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What it is necessary to know about Israel?

Israel are the country - history. At its mention the first that comes at once to mind, - bible places and, of course, Jerusalem with its Wailing Wall, the Temple of the Lord`s Coffin and ancient narrow small streets. Here gather both believers, and non-believers, Muslims and Christians, Jews and bakha. However such interest in Israel is caused by

not only religious motives. What, except the last route of Christ, this country of the desert and stones in which each city - the blossoming garden is interesting to us by? What it is necessary to know about Israel and its inhabitants before a trip?

We will begin with usual help data.

The state of Israel is at east coast of the Mediterranean Sea, on Hugo - the West of Asia. On the form of government it is the presidential republic, but the real power belongs to the government led by the prime minister - the minister. In Israel two state languages: Hebrew and Arab. Its many inhabitants know English, and even speak Russian. The capital of the state - the city of Jerusalem. The largest cities: Jerusalem, Tel - Abibus - Yaffo, Haifa. The population of Israel less than Moscow also makes 7 million 840 thousand people. Climate in these bible places Mediterranean. During the summer period of draft drop out extremely seldom, in the winter Israelis are glad to a rain.

That to learn everything about Israel, there will not be enough also life. Many, of course, heard that wandering of the Jewish people of 40 years on the desert ended with wonderful transition through Jordan when waters of this river rushed back before ancient Israelis. A little later Jesus Christ hosted a baptism here. They say that in those far times the river was surrounded by rainforests in which thickets rhinoceroses and lions were found.

And what it is necessary to know about Israel and its inhabitants of today? Let`s list some interesting facts.

Israel on education level of the population occupies, after the USA and Canada, the third place in the world, and by the number of the museums per capita - the first. In particular, in Israel there is a museum of culture of all people mentioned in the Bible.

In comparison with other countries in Israel the greatest percent of those oncological patients who survive after treated.

Government employees in Israel cannot almost be dismissed. They do not take a bribe, and the briber is threatened not only by a heavy fine, but also court.

In private papers of Israelis in the column a nationality put a crossed out section.

In Israel there are settlements and even the cities which residents do not speak Hebrew.

In Israel it is more men, than women.

Soldiers with automatic machines on streets of the Israeli cities - not threat, but protection.

Before an entrance to any shopping center or establishment the security guard examines bags, and men checks the metal detector, it is forbidden to carry with himself arms even in the form of a penknife with a clamp.

Streets at the designated crosswalks can be crossed, without looking around - drivers by all means will pass you.

It is necessary to know about Israel that it is the only country which legislatively forbade use in work of model agencies too thin a top - models. It is made to warn young girls against the wrong ideas of standards of a female figure.

Piercing and tattoos in Israel are very popular not only with men, but also with women of any age.

In Israel everything that it is possible to carry to whims and comfort, extremely expensively, and what belongs to necessary - just expensively.

To repair any thing in Israel it is so expensive that it is simpler to buy new.

In many hotels, at stops and in other public places in Israel it is impossible to smoke and cigarettes very expensive.

It is useful to know that the Jewish cuisine is very different as it collected in itself dishes almost from around the world.

Even in cafe - a snack bar to give a tip less than 10% to the waiter it is considered a boorishness.

In Israel actually there is no constitution, formally it is in process of creation. It is replaced by the set of Basic laws to which actual are added, outdated clean up.

To fans to travel it is necessary to know that if they in the international passport have the Israeli visa, then about trips to such Muslim countries as Kuwait, Libya, Iran, Lebanon, Yemen, Sudan, Syria, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, it is necessary to forget.

Here such this mysterious country - Israel.