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How to insure a house or giving?

the Summer season ended. It is time to pack things and to move to winter to city apartments. At many owners the country real estate will remain for several months without due supervision. Again there is a question: to insure giving or not and what it is necessary to make correctly to insure a house?

of Insurance risks on seasonal dachas at owners of country real estate not so much. It is the fire, a robbery or an arson. It is required to insure a house first of all against them. There are also number of minor risks:

Natural disaster (earthquake, flood, hurricane and so forth) .

Act of terrorism.

Lightning stroke.

Mechanical destruction (the plane fell to a house or the truck crashed).

It is possible to insure not only a house, but also some of its constructive elements:

Walls, base, roof, overlappings.

Windows, doors, finishing elements.

External finishing (facing tile, siding).

Engineering equipment and networks (system of water supply, to the electrician).

The personal estate which is in the house (household appliances and furniture).

To insure a house, it is required to estimate it correctly. The insurance agent, as a rule, suggests the owner to make it independently. From the sum specified by the owner there will be all further calculation, namely what insurance premium will be and will be due how many to the owner of a house in insured event.

In principle, it is possible to call any sum. It is favorable to the agent that she was as much as possible as his commission charges depend on it. At the same time each residential building has a cost on BTI. And it is always many times lower than market. Therefore, at a loss occurrence, the house owner can receive it, but not that which he specified in the contract. Insurance companies often use this trick. Therefore to receive a normal insurance, it will be more correct to make an independent assessment of property, having recorded it documentary .

What to do if do not pay an insurance or significantly reduce its size? It, unfortunately, too happens.

In case of a loss occurrence the agency will demand to provide the registration certificate on the affected house. In this document planning of a structure has to be specified and the available technical equipment is transferred. Insurers will attentively verify everything whether there is no self-made electrical wiring or the equipment which is not noted in the registration certificate, t. e. to find out the reason of insured event, for example, of the fire.

If the registration certificate on a house was not, then the insurance agency can carp at something and refuse to pay an insurance premium. Even if this document is available, but in it recently bought geyser is not specified, then with payment of an insurance there can be problems too.

So that it is correct to insure a house, it is required to reflect at once in the registration certificate all changes and reorganizations. And if nevertheless this document is absent, then it is required to report every time about all this to the insurer. The agency, in this case, can demand to lower a total cost of an insurance, however will not be able to accuse the owner of negligence any more.

And the registration certificate on a house it is possible to receive in the bureau of technical inventory (BTI) at the place of residence, having waited in line and having paid duty.