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Difficulties arose


and - the beginning new nothing an inconspicuous aphorism, conclusion
in - important
d - banal, for children
z - informative
and - interesting
to - winged
of l - best
of N - not important
p - instructive
with - difficult for understanding
r - in a riddle, for reflection, on ingenuity and installation of the opinion
yu - humour

of Complexity arose big unexpected hard difficult an exit without looking to overcome to overcome will cope to test to give in before consist a difficult situation will be prepared will evade value definition advantage harm is afraid to meet better frightened to accustom easier than

z Complexity - difficulty, difficult circumstance.
zpv If the person is spiritually rich, reasonable, practical, lives correctly, on conscience and the law - it has less in life of excess and unpleasant difficulties. in
and the faith in God can Console in difficulties. there is no
of C the road - without pothole.
of C the Plane rises at the expense of wind, people - due to difficulties.
but only through difficulties - it is possible to come to the high purposes.
of cd of Complexity - check on durability.
to Complexity - the strict teacher.
and the Overcome complexity - brings satisfaction and joy.
zpd to the person are necessary for Complexity - having overcome, them he feels feeling of happiness.
zpd temper Difficulties, develop and give to the person growth.
and If the person lives without difficulties - it ceases to fight.
to Complexity - Life.
to What gets more difficult - the more expensively is appreciated.
kzv Difficulties - is more in consciousness.
p Carried away - forgets about difficulties.
pzv Knowing and skillful - difficulties are not terrible.
and Difficulties are afraid of will and diligence.
and Complexity turns the person into the fighter.
p the Board from difficulties - optimism.
p is farther from difficulties that - who is content with small.
p Complexity gives in to self-control.
of C Is good when difficulties invigorate - but do not oppress.
p creates the Lion`s share of difficulties of people to itself.
p the Person himself goes - to the difficulties. p At first we choose by
a difficult course of life - then we complain of difficulties. pz the Person chooses by
the most difficult life which can only be mastered, and the government complains later of God, destiny, people, relatives, … z it is difficult to
to Live everything, and not just weak, silly, to clumsies, losers … Because everyone chooses to himself as much as possible
a difficult way, in process of the abilities and opportunities.
z is difficult to Live because easily nobody wants. z the Person chooses by
the most difficult course of life to reach higher position in society, to prove, be enriched, receive more power, to be the most demanded … to Got with ease - is not appreciated by
and Others difficulties - to us often seem petty and ridiculous.
zp The overcomes big difficulties the person - the above it can rise.
to Strong difficulties - are not terrible.
p That how to overcome difficulties - needs to study.
p If to overcome difficulties already, being to it in a complex prepared - on it less time, efforts and means will leave.
pv to prepare itself for overcoming of the forthcoming difficulties should study life, psychology of people, itself and the majority of widespread options of the existing difficulties.
pz At the knowing, careful, practical, strong-willed person - the majority of difficulties does not arise, the lion`s share of the others are overcome by it with ease.
and People look for life without difficulties - and it does not exist.
and “Is difficult to live now“, - said at all times.
and We often are mistaken, thinking that someone has less difficulties. Most likely, it seems so from outside.
p If is a lot of difficulties - it is necessary to fasten and prepare for the worst.
p The more inquiries - the is more than difficulties.
p you Want to live life, without straining - refuse, superfluous.
p Knowing life - it is easier to live. p Softness to itself leads
to rigid life. yet anybody easily got
but Life.
p If to hope for simple life - it by all means will be difficult.
p is difficult suit to All people the life because they not
want to fall below what they are capable of.
and Attentiveness sees approach of difficulties - on the horizon.
z possible difficulties - is capable to assume Foresight, and calculation - to foresee time of their emergence.
zd Many difficulties are solved in itself a tide of life - them not to complicate the main thing.
z develop Natural difficulties of the person - better artificial.
to Complexity - test.
to Complexity - a step to perfection.
to Complexity - make active.
to Complexity - never come to an end. zpd that something to reach
- it is necessary to overcome difficulties.
and the Lion`s share of difficulties - the person can prevent.
to Passed difficulties - lives without fear.
and Are terrible only the first difficulties.
and Overcome difficulties - causes respect.
