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How it is favorable “to put“ time?

Time - a valuable resource. Its correct use in many respects defines success of our life. But as often we hear the phrase: “I have no time“. What is covered behind it? Really to this person “measured“ less, than all the rest, and in days at him not 24 hours? Well

, most likely, he just irrationally uses it, as well as many of us. How to learn to spend effectively time? Let`s try to find the answer to this question.

Who and how steals our time?

we Will begin

with so-called “thieves“ of time. In the nature their great variety and they trap us literally behind each corner.

Evening “meetings“ take away a lot of our time from TV, at the same time is almost imperceptible for us. “But I have a rest!“ - someone will tell, tired after the working day. Also it will be right. But believe, viewing of the TV - not the best way to have a rest.

The following item - the Internet . If you work on the Internet or somehow adjoin to it in the course of the offline - works, then do there only those things for the sake of which you also connected to the Web. And all! The aimless Internet - surfing, “lag“ on social networks brought nobody benefit, except owners of these networks yet. I not against online - communication in that case when it does not take away time allocated for something really important.

One more “thief“ is the small, not bearing almost any advantage affairs . As it is frequent, being engaged in something important, we are distracted by different trifles. It slows down work process, and sometimes in general forces down and does not allow to concentrate fully. Working on the big and important project, give time only to it, and shelve all trifles, you will deal with them later.

Things and occupations which without demand try to steal our time, a set. We considered only some of them. You also can reveal those. Look on what you spend time and what real advantage you receive. It is better to leave occupations which do not bear a good fruit outside the day schedule.

Let`s say we dealt with “thieves“. What`s next? On what to spend the released time? Here we pass to the following item.

This surprising word - planning

effectively to use time, it it is necessary to plan. The time - management - the important tool in human life which wants to live fruitfully, but not aimlessly to exist.

Plan the affairs per day, month, year. Designate the purposes, develop ways of their achievement and act. The plan will allow to stick to the chosen direction and to watch work progress. Try to meet the allotted deadline, but you do not reproach yourself if you are not in time something - the stress is not necessary to us.

Place priorities. Distribute your purposes on importance degree on several parts. First of all give time to the most important of them. You split up volume work and carry out in parts.

And still which - that - do not give up business, without having finished it. It is a bad habit. If something is impossible - postpone, and after surely return and finish begun. The performed work over which “it was necessary to sweat“ brings double joy.

Well and at last, it is time to pass to the most pleasant.

the Correct rest - what it?

Strangely enough, but fruitfully to work, it is necessary to have a rest well. The one who thinks that the more it will work is not right, the more affairs will remake. The tired person is less efficient. He is inattentive, irritable, absent-minded. Rest is necessary for our organism.

A dream - an important component of the correct rest, one may say, its basis. The recommended norm - 7 - 8 hours. Healthy, deep, nothing interrupted - only such dream completely will restore your forces.

At work it is necessary to do small breaks too. If you office worker - get up from - for a table, stretch, walk behind a glass of water. If you do hard manual work, then for you the best will be quiet rest to lie down a little, for example, in silence in a lunch break.

As for holiday. It is desirable to break it into several parts. For example to take a half of holiday in the summer, the rest in the winter. It is necessary to have a rest where it is pleasant. It is on vacation better to be released completely from work and to try not to think even of it.

The work bringing satisfaction and joy from reached, and, above all - the excellent result, is impossible without good rest. You remember it. we Sum up of

the results

As it is favorable “to enclose“ time? What is necessary in order that it worked for us? For this purpose time needs to be planned effectively, not to allow anybody and anything “to steal“ it from you and it is correct to have a rest.