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How cheap to buy winter rubber for the car?

the End of fall mean change of summer rubber with winter for motorists. Purchase of the whole set is quite notable for the budget. Let`s look how here it is possible to save.

So, the main sign that it is time to buy new winter rubber is the residual depth of a protector old - less than 4 mm.

As it is possible to consider the first option of economy purchase of second-hand tires , so-called / at. The option is quite disputable as the risk is very big to be mistaken with the choice. The expiration date of tires of 5 years, at the same time term of life of domestic rubber falls short of this term, but import can quite serve everything 10.

Choosing second-hand wheels, it is necessary to look, first of all, at date of production. It is specified on each tire and consists of 4 figures meaning week and year of production. If figures only three - means, tires are released in 90 - e or even in 80 - e years. Besides, it is necessary to measure the residual height of drawing of a protector - it has to be more than 4 mm. It is also necessary to be sure that tires were stored properly as at the wrong storage rubber can harden and the tire will be unsuitable to operation even at good safety of a protector.

One more option of economy - of a wheel of the smaller size . It is possible to put for winter of a wheel of smaller radius, than it is established by the producer. Smaller radius, but with higher profile, has a smaller spot of contact with the road. It is considered that it improves controllability the car. And besides, narrow tires are cheaper.

Also with enough - a considerable discount it is possible to buy tires in the market . It is absolutely new rubber of a last year`s or before last year`s model range which remained in a warehouse. But it is necessary to check marking for existence of defects.

It is possible to buy tires at the small wholesale prices in a warehouse or in special shop. Quite often sellers agree to sell a set of tires as small wholesale. And if is not present - it is possible to agree with someone from friends for whom new winter rubber is necessary too and to buy it together. And if there are no such friends - the Worldwide network comes to the rescue. Practically any automobile brand has the club of admirers and owners of cars of this producer. The club usually has the website on the Internet where pressing problems of motorists are discussed. Such clubs will often organize joint purchases of wheels. As the party turns out big, and a discount for rubber you can receive decent.

Choosing new rubber in shop, think whether the newest model of this year is necessary to you. Such tires are more expensive than other models, but their improvement will not be reflected in quality of movement in any way, so to overpay to anything.

Well and still there is an opportunity to prolong service life of tires . As it is banal, but accurate driving with a low speed without sharp maneuvers considerably will prolong life to your tires, so, will allow to save on purchase of new. Not less important and is correct to store them . Tires without disks have to be stored in vertical position. They need to be kept dry, indoors, to save rubber from destructive influence of direct sunshine.