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How to treat cold?

For certain with you it was: the head is “pig-iron“, there is no wish to work, a full nose of snivels and full eyes of tears. Feeling that in ears cotton wool, hurts the head … There is no appetite, smells are not caught … A nose it is red - wet, mood vile, people around try to steer clear - not to catch … Cold …

Cold is a problem! He prevents us to live, work and have a rest. I do not love a problem therefore I try to get rid of them. Including from cold. In addition, cold if in time not to get rid of it, can lead to serious complications, up to pneumonia and a lethal outcome.

To get rid of any problem, for a start it is necessary to find out what the phenomenon, and what reasons of its emergence is. Let`s understand the reasons - we will understand what to do to us.

So - what is cold? Cold, or rhinitis (so his physicians call) - the state caused by an inflammation of a mucous membrane of a nose. That is it is not an illness, and manifestation some of a set of diseases.

There are three types of causative agents of cold - bacteria, viruses and allergens. There are even more exotic reasons of cold - consequences of unsuccessful surgical interventions, a trauma, foreign matters in a nasal cavity, but they are rather rare.

To distinguish that caused cold, it is possible on the cold:

- If snivels transparent and liquid, and sneezing pristupoobrazny - means, the reason in a viral infection or allergen. Further you calculate a situation, using a deductive method, - if presented you a bouquet or a kitten, and you zachikhat at once - most likely an allergy and if nothing new in your life occurred, but for couple of days before you in transport saw the snotty person - most likely a virus.

- If allocations from a nose dense, green or it is yellow - green, it is few sneezing, but the nose is clogged - means, the bacterial infection attacked.

- If snivels it is black - gray - blow the nose and wash: you just dust inhaled.

With viral or bacterial cold it is a little more difficult.

For a start it is worth warming up well as the place (around nose bosoms), and all organism in general. To make a hot foot bathtub with mustard, to drink to tea with a lemon, a linden, raspberry, honey (not to put honey in hot tea, so it loses useful properties; a spoon, together with tea, but not in tea) to put on woolen socks legs.

Nasal bosoms can be warmed up by means of two boiled eggs wrapped in a towel or boiled potato.

Good results are yielded by washing of a nose with sea or mineral water. Special solutions can be bought in a drugstore, and it is possible to dissolve sea salt or soda and independently at home.

If at you (your friends, acquaintances, neighbors) on a window sill the kalanchoe grows - it is the excellent ally in fight against cold - 2-3 drops of juice of a kalanchoe in each nostril several times a day will help to cope with it. It is also possible to use the freshly squeezed juice of red beet divorced in boiled water.

It is the best of all to apply mustard plasters at cold to soles of legs. I put on a thin sock, I put a damp mustard plaster on a polyethylene bag, I put a bag of a mustard plaster to a foot and I put on a fat woolen sock. With the second leg I arrive similarly and I go to bed. Heats strongly, but does not burn down. If there is no mustard plaster - it is possible to use the fabric moistened in kerosene.

In each drugstore special vasoconstrictive drops are on sale. Too it is good to use them, but it is short, not longer than 7-10 days in a row as, in - the first, they not really positively influence on warmly - vascular system, and in - the second if during this time cold did not pass (hardly anyone - that will use drops if there is no cold any more) then, you do something not so, and it is necessary to go to the doctor to avoid complications.

Menthol oil or Asterisk balm will help if at the very best first symptoms of emergence of cold to grease a forehead, temples, a nape and wings of a nose.

If you after treatment do not meet for the next day strangers (for example, at work or in public transport), then it is possible to try to get rid of cold by means of garlic. The average size “clove“ small to chop (not to press, namely to cut, a knife), to put in a gauze and to insert into ears. To try to fall asleep or in any case to suffer as long as possible. If you manage to sustain, then will remind only a disgusting smell of cold in the morning.

You should not use fabric handkerchiefs - it is better disposable tissues. Of course, if they are absent, then use at least fabric (not really well to sprinkle the bacilli surrounding reality), but if there is a choice, paper it is better.

Try to blow nose with an open mouth: if the mouth is closed, then contents of a nose can get into an Eustachian tube - the channel connecting a nose and an ear - and otitis (an inflammation of a middle ear) can develop. Having overcome cold, you will begin to struggle with otitis.

Try that air indoors was pure, cool (not cold!) and damp, also drink more liquid.

Remember that any illness it is simpler to warn, than to treat therefore if you strengthen immunity, not to allow overcooling, to avoid contacts with the diseased, to play sports, to aspire that in your life of a positive was more, than a negative, to treat everything kindly and with humour, then about cold you will know only in the theory - from articles, similar this.