are discharged: they shout, jump, run, stamp legs. And it is the best option as feelings find a way out at once and do not collect.

If you have a fear of a discharge which is broadcast to the child by adults when forbid to show feelings, - that you will not shout and stamp legs. But feelings will not get to anywhere. Without having found a way out outside, they will collect inside until you explode from “last straw“ at the most inappropriate moment or until at you the chronic disease develops. At the same time there are chronic muscular clips in a body, blood circulation violation, failures in cardiovascular system and zheludochno - intestinal a path. On this background uneasiness, apathy, depressions, a syndrome of chronic fatigue appears.

To avoid it, it is necessary to choose only for himself the most acceptable way of a discharge of negative feelings and the subsequent relaxation of an organism. Notice that two indispensable conditions of a discharge of feelings are shout and the movement. If you decide to relax when feelings not of an otreagirovana, you exhaust them inside.

It is the best of all to discharge negative feelings together with the psychologist or with the person familiar with discharge methods. In Cherepovets such people are. As it is competent to be discharged, it is also possible to learn in a relaxation office. One of the main conditions of carrying out a discharge is safety. Neither people, nor things should not suffer. The second important condition - confidentiality. Everything that occurs and is told during a discharge, remains in an office more with anybody is not discussed.

After a discharge you will already feel sense of relief. Now it is possible to pass to deeper relaxation of muscles of a body. In a relaxation office for this purpose there are relaxation chairs made on special technology in such a way that the chair will take the form of your body, and in it you can reach any position, convenient for you: sitting, lying, reclining.

Further with you the skilled psychologist who will help you to achieve deeper relaxation will be engaged, than you can reach, carrying out independent exercises. In - the first, you will tell what state you want to reach as a result of sessions. Perhaps, you want to solve some actual vital problems. Perhaps, you need that the psychologist worked with your unconscious to find at you new resources for achievement of goals. Also, during relaxation sessions you will get acquainted with the main ways and technicians of relaxation and meditation in house conditions.

On zhekaniyu, we will make the program of a relaxation which is specially developed for you with a selection of musical relaxation subjects with voice maintenance of a suggestive orientation.