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Whatever floats your boat? The hobby of the Hollywood stars of

of the Press does everything that the inhabitant associated celebrities of Hollywood with inhabitants of heaven. They, say, are also far from the people in the affairs, as well as in thoughts. Eat a god-send at the best restaurants where mortal the way is ordered. Put on only at top designers. Move on sport - penalties which cost it is a shame to say aloud. And in the bathroom from them diamonds pour only.

It`s a no-brainer that the majority of stars - the same people, with the advantages, shortcomings and amusing, and sometimes and strange, hobbies. In other words, nothing human is alien to celebrities. You judge.

For example, the young actress Mila Kunis (“A black swan“, “Sex on friendship“) is an old fan multiuser role online - the games World of Warcraft. The young starlet does not hesitate of the dependence at all and quite often farmit mob and swings skills on open spaces of the virtual world. There is no mention, what party was taken by Mila in the fight for a right cause, Alliance or the Horde, but next time when will brush the next spiteful ork with fireballs, remember - appearances are deceptive. And in computer games, it appears, not only freaks, geeks and young children play.

Men do not lag behind too. Leonardo DiCaprio , one of the highest paid actors of the present, collected a quite good collection of figures of superheroes. In his favourites characters from “Star wars“, and also rare copies like Hee - Man of a sample of 1982 go. Apparently, the poor creature cannot still forgive to film academy absence in the collection of Oscars of which he is regularly deprived after each popular movie, since “Titanic“ and finishing “J. Edgar“. Let`s hope that sooner or later Leo will calm down and in the foreground in its case at last the real-life prize - a gold figurine of the uncle of the Oscar will begin to shine.

To bring together tell-tales and characters of comics it is not shameful, and according to many admirers of a genre - and at all abruptly. But some celebrated personalities collect absolutely strange things. For example, Tom Hanks drags home old and, by itself, rare typewriters. It is hard to say, than to Tom these ancient devices so attracted, but that it is necessary to wipe this meeting of pieces of iron from dust with special care - it is precisely.

And here at Angelina Jolie the sobiratelsky instinct of Plyushkin was expressed in a peculiar form. Though if to think, such smart woman also could not slyunyavit stamps on albums. Jolie prefers a cold weapon, namely - daggers. The actress quite often appears in roles sure combative the self-check, including her characters from spy thrillers “Mr. and Mrs. Smith“ and “Solt“. Now, when we know that under its pillow it is easier to find an officer dirk, than a teddy bear, it becomes clear that with Angelina jokes are bad. And poor Brad Pitt just has no place to disappear when his spouse “asks“ to adopt the next child.

The famous comedian and the successful director and the producer Ben Stiller admitted the fanatical love to a TV series “Star Trek“ long ago. The interest in space fights of Stiller pursues since the childhood, but also having matured, Ben likes to dress up in suits of characters of the well-known fantastic work and to hang around to friends on thematic parties. The actor was not called for some reason to act in the newest version of “Star Trek“ of Dzh. J. Abrams, but, perhaps, creators of a remake will consider the omission in the sequel preparing for an exit in 2013. Otherwise Stiller threatens to shoot the parody which on collecting can quite surpass the original.

Hobbies can be defiant, foolish or useless, but some celebrities are fond of quite decent things. In particular, fencing which great admirer Tom Cruise is considered . He, by the way, managed to place on this business of the companions - Will Smith and David Beckham. Smith admitted interview to one British newspaper: “Tom has a certain room for trainings. So - that at us eternally is not present time to be going three together and to pokutit and when we come to it on a visit, at us always is what to be engaged. We change clothes and begin to wave swords“. It, of course, not three musketeers, but sports occupations unambiguously help all three to keep good physical shape. And if during trainings to somebody vytknut an eye, then you should not remember old. By the way, sports hobbies are inherent not only to men. The winner of the Oscar, the actress Suzann Sarandon , besides rough social activity, adores playing table tennis, it is a ping - a pong.

And here the scandalous creator of cult movies “Pulp Fiction“ and “Kill Bill“, the screenwriter and director Quentin Tarantino is known for the love to everything that though it is somehow connected with the world of television and cinema. Actually, this attachment also became guarantee of its success in motion picture art. However each hobby has “dark side“. Tarantino not only strenuously reforms cinema and with enviable constancy surprises public, but also shows frankly eccentric bents. For example, collects the board games connected with the American TV shows and series. However, Quentin even in it remains is faithful to the chosen path while the known fate - the singer Rod Stewart for many years collects in the mansion lovely to heart of a modelka of toy engines. Earlier Stewart collected other models more and more. Those that defile on a podium. But age whether you know …

of Johnny Depp - not only the world superstar, movies with whose participation collect billions of dollars in hire. He is also loving father and until recently common-law husband of Frenchwoman Vanessa Paradis who presented to Johnny of two children in due time. Actually, from the daughter the actor also picked up. It became known that Depp feels special pleasure from game with dolls … Barbie. However, the daughter is not always happy that the father during game squeaky imitates a female voice, and asks that that talked normally.

However, not all celebrities are so extravagant. The hero of fighters “Hostage“ and “Fight“ Liam Neeson , as well as any decent man, in breaks between shootings and communication with sons adores fishing. He even became the participant of TV program devoted to fishing thanks to which managed to catch fish in different exotic places of the planet. Excellent symbiosis for a TV show: the program receives in the networks a star with a world name, and Neeson perfectly spends time in the company of friends. Of course, before television cameras especially you will not clear up, but, probably, the actor has the concept about the “correct“ fishing.

As it is visible, in Hollywood - all as at people. Sport, fishing and collecting different, lovely to heart, fetishes. The former spouse of Tom Cruise, model and the actress Cathie Holmes , likes to cross stitch together with the daughter. The British comedian of Ricky Gervais (series “Office“) conceived a liking for painting. Nicholas Cage collects a collection of comics, Robert Pattinson adores playing music on a guitar, and John Travolta - to steer own plane.

As they say, to everyone on requirements. And they precisely have opportunities.