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“Where normal men got to?“

Chok - the Thai rice porridge, viscous and tasteless, but at the same time vital as thanks to its low cost and simplicity a half of Thailand survives. And so, the check is you, the friend.

Having once again come across a women`s issue full of pain on “Where the “Real“ Men Got to?“, I deeply reflected. And whether disappeared somewhere?

Yes did not disappear anywhere! Girls, all of us still here. At all inadequacy, cowardice and irresponsibility of the world of other mannish - real men still on the place. Were, is and will be. And point.

Periodically I am visited by exhaustion attacks from snivels concerning degradation of the “real“ men. Understand, at last, a simple thing - “check“ will always remain “check“, and real men - real men. And if you meet only “check“, mine to you condolences. Business, most likely, in you, similar is attracted to similar.

Actually all men were never “presents“. Even in those days, when we ran quicker, than the Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt, in hope to reach a throat of an antelope. Men were always divided into three simple categories. Just like eggs at chickens - layers. The only thing the general between all of us the fact that all of us are by nature full cowards. As puppies of the American staffordshir. Combative dogs we become only with age and fights.

Yes and what you, girls, there decided - fearless is not present. The main difference of representatives of these three categories is that the first are even afraid to admit that they are pants, the second know it, but undertake nothing, and the third always keep it in mind and take the steps improving a deplorable situation.

By the way, here one more supervision - most “fearless“, from the female point of view, individuals, most likely, are somewhere in the first two categories. To put it briefly, who shouts most, that is afraid most.

There is nothing shameful in feeling fear. It how to want on - small. Another thing is that at the arisen severe need it is possible to go and pee, and it is possible to stand, rebate, wait for the turn and “that“ day and, at last, to pee the pants. Personally it is not a shame to me to admit that in this world still there are things of which I am afraid. If to pull out from me all volume of phobias, fears, troubles and to shift to paper - most likely, the book of the size of the Bible will turn out. I accurately understand it, and with it normally is to me. Just I also know that the true courage is not when it is not terrible. When took it and made, despite the fact that as strongly squeezed in the shameful place.

Answering the question “Where Normal Men Got to?“, I have no the slightest desire to take the responsibility for all representatives of a masculine gender. The maximum of my opportunities are here to squeeze two or three words for itself and the friends. For those in whom I am confident. I can tell for the graduates.

We are not tormented by a problem of the fact that our contemporaries the falling by Justin Bieber`s the image profane memory of heroic ancestors. Neither I, nor my friends will never come to a condition of the lovely castrated burro.

We have a head on shoulders, sharp teeth, strong muscles and, the main, irresistible desire to be better, than we estseychas. We will have enough it quite not to have complex and to be clamped on a secular reception or a boxing ring. We have enough courage to recognize that all of us are afraid, and after that it is simple to take and do. To go on the fears, improving itself and the world around.

We do not worry from - about the fact that our grandfathers at our age killed fascists. If it is necessary, we will easily take the weapon in hand. Personally I will have enough ability that to sort it and to collect, and courage to press on a cock turns.

Speak to us - you became worse. In what sense became worse? We became less clever? Less sensitive? Irresponsible? Or we are not capable to bring the woman to an orgasm? Perhaps matter in our physical decline?

Lie. We practically at peak of a form. When I get up in the morning, I know that today I will be better, than yesterday. One second quicker, one minute more responsibly, one word more wisely. Even if I will have on it no forces or mood, I will find a way to make so that they quickly appeared.

We have many occasions to justify the powerlessness. Lack of fatherly education, tyranny of the frustrating teachers, the cultural and moral environment encouraging a visit of boutique behind a new shirt instead of a plowed land in the gym. But we do not use them. We understood long ago that responsibility for our life and life of our relatives is assigned by this Universe to our shoulders. And, despite this kiloton freight, to us began to live much more simply. Because we found one of Basic Elements of sense of our existence. Just we began to ask ourselves a question more often: “Who, if not I?“

We went further, than the previous generation, performing ordinary man`s work. Now we not only feed and we protect our relatives, but also we manage to share kindness and love, worrying about that, how well feels and the woman who is nearby reveals herself.

What else from us it is necessary?

We watch closely what we eat. We do not smoke and seldom we drink. We walk with old men in parks, and in our heart there lives the huge love of children. We help shelters and we arrange in families of homeless animals. We train in gyms before loss of consciousness. We earn money. In a bed we care for that to the girl it was good not less, than to ourselves. When the drunk neighbor below rustles, we go to him on a visit with a smile and a baseball bat. What else we should be?

Ah as this nostalgia on last times is lovely and fine! Earlier knights lost the head for the sake of the lady on tournaments. Were shot on duels. Stuck each other with swords. How selfishly to send the man to cut the head to a dragon only to prove gravity of intentions in relation to the lady...

Real men were not gone anywhere. We were, is and we will be, regardless of quantity of the killed dragons. And if we are not familiar yet, so it only because you attract to yourself remarkable owners of eggs of the first and second category. And serial number here, by the way, does not do coolness.