to Overcoming of difficulties - a call to destiny. p the Person has to try to begin
with small difficulties and growing stronger, accumulating experience, necessary qualities, abilities, skills - to rise to big.
and It is impossible to avoid difficulties - but it is possible to learn to overcome them.
p Chestnaya Road - is more difficult only at the beginning.
to What is reached more difficult - the zhelanny.
and Strong overcoming difficulties - become stronger, more cheerful more vigorously …
and Weak without coping with difficulties - become ailing, sad, suppressed …
zp It is not so important how many on the way the person meets difficulties - the main thing that they were overcome.
and Is better hundred overcome difficulties - than one not overcome.
to Overcoming of difficulties - obstacle race.
to Without difficulties - the person does not live.
and Are terrible only new difficulties.
to Difficult - is better impossible.
and In carefree life complexity can become a minor problem.
to it is necessary to be afraid not of difficulties - and their absence.
and Concept of a hard time - idlers and clumsies thought up.
and it is necessary to try to cope With difficulties most.
to the Person harm complexity less - than he.
zd helps to Overcome difficulties persistence. to What the purpose - the more difficulties is higher than
and Joint difficulties of people pull together.
and Difficulties - at all.
and Cannot be presented - what difficulties the person is capable to overcome.
and Life is weaved from difficulties.
p needs to Overcome difficulties - it is not necessary to allow experiences.
to Kill not difficulties - and thoughts about them. to Complexity it is easier for
to sustain - than their absence.
zd Happen the difficulties which arose and created.
and is important complexity recognition.
zpv is easier to overcome complexity - if treats her not as to the evil, and as test, necessary for growth.
to That was less difficulties - it is necessary to live more simply.
to Nothing it is simple - only to the fool.
to Got through difficulties - is better preserved. there is no
to In desired - difficulties.
to At an eagle and chicken - different difficulties.
zp the Way to necessary creates only useful difficulties, superfluous - pernicious.
and Leaving from difficulties - weakens.
and Difficulties help to grow.
zp - should prefer to Saving of the child from difficulties education of firmness in it.
zp should not preserve Children against difficulties of life, sooner or later they will face them - and being always nearby unostentatiously and imperceptibly to teach them to cope with them.
to Complexity of youth - temper.
zp Children, like the cubs of pets moved from the severe nature even find in hothouse conditions of a civilization to themselves fight and get stronger.
and Weak before difficulties tremble - and become even not more powerfully, strong look for them - and grow stronger.
to the Person overcoming difficulties - overcomes also itself. and Every day the person has to have
at least small pleasure, satisfaction, a victory, fight, activity, creativity, search, pleasure, test, complexity, support, compassion …
and Difficulties into pleasure are turned by hobby.
to What above people puts a vital level - that to it more difficult.
and One of the reasons of emergence of difficulties - changes.
to Moderate difficulties - are useful.
zpd Moderate amount of difficulties is necessary for the person as
and Difficulties of the person with strong character only carry away.
p First of all should learn in complexity to be overcome - but not to avoid them.
silt If the person moves more slowly, than it is demanded by life - it begins to push him. to What put
more - the more difficult.
p Fight against difficulties - school of courage.
p you Should not complain about moderate amount of everyday difficulties - solving them, we gain experience and we develop.
and Difficulties do the person strong.
and Difficulties - teach life.
and - depends On successful overcoming of difficulties satisfaction with life
and Successfully overcomings complexity - the movement of the person forward, not overcomings - kickback back.
p Is difficulties with which time best of all copes.
and Is very important to learn to distinguish difficulties which are overcome in itself.
and to you It is not necessary to be upset when new difficulties appear,
it is natural. It is bad when old are not overcome.
p Excessive concern is equal, as well as indifference - complexity is doubled.
p Often independent overcoming of small difficulties is easier, quicker, more effectively, cheaper, more safely...
p overcoming of difficulties is roughly pressed through by Money, natural mechanisms at the same time are broken, and the vital comfort, a cosiness, satisfaction and even happiness turn out incomplete and unnatural.
p the People overcoming difficulties by power methods run on similar sooner or later that leads to deplorable results.
