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How to keep sex after marriage?

- parade of the problems concerning mankind whether right after “There is life after death“ go To a hit “How to keep sex in marriage“. Not a secret - many couples complain that after three - five - ten years in one apartment and with a stamp in the passport intimate life not only loses sharpness and freshness, and and often just comes to naught!

at the same time wives - whether complain of lack of initiative in the sexual plan but they are guilty that husbands lost to them interest?!

So how to remain desired for the husband:

1. To follow the desires . For example, there is a wish to luxuriate instead of mopping in a bathroom with favourite peach oil, to make a face pack, and then to zapolirovat all this body cream with aroma of patchoulis and lavenders? So make it! Each man - even to everything the got used husband - will estimate your fine skin, fresh complexion, gentle aroma of a body and good mood. Floors will remain dirty? Sorry, but it is councils “how to be a sexual wife“, but not “how to drive into a coffin intimate life in marriage against ideal purity in the house“.

2. Not to be afraid to change. That touching blonde whom your husband once married anyway remained far in the past. Therefore why not to please it with something brand new? To be painted the brunette, to make piercing or an intimate hairdress … Anyway, the most important enemy of sex is a constancy: and image change if does not turn you into other woman, then will allow blessed to open for itself something new.

3. Not to be dissolved in the relations. the Mistake of many wives that they so merge with the husband that he soon begins to perceive them as part of. And what for sex with yourself - the answer you know. Be yourself, have the personal interests and desires.

4. To be capricious. Yes, remember those the first days of appointments when you kept waiting for the beloved on half an hour before movie theater, watching it from - for a corner - that in the last minutes his patience to flutter out, having been out of breath. Forced it to run at two o`clock in the morning behind a chocolate or to take off to you boots after rough parties? Do not forget about these simple receptions and in family life! It is always better to keep the man slightly in suspense.

5. Role-playing games. Woman of easy virtue? Innocent schoolgirl? Passionate nurse? Try on this image tonight!

6. To play sports. In a sound body - healthy sexual desire: jogs in the mornings or Pilates three times a week though have indirect relation to sex, but improve a figure, raise a self-assessment - that as a result conducts to better sexual life. Also do not forget to involve in sport of the husband - occupations increase testosterone level in blood.

7. Open for yourself a pornography. Forget everything that you were spoken about it by mother - movies for adults do not only for perverts, but also for just adults wishing to diversify private life.

8. Sincerely to be interested in sex. Sometimes women consider matrimonial duties as duties which do not allow the husband to run away to another. You should not build illusions - men feel it. If your sex life is under construction on it is reflect why you live with this person?

9. To cause jealousy. the Man by the nature the owner, and a little coquetry with other men will never damage. Only do not change, and that instead of rough sex you can receive a family scene!

10. To pay attention to own appearance. When the choice - a new hairdress or a delicious dinner is - choose the first. The full husband will want to sleep, and hungry will snatch on you, beautiful. And then will make a dinner itself - in acknowledgement of fine sex.

... Thus, desperate situations do not happen. It is sure, these councils will help you!