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“To dream not harmfully!“, or Why dreams do not come true?

Users of social networks often put the statement in the status: “Everything will come true, it is worth ceasing to want“. From the same series - a sarcastic smile which was on lips of our grandmothers: “To dream not harmfully“! If the person stands on the own two feet and knows what he wants, then his similar phrases, on the contrary, motivate and induce to do everything in order that the desirable came true earlier, than he will manage to cease to want.

But are also other people at whom self-confidence right there is undermined and hands fall. So, in what sense of these phrases why and who tells them as well as why they influence these or those people?

“Everything will come true,

As a rule, this belief of fatalists who believe that in this world nothing depends on them is worth ceasing to want“

. Well, what you trust in works. Therefore such people do nothing to achieve dream - sit and wait until the precious gift comes on a silver platter. And here when the person already lost any hope, the desirable is carried out... But has no value any more.

Why does that happen? The majority of desires can be referred to the following three categories:

- material values;

- abilities and achievements of the objectives (weight loss and career development can be referred here);

- relations with an opposite sex.

If the desirable is something material, but enough large investments, as a rule, demanding which at the moment time is not available for the person, he writes off everything for the fact that it has no money, and itself consoles himself: “A purchase when I earn“. And here he or not - already will earn other question. Many are afraid of debts and the credits, especially thoughts of how then to pay off. And is also such who all life saves up money for “rainy day“, and ascetic beliefs just do not allow to take them and to kopek to spend for dream.

The desire to learn something or to reach something is executed the easiest. But many do not decide to begin to be engaged in what there is a strong wish because “there are no abilities to it“, “all the same it will not turn out“, “I will break“, “it was necessary to begin in the childhood“ etc. Actually, it is only excuses. There is nothing impossible, it is necessary just to go and do that it was possible to tell, already proceeding from result that it will turn out.

The relations - one of the most difficult aspects of psychology and life in general. Many people give up, even without having begun to build the relations with the one who is pleasant - visit on themselves one thousand - another of labels, will convince themselves and the whole world that are not worthy object of the love, will be depressed, will suffer, will forget … As they say, time cures all.

And what follows from all this? Nothing will appear if to cease to want.

People who often use expression in use “everything will come true, it is worth ceasing to want“, look at those who have all this, envy them, but the psychological barriers do not break. Also they try to interfere with fulfillment of desires of those who share with them - let friends be back to square one on life too.

You like to live so - when nothing comes true? Is not present? Then forget this phrase. Go and do, you will find excuses then.

And if you so do not consider, but someone tries to convince you that - do not listen to this great and wise saying. If to cease to want something, does not matter any more - will come true or not.

“To dream not harmfully!“

were So told already by several generations back, in those hard times when society was divided strictly into the rich and the poor, and from the lowest social group to get to the highest was very much and very not easy. The children who were not knowing nothing about a peace arrangement yet looked at the rich and said to seniors that they will live also. The adults beaten by life with a jeer answered: “Ha! In your dreams!“

Times changed, it became simpler to live, and this awful expression and was fixed in the people. Now it is used by envious and unlucky people in whom since the childhood inspired that they are nikchyomna and are not worthy happiness. As a result they grow up, become angry for the whole world, have nothing, and to what have - do not rejoice, choke with bile and a green envy and rebuff those who dream to execute to kill dream in a germ - let they will have nothing too.

So why at these people nothing comes true what they need only to hate the whole world and to consider that they, in their opinion, have anything no times, let will not be also at others? It is a vicious circle - all energy which could go for fulfillment of desires, leaves on a negative. And the negative, in turn, appears because that nothing comes true. If you cease to choke with a green envy, you will have an energy for implementation of desire. And when you will begin to do something to execute the dreams and the more so when your efforts bear fruits - at you need to envy and laugh at foreign dreams will disappear.

Dream and execute. Also do not prevent to dream and execute another!