pz is better to overcome One complexity by force, another - mind, a third - kindness, the fourth - ability, the fifth - time... The person has to possess many qualities and the nobility what when to apply.
p If was necessary to overcome complexity at the expense of someone - that do it at least openly and honestly.
pv can achieve Something, only trusting in it.
p The one who tried to overcome difficulties only through money - that will not tell any more that they can do everything.
p Overcoming complexity, it is necessary to be not the detached onlooker - and to enter in it.
p Cannot overcome complexity - without having begun to work.
pv Each vital decision has to will rest in bed and before the embodiment to be considered once again.
p We cannot, overcoming difficulties, to do without professionals, but it is necessary to aspire to it.
p The more people participates in decision-making, the it is more correct.
ps The is clearer understanding of the events, the made decisions are more qualitative. And to gain such clarity, it is necessary to be formed and better to penetrate into life.
p Only philosophizing the person the way true is capable to choose.
p has to accept the Vital difficulties of people heart.
and Decision-making - it is frequent only a fatigue sign.
z to Decision-making is often promoted by not finding of ideal option - and fatigue in its search.
and is awful - when the person knows how to live. But it has to possess a set of vital conclusions by all means and informidably even if they sometimes contradict each other. The main thing that at the right time, having comprehended them - it was possible to choose more correct way. p the Complexity overcome by money - will teach nothing to
p If is correct to adjust itself - everything in life can be arranged.
p Lyubov to people - a basis of overcoming of any difficulties.
pv should begin Overcoming of complexity with the analysis of the participation in it.
z Practically each decision on complexity overcoming - includes an intuition element.
p If went astray be near wise - he will specify the correct way.
p Overcoming important difficulties, the person should not forget about small. And not to stick in small that there was an opportunity to solve
p Is in complexity lives which it is possible to solve the friendly relations only through
p Lost courage - half lost.
p Overcoming important difficulties very important how not to hurry, to hesitate.
p Is desirable to lead such life that if necessary it was possible to depart as much as possible from affairs and to be engaged in overcoming of difficulties.
p the Person having grown rich begins to overcome difficulties money - and gets to trouble.
p In each complexity - part from the person. p Often the person himself finds
p If life demands overcomings of several large difficulties and their performance strictly is not limited in time, then whenever possible it is better to solve them serially.
p the Tightening or haste in overcoming of difficulties - loads mentality, memory, thinking, strengthens nervousness, obscures reason.
d Own difficulties seem much more difficult than strangers.
and Units of global everyday difficulties, tens less important and hundreds small on the importance are equal.
and Difficulties remind of God.
pz Difficulties are created not only life, but also own nonsense, inaction, levity, wastefulness, inaction...
p is A lot of money - many difficulties.
and is Not enough money - one complexity.
p Enough money for the most necessary - normal life.
and Difficulties - God`s test.
p is more than Difficulties at those who complicate life, set the impracticable purposes.
and the bad person tries to dump the troubles and difficulties on others, good protects from all of them.
and with serious difficulties - even love grows dim.
and Togo who does not learn life - teach complexity.
pv First of all should be not trained from itself the person who is well overcoming excessive difficulties, and to cultivate in itself ability them not to allow.
p At the person leaves equally efforts that or to overcome one complexity, or not to allow a little.
pzv When overcoming difficulties money, by force, deception … are removed not by
the causes which generated them.
p to have less difficulties - should or not admit them, or to correct itself - and they will not come.
pz At the rich and poor equally is a lot of difficulties - less them only at people of middle-income.
p Refusal of all superfluous reduces amount of difficulties and increases freedom.
p to overcome difficulties in the lawful way Much easier, more safely and the cheapest way, than then to keep secret, to evade responsibility and leave criminal community.
z the Illegal system tries not to release the client to receive from it the maximum benefit and to exclude information leakage.
and Criminal system of the unpromising client to receive an additive, can transfer to the person in law enforcement agencies.
and Solving complexity in the lawful way, the person strengthens the law, illegal - strengthens crime.
and Difficulties become complicated vanity and haste.
p to soften complexity - think of those, the even worse.
of l not to see that, from - for whom your difficulties - break a mirror.
p That difficulties did not repeat - look for in them the fault.
