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How to meet itself?

It ran here incidentally. Urgently it was necessary to be photographed on some important documents, but all photographer`s studios in the center were already closed. She remembered that she near the house saw the small photographic studio squeezed between the sparkling jeweler and some prudish restaurant.

the Owner of studio was the brisk old man who told it a heap of compliments, something practised shamanism with light, ordered to look in a lens, sparkled flash and ordered to come for photos tomorrow.

Pictures turned out good. From photos the gray-eyed beauty knowing what she wants from life, the purposes and to reach them, the radiating self-confidence and the beauty able to set looked at it. An ideal hairdress, not striking make-up, accessories which with taste are picked up. Ideal photos of the ideal woman.

Having put pictures aside, she noticed that in an envelope still something lies. It turned out that it is the photo of the unfamiliar woman. The beauty contemptuously considered the stranger`s photo: the hair of muffled color which are taken away in a tail, the bulged ears, points in a thick horn frame, an affected smile. Shoulders are lowered under weight of invisible freight. A polo-neck under a throat of mouse color. And the look such frightened, badgered, lost. “It is good that I not such“, - with pleasure thought the beauty.

But having turned a photo, she with surprise saw the surname and date of shooting. “It is a mistake. It is necessary to return a photo“, - she solved.

“Came to return a photo“, - the old man said, having hardly seen it. “You think that I mixed envelopes?“ - he with insult asked. “You not the first who brings back photos, thinking that I absolutely drove out of mind and I cannot correctly spread out pictures on envelopes. But it is forced to afflict you, the darling, all photos in an envelope yours“.

And preceding the indignant question of the beauty, said: “Now I will explain everything to you. This camera, - the old man showed a hand deep into studios, - got to me from my grandfather. He perfectly removes still what you personally managed to be convinced on your first pictures of.

But it has one feature: when I develop a film, one of photos … as if to explain to you … generally, it differs from others. It as negative. And, as I understood, what the person in himself does not want to see shows a negative. The person does not want, and here the picture shows. Well, and who will like such picture, nevertheless want to look beautifully, - here the old man wearily sighed. - Here also go to me supposedly such picture is not necessary to us, take away it, it is the stranger. And I am glad to take away and I cannot. Without it other pictures which good, will not exist. Good is a continuation bad“.

The old man became silent. The woman sighed, put an envelope back in a bag and went to a door. On a habit threw a cursory glance on the reflection in a mirror. Also noticed … the bulged ears.

Or it it seemed?

Each of us has a Shadow - what we in ourselves do not want to accept and recognize. Sometimes we so strongly it are afraid that we begin to live so that nobody (and first of all - ourselves) did not notice internal Gadyu behind our back. And she constantly reminds of herself: the “bad“ chiefs, unfortunate husbands who are ill children, neighbors with loud music, own sores, boorish drivers, heartless officials who personify all those lines which we so carefully hide from ourselves.

The shadow reminds us about itself, and we carelessly run from it, only not to see, to know, to meet. We run, and it does not lag behind, catches up, steps on heels (it also is clear - the Shadow where to get to with it). And we try “to become someone even more“, we try to obtain success, we strive for the statuses, only to protect ourselves, to insure. Not to assume even a hint that we can be cruel, scared, indifferent, repellent, ugly, weak, not knowing the answer, helpless, feeling pain, contemptuous, greedy, silly, confused.

It is impossible to escape from the Shadow. It is only possible to turn to It for a while (because it is terrible), for several minutes, to look and, maybe, to notice that the bulged ears are not so bad, even give to shape a certain charm. To find out that the Shadow is not so awful that without It sometimes would be difficult, and in general after acquaintance to It attempts on ideality and perfection vanish, and it is breathed more freely.

Meetings with own Shadow pleasant to you. Also say hello Gade.

You love yourself and the relatives.