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Where to have a rest in the winter? Top - 5 places of wintering of Russians of

the Spoilt by abundance of available and comfortable foreign resorts, our fellow countrymen even more often spend a cold season in the warm regions. Living alternately in Kenya, in Egypt, I not on a naslyshka know about their pluses and minuses therefore I decided to make a rating of the best places for wintering of Russians

5. Egypt

the Ancient earth of legendary Pharaohs became the foreign dacha for our many compatriots for a long time. But for the last half a year with arrival of radical Islamists to the power Egypt promptly lost a position of the leader of the winter resort of Russians, having fallen to the fifth place.

Pluses + a set of charters allow to reach by
easily and cheap
+ to ridiculous the low prices of vegetables and fruit heat a stomach and a purse
+ the low cost of real estate allow to winter in Egypt to people with the different budget
+ 350 sunny days in a year guarantee chocolate suntan to everyone
+ local population the set of historical monuments speaks Russian and English
+ diversify leisure
+ the richest flora and fauna of the Red Sea does it by the ideal place for diving.

- from November to February temperature falls to uncomfortable +8 degrees
in the winter - very strong and cold wind in the winter, up to 30 and even 50 kilometers per hour, beats off all desire to swim in rather warm Red Sea
- very few greens on the street, monotonous peschano - clay landscapes
- prolonged revolution and coming to power of radical Islamists promoted criminalization of a situation in resorts and decrease in personal security of foreigners
- all excursions are put on a stream, high-quality service - a rarity.

4. Dominican republic

the Homeland to a meringue, rum, coffee and cigars, the country of a constant carnival, the wild jungle, immense sea open spaces and sincere smiles attracts thousands of Russians, tired of a cold dullness. Unfortunately, high humidity, abundance of insects and absence of historical heritage, interesting to visit, do not allow to call Dominican republic the promised land of our compatriots. Therefore, the deserved fourth place in a rating of the best winterings.

Pluses the tourist
direction + long ago developed, well proved + the developed system of hotels and infrastructures is ideally suited for
for fans of civilized beach rest
+ the European level of system “all inclusive“ weather steadily good does not leave the place for unpleasant surprises
+ in winter months: in the afternoon temperature steadily keeps on a mark +28 - 30, is to +20

Minuses at night
- long flight - about 13 hours on the way, apart from time for change and joining of the flights
- the time difference complicates at 12 o`clock working and personal contacts with
which remained in the homeland - there are no really interesting sights
- the flora and fauna of the Caribbean Sea suffered from inept managing of natives therefore does not impress divers
any more - the local population speaks only Spanish
- the probability of the hurricanes

3 is high. Thailand

the Mysterious ancestral lands of the Buddhism and a transeksualnost attracts the Russian in the eternal summer, snow-white beaches and a tropical variety of a plant and animal life. Unfortunately, the abundance of insects and humidity do not allow to call Thailand the ideal place for wintering, putting it on the honourable, third place of a rating.

+ the exotic culture of local population will adjust pluses on a philosophical harmony
+ rather low prices will allow to winter without remorse for promptly becoming empty purse
+ the hospitable population with pleasure to share with you interesting information on Thailand and will treat with
tea + very low crime rate seduces with a possibility of long lonely evening and night walks

- high humidity does not suit cores and people with a respiratory disease
- sharpness of ethnic cuisine, excessive on taste of the average Russian, obliges to independent cooking
- poisonous insects, and also just not palatable cockroaches, ants, toads and other low-appetizing other living creatures
- impossibility to get habitual products often meet: kefir, sour cream, seled, boiled sausage, a zephyr and many other things without what the meal is not lovely, in shops is not on sale
- features of visa policy complicate long-term, more than 30 days, stay in Thailand

2. Mexico the Country of a sombrero, tortitya and tequila can brag of

not only magnificent service and kitchen, exotic for Russians, but also an opportunity to join secrets of an ancient civilization Maya. The visa regime simplified to a minimum for Russians and not banality of the resort put it on the second place in a rating.

+ affability of local population adds pluses to wintering of comfort
+ kankunsky beaches are considered as one of the best in the world
+ a variety of natural landscapes, from beaches to volcanoes, will impress even the most exacting travelers
+ excursions on the cities of the Maya and Aztecs Minuses will allow to plunge into a mystical kingdom of ancient civilizations

- nine hours of time difference with Moscow bring some difficulties in communication with relatives, friends and familiar
- without knowledge of Spanish long stay is almost impossible for
- lack of full safety in the large cities, such as Mexico City and Guadalajara
- long distances do not allow to examine all country for one trip
- meteorologists frighten regular hurricanes.

1. Kenya

Heart of the equatorial Africa, the country of eternal summer and Cradle of Humankind, this country is famous for ideal climate without change of a season, a set of national parks, the big five, ancient breeding traditions, the coffee and snow-white beaches, best in the world. Kenya - the queen a safari and the best place for wintering of Russians this year

+ Kenya not for nothing is considered Cradle of Humankind - she can brag of ideal climate for life: moderately damp and permanently warm, without extreme temperature differences
+ the time difference with Moscow makes one hour and to identically Kiev time
+ more than 45 national parks and reserves, and also tens of private wildlife areas where in habitat it is possible to meet all “the big African five“: elephant, a rhinoceros, a buffalo, a lion and a leopard
+ availability of any products in supermarkets, from kefir to the Italian salami and
Dutch cheese + the low prices of real estate, cars and products
+ the majority of local population lives by ancient breeding traditions: on the street it is possible to meet easily both tremendous with a spear masy, and dear mother of family in a picturesque dress bearing several tens kilograms of bananas on the head
+ foreigners in the territory of Kenya can be till 6 months on a tourist visa which is issued on an arrival

- there is no direct flight, is expensive with changes and can borrow with expectation of joining of flights from 10 to 22 - x hours
- oceanic beaches do not clean from seaweed
- regular strong otliva give an inconvenience: to water sometimes to have to go to kilometer
- there is no pronounced ethnic cuisine
- left-hand traffic is capable to drive in a stupor, both inexperienced drivers, and highly professional experts.