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Novelties of cinema. What to watch during week-end on November 10 - 11? “The cloudy atlas“, etc.

Movie theaters in the future days off promise us mix of pleasure esthetic with visual - Russia the new picture of Tom Tykwer “The cloudy atlas“ officially comes out. The notable competition to this fantastic drama will be made by the next director`s work of Ben Affleck - the political thriller “the Operation “Slang“.

the Second echelon several variegated pictures from Europe, Canada and Japan, including the sports drama “Subjugators of Waves“ with Gerard Butler and new work of Francois of In the House Ozone will proceed.

1. “The cloudy atlas“ (Cloud Atlas, 2012)

So does not happen that one of the most anticipated movies of year, joint creation of the director Tom Tykwer (“Run, Lola, run“) and producers Andy and Lana Vachovski, came to shattering grief in hire. To the first premier Wick - and “The cloudy atlas“ did not manage even to take the leading position in America, having yielded the palm to the political thriller of Ben Affleck “the Operation “Slang“. Considering that the budget of a picture with participation of such stars as Tom Hanks, Halle Berri, Jim Broudbent and Hugo Weaving, makes powerful 100 million dollars, to the new project of Vachovski shines their destiny “Spidi - the racer“ to four-year prescription.

The idea to create an art - the hausny, intellectual blockbuster was repaid in “Matrix“ once, but there was improbable dynamics of the narration, deep philosophical implication and effect of novelty. “The cloudy atlas“ is a screen version of a novel of the same name of David Mitchell and one of the most expensive independent movies in the history of cinema. The picture was knocked down by ambition of a plan, timing, indigestible for cinema (nearly three hours) and a clear victory of the word over business. Paginal transfer of the book, the changed final, artful designs of subject lines (six stories are deliberately mixed in one heap) - all this does credit to authors, but does not make money. The colossus turned out with clay legs though the picture will find the viewer precisely as Mitchell`s best-seller found the reader. It is impossible to deny beauty of this experiment, however the shedevralnost of “The cloudy atlas“ nevertheless remains undecided.

2. “The operation “slang“ (Argo, 2012)

Initially Ben Affleck wanted to invite to a leading role in the next director`s project Brad Pitt, but as a result was forced to assume responsibility for deeds. And now has every chance to fill up the collection of Oscars because “Slang“ unambiguously it was pleasant to both the audience, and critics, despite razocharovyvayushche the expected final (the tape is based on real events).

Bondiana and Borniana accustomed us that the espionage cinema is a meeting of various stamps, mix of an action, hand-to-hand fights, plots and pursuits. All early attempts somehow from this track came to an end being beaten out anyway unsuccessfully: or creators excessively were fond of a fighting component, turning espionage history in the adventure fighter (“Mission is impracticable“), or, on the contrary, sank in infinite intrigues, talk, details, going deep into the drama and resting against melancholy green.

Affleck managed to observe reasonable balance and to play on the screen an inventive game of chess, but not party “in Chapayev“. A story about how the CIA agent releases from Tehran six hostages, constantly keeps the viewer in suspense though our audience will be habitually indignant concerning plot “sverkhamerikanizirovannost“. As on me, it is difficult to bypass a binding to an ethnic question when shootings the political movie. Let`s pay tribute to Affleck, he does not revel in pathos, and really shoots film - in a shot and behind it.

3. “Bunker“ (La cara oculta, 2011)

of History of the compelled solitary life since the time of “the Count Monte - Cristo“ cause genuine interest in public. Approach can change, from attack of robbers and a hide-and-seek in the house (“Panic Room“ with Jodie Foster) before stealing and an imprisonment in a coffin (“Buried alive“), however the sense does not change - fascinatingly to observe how the main character gets out (or is not chosen) of current situation. And when the task is complicated by a lack of resources or - it is even better than time.

The thriller of coproduction of Colombia and Spain “Bunker“ does unexpected turn in a traditional melodramatic plot. The nice bride of the young conductor becomes the hostage of the unapproachable bunker in a mansion of the groom. What is characteristic, female curiosity together with a carelessness ruined a krasna the maiden (the key - that remained outside). And now the bride is listed missing persons, her beloved has love affairs with a new passion, and the poor thing is forced to watch a tide of life from a subsoil of the impenetrable bunker. What this confusion ended with, learn, but you should not wait for big revelations from the Latin American thriller

. 4. “Subjugators of waves“ (Chasing Mavericks, 2012)

the Genre of the sports drama - at the same time one of the simply and difficult in cinema. It is the simplest to take the next history of overcoming own o U-00ABYa“ and conquest of tops and it is much more difficult to refresh a plot with new ideas. If it is not about a spectacular sport like the American soccer or boxing, and about surfing. All these streams of ocean water though them call “maverikam“ (in the original the name sounds as “In a pursuit of Maverikami“) though tsunami, cause relentless desire already in half an hour to switch off the TV. Therefore it is necessary to interest in other things - a detective plot (“On the roll“), amusing animation (“Catch a wave“) or, in a case with “Subjugators of waves“, excellent actor`s game and the psychological drama.

A director of this not fascinating, but quite watchable and places of a fascinating picture is not who other as Curtice Hanson, the director “Secrets of Los - Andzheles“. From - for problems with Hanson`s health the colleague Michael Eptid, too, by the way, the venerable director changed at the end of film-making process it (“Gorky Park“, “And the whole world is not enough“). And the leading role in the movie was played by well-known Gerard Butler, the professional of high level who is not always lucky with scenarios. But not this time.

5. “In the house“ (Dans la maison, 2012)

Francois Ozon`s Style, whose movies regularly appear in our hire (“8 women“, “Pool“, “Shelter“), for a long time is known. The Frenchman quite successfully imitates Hitchcock, successfully introducing a suspense and an intrigue in routine domestic squabbles. His creativity did not find an opening in hearts of festival juries yet, but Ozon is quite often nominated for prestigious awards and it is considered in the homeland the prominent representative of the next “new wave“.

As well as in the previous movies, in the psychological drama “In the House“ the director investigates customs of modern society at which it is full of skeletons in the cupboard. The skilled teacher of literature finds contact with the pupil whose compositions describe the house of neighbors and experience of the boy concerning its inhabitants. Joint and so unusual “scopophilia“ captures both, but over time essays get an ominous shade, and the young writer, seemingly, wishes to introduce amendments in the real world which is not arranging it.

On it the list of premieres does not come to an end at all. In the list of debutants the teenage drama from England “Broken“ with Tim Roth`s participation, the European thriller about misadventures of foreigners in Georgia “The most lonely planet“ also appears , it is esthetic - the bloody Japanese drama “It is removed! “ and the Canadian three-dimensional animated film about robots “A bolt and Blip hurry to the aid“ .