and the Predicted complexity already came true - even if it will not be. all have
and Desire to help with difficulties - but is rare when it turns into action.
pz Good protection against difficulties - a happy family.
p At the one who knows when to stop - difficulties less.
p Difficulties - are afraid of strong.
and What more people difficulties are captured by - that they is easier morally transferred.
and Sometimes difficulties are necessary - what the person seriously would think of life. kp Difficulties - you will not fill in
with wine.
and When the person is overtaken by big complexity, those difficulties which disturbed him earlier - seem ridiculous.
of l is So arranged the world that new unnecessary difficulties are distributed not happy - and that who already and so in trouble.
d the Reason of difficulties first of all should be looked for in itself. p to Difficulties cheerful - not to get at
and Difficulties pull together even irreconcilable enemies.
p life throws Us as if a ball: today happiness, tomorrow grief.
it is necessary to Reconcile, that`s all, and there will be knee-deep a sea.
p the Board from difficulties - courageous heart.
zd Complexity - tranquility is afraid.
pz Is not so terrible presence of difficulties - as absence of will.
and are Not so terrible difficulties - as inability to overcome them.
and our difficulties - our teachers.
p Complexity - strength of mind is afraid.
lvpz As a rule, in difficulties are rescued not by desired friends and acquaintances - and hated relatives and unknown people.
p At the person is a lot of difficulties from inability to use money.
pzv Who refused from superfluous - that took away from itself(himself) unnecessary difficulties.
and Responsible for difficulties often mistakenly appears that - who nearby.
to Complexity - cleaners of soul. p to Remember
difficulties - to repeat them.
p Many difficulties can be avoided through knowledge of psychology.
and get used To difficulties.
to Feasible difficulties tempers will, excessive - breaks.
vp sympathize with the Poor in difficulties, to the rich - no.
p When at the friend a feast go, slowly, when difficulties - hurry up.
and If the person has pleasure symptoms at difficulties
at others, it, as a rule, not gloating, but shy thought of own wellbeing.
of C of the Wise man learn - knowledge, the fool - complexity.
z If to difficulties is not possible to break the person - it becomes tempered.
klp Who is afraid of difficulties - that is happy, does not happen.
and to the Come difficulties is the end, expected - are infinite.
and As the litmus piece of paper distinguishes acid from alkali - so difficulties distinguishes friends and enemies.
and Difficulties - attack together. pz Sometimes it is easier for
to overcome complexity - than to avoid.
and from the moment of a complexity presentiment already begins fight against it.
p Humility with difficulties one of components of achievement of happiness.
d Big complexity - absorbs smaller. d Behind big complexity - small you will not notice
and That the person noticed others difficulties at it has to be heart.
d do Difficulties the person softer.
and Small complexity - training before big.
d Experience of the first difficulties helps us to fight with the subsequent.
pv If small did not teach complexity - comes for it
d Difficulties can be from nonsense.
and is A lot of difficulties - from misunderstanding.
and Without difficulties - life is defective.
and People often, do not understand that they are guilty of the difficulties.
z Natural natural difficulties are less dangerous, than caused by a modern civilization.
z Difficulties improve the person, clear his soul, promote strengthening of will.
and Difficulties bare nerves.
and Complexity - is overcome by the purpose.
p can get rid Of many difficulties of people if correctly organizes the life. p From those unnecessary difficulties which are presented by life the clever, knowing, careful, disciplined person is capable to allocate for
the lion`s share.
yu That for one complexity - for others happiness.
yu Happiness of others bothers stronger - than the slozhtrudnost.
yu to divide difficulties - about them should be told so that not to please.
yu Complexity does not come one - it comes with the account.
yu Only after you were helped out in a difficult situation,
you understand - what is the real trouble.
yu Difficulties always at the wrong time.
yu Difficulties are transferred easier if to your enemies it is even worse.
yu is unfair to complain of difficulties - life was imposed to nobody.
yu Perhaps, to people is difficult to live that it was easier to die?
yu to make life difficult - should build the palace and to marry the beauty.
yu is difficult that - that can be done slowly. yu We know
better how to overcome others difficulties.
yu Difficulties of an old age - from - for youth sins. yu If people so helped
with difficulties - as are interested in them.

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