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How to look after dry face skin?

Dry skin causes it to the owner not less inconveniences, than fat and combined, and the big mistake to consider that it needs less careful leaving. Owners of thin dry skin grow old much before all others if they do not watch themselves properly.

Care of dry skin includes use of such components which help to detain for a long time moisture in cages.

of the Reason of dryness of skin

• First of all, genetic predisposition: for example, if your mother or the grandmother constantly fights against dryness of skin, then this “gift“ was transferred also to you.

• Insufficient work of sebaceous glands on skin which cease to work properly.

• Lack of vitamin A and B.

• Harmful factors of environment.

• Continuous stay on the sun.

• Existence of chemical components in ukhodovy and decorative cosmetics.

• Chronic diseases of skin, such as dermatitis, psoriasis and eczema.

Care of dry skin

Secret of leaving “is old

as the world“ - only four simple steps which need to be followed regularly.


First of all, try not to use soap and gels which sometimes awfully dry even normal skin (perhaps, it is all about hard water where add a huge amount of different chemicals). Try to use the clearing milk. Asian producers of ukhodovy cosmetics let out special hydrophilic oil long ago, at contact with moist skin it turns into a gentle skin.

Be not zealous with washing - twice a day quite enough, otherwise sebaceous glands will call a long strike.


Very important stage in clarification of dry skin. Some mistakenly consider that dry skin can do without peeling or a srub. On the contrary, it constantly needs release from the horny parts and updating, it is just necessary to do this procedure not more often than 1 - 2 time a week.

Here the simple recipe of a srub for dry skin:

• 1 ripe
banana • 3 tablespoons of
sugar • 1 teaspoon of
honey • 1 / 4 teaspoons of vanilla extract

Mix all ingredients and enjoy!


I Think, you should not explain that without it skin will become as at a rhinoceros. Owners of dry skin have pluses - it is possible to apply cream to the top of the bent, surplus can always be got wet with a napkin.

The recipe of cream for very dry skin which my grandmother and mother uses, following (perhaps, for someone it will seem too heavy, but it is suitable for a cold season really more)...

The Svoboda factory lets out creams in tubes - take four different for dry skin (for example, “Luxury“, “Amber“). Connect them together in convenient ware and begin to shake up a fork as though you shake up an omelet. Add a little water (boiled or spring) and continue to shake up. The consistence of very dense home-made sour cream has to turn out. It is necessary to store in the refrigerator, at the same time from above filling on cream is a little water.

Also always you keep in store a small bottle with coconut, almond or any other oil which you will be able to use as in pure form, and at preparation of masks and srubs. Keep in mind that coconut oil has property to harden therefore before application it is necessary to warm up it slightly.

Use of masks


• 1 yolk
• 1 teaspoon of the olive oil
• 1 teaspoon of
orange juice • Several drops of a lime or a lemon


• 1 yolk
• 1 teaspoon of
honey • 1 teaspoon of the olive oil

“A milk pan of Cleopatra“

Gather a bathtub of warm water (36 - 37 degrees), add liter of hot milk, a honey cup, several drops of almond oil and several drops of your favourite spirits. Lie down 10 - 15 minutes in such paradise - and furor is provided!

Councils for care of dry skin

1. Do not smoke!

2. Do not take too hot bath or a shower.

3. Do not appear on the sun without protective cream.

4. Do not use voice-frequency means with dense texture. Give preference to the moisturizing creams with voice-frequency effect. Diet for dry skin

Eat with

more vegetables, fruit, nuts, use not refined olive oil in food and drink more simple water.

Be beautiful!