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Doctrine = torture?

your child do not want to study. What can you, parents to make in this situation?

1. Set the object. Reflect together with the child over such questions: what purpose of visit of school and what advantage from it?

Why such reflections are important? Agree, none of adults in senses would begin to try and make efforts in some business, without knowing why it needs it. And the child will show more interest in study if he knows a definite answer on this question.

Why the pupil goes to school? Rolan Bykov explained that the pupil`s task not in that he was taught, and in studying.

2. Help. Parents, help the child to learn to study. At many problems with study would be much less if the child knew that he means “to study“.

What advantage of such ability? The school is called not without reason “rehearsal of adulthood“. In many respects depends on you whether there will be your child independent or dependent on people around subsequently. Hardworking or lazy. Whether will be able to think and make wise decisions. And the habit to think, you see, in adulthood oh as is useful. And to parents when time comes, it will be easier to release in independent swimming of the already rather adult child. You will be sure that with such skills it will not be gone.

Two heads are better than one. Think in what subject you could help the child personally and where, perhaps, the tutor is necessary. It is balanced you approach abilities and opportunities of the child. Do not demand from it impossible. Define that within its powers, and adhere to it.

Do not lose touch with the teacher. He wants to teach the pupils as it is possible better. Be interested at it both in progress, and failures of the child. You remember, the teacher not the enemy, but the friend and the assistant who will prompt how to solve many problems connected with study. But excessively you should not interfere with school life of the child. Having undertaken the solution of all its problems, you only do much harm. “You will make the children weak“ , - Polly Young - Ayzendrat warns in the book.

3. Organization. “Do not leave for tomorrow what is possible and it is necessary to make today“. Make the schedule with your child. Define what needs to be made first of all. For example, you should not postpone performance of homeworks for the last minute. But be not overzealous, the schedule should not “block air“ to your child. The childhood happens only once in life, and it has to be joyful. Nobody cancelled it.

4. Rest. “Made business - walk safely“. Plan an award for works. Change of brainwork with physical work - is obligatory. Walk with friends, driving the bicycle not only strengthens an organism physically, but also reduces stress and develops mental capacities. The main thing that rest was not such after which it would be necessary to have a rest again. For example, long viewing of the TV or excessive hobby for computer games will only do much harm and will deprive of necessary forces.

5. Breakfasts and dream. it is frequent both adults, and children neglect a full-fledged breakfast. And it is not necessary to do it. Why? You far would go by the car which was not filled? The child also needs “gas station“ to be able-bodied at school. Also it is a health issue. As, having got hungry, children are often ready “to have a bite“ than got.

If you do not want that your child “was present at lessons at total absence“, track that he went to bed not later than 21:30.

6. Result. the Task of parents - to help the child to study independently. Help to organize its work. Take care of that the child had a convenient desktop. You praise it for progress and do not abuse for failures. Be always ready to give necessary help.

Remember that the success is a result of efforts of many.