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Sports activities: how to begin and to throw?

Many of us think that since Monday it is advisable to begin new life: to play sports, to begin to eat, go to bed properly till midnight and not to sit in front of the computer all free time. However there comes the next Monday - and nothing in life changes.

Of course, we always easily find a justification why this Monday it was impossible to begin to live in a new way, but I suggest to stop misleading myself and just to make everything that this planned life began already today.

What purpose?

Always the most difficult are first steps, but it is worth breaking this barrier and further it will become already easier to go. You sometime watched children who learn to go? Surprisingly, they are how persistent in the aspiration to get this skill, new to them. And why? Because they have an accurate purpose for the sake of which they are ready to fall and again to rise.

The first that you should make, it to understand and why, actually, you want to play sports on a constant basis? It is extremely important to answer this question for himself absolutely honestly. For someone the desire to get into old favourite jeans will become the purpose, someone does not feel self-confidence from - for superfluous folds on a stomach and wants from it to get rid rather, someone wishes to walk upstairs and not to suffer from short wind, someone wants that “all little girls in department burst with envy“...

Think what for you is that treasured purpose for the sake of which you will be ready to spend time and forces. Most likely, it will be not one purpose, but the whole complex. Write them all on a leaf and hang up to yourself on a foreground. Near a leaf you can also arrange the pictures motivating you - the photo in those jeans or the photo a few years ago when you looked as would like to look now.

What I will receive if I begin to be engaged?

to decide on the first occupation, to you it is necessary to motivate itself, and there will be not enough global purposes which you wrote out on a leaf, for this purpose, most likely. You should take other leaf and to write there awards and penalties for your progress and small derogations from the drawn-up plan.

It is very important to award himself for the first occupation, for the first week of occupations, for the first month of occupations, in three months of occupations, for half a year of occupations, for a year of occupations. For each passable boundary, you have to appoint to yourself very desirable prize which really will stimulate you.

For example, you wanted to buy a tremendous Karen Millen dress long ago, but considered that it too expensive, write it to yourself to prizes for the first week of occupations and begin to go to the gift for will power. That you had no desire to deviate from the planned course, write what you will lose if once again postpone the beginning of occupations.

Do not forget that it is important to register such penalties which really will be for you unpleasant loss. For example, for each postponed day of the beginning of occupations, you reduce your future trip by rest during holiday also for one day. Prizes and penalties have to be not necessarily connected with material inputs, perhaps at all, for you acceptance of a two-hour bathtub with foam and the favourite magazine, and the worst punishment will be the best gift - to wash the floors.

to Tell or hide?

When you prescribed yourself awards, penalties and your purposes, try to tell about the plans as it is possible for the bigger number of people. Do not hide and do not postpone news before there are results, tell right now.

Why it should be made? Because people will be often interested as process progresses whether it manages to you to follow the plan whether there is progress as you managed to get prettier so etc. Knowing that it is watched not only by you, but also your friends and a family, it will be much more difficult simple to you to throw everything. whether

to Watch results?

the good assistant. So you will be able to note when and than you worked how many it borrowed time how many calories you burned. The main thing, you will be able to enter all data on a condition of the body there and to watch progress. If you not the fan of the similar websites, get to yourself the table and enter results of your occupations there. This table has to clearly demonstrate, how successfully you move to the purpose.

What to do after the skipped class?

Never fall into despair from - for the fact that you, despite motivation and the purposes, for some reason missed the training or gorged on cakes for the night. Keep the right for a mistake. If you curtailed from a way, it does not mean that you cannot return on it. Just tell yourself that today you suited day off, however next day be trained as it was planned.

The most difficult is the first month, your body is farther itself will already begin to ask trainings and you will not want to refuse to it. Besides already noticeable results of your efforts will be a pleasant bonus.

The last that it would be desirable to advise: it is not necessary to load itself most from the very beginning, it you will only bring closer possible failures and deviations from conceived. Begin slowly, be engaged several times a week at least for 10 minutes, then on half an hour, then you, perhaps, want to be engaged every day. The main goal - not to dump kilograms or to change the volumes for the shortest term, and to learn to lead new healthy life in which you with ease play sports and you derive from it pleasure where you get into any desirable thing where friends constantly are interested as you manage to look so smartly.

You will be able precisely to make it, it was necessary only to begin to do right now !