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Why people choose this or that color?

Appear, not so - that is simple to answer the question “What Your Favourite Colour?“ to us today it can be pleasant green, and tomorrow - violet. And business at all not in fashion trends.

Psychologists claim that addiction to a certain color in clothes, as a rule, arises for two reasons. In - the first, we subconsciously choose color which is capable or to muffle, or, on the contrary, to kindle emotions necessary to us and feelings. In - the second, the chosen color reflects a condition of our mentality at present. Periodic changes of our color addictions are also explained by it.

For example, “orange the period“ in life begins when we feel confidence, optimism, actively we develop the talents or subconsciously we aspire to it, not for nothing orange psychologists call color of sanguine persons. And here and those who struggle with a stress cheerfulness orange just irritates people with the underestimated self-assessment.

The choice for yellow says colors that at present within our powers to cope even with the most laborious work, our mind is perfected, and ourselves are disciplined and organized more than ever. Or opposite, having been tired of own disorder, we make the choice in favor of yellow to gather and achieve, eventually, goals. On the other hand, people for whom active occupation by brainwork - daily need, often do not accept yellow color because do not need additional stimulators.

Would suit them, for example blue , it calms, dulls mental anguish, reduces fear and concern. The person preferring this color is smiling, quiet, is not inclined to the conflicts, however, people around do not seek to offend him too. But blue color not in honor at those who are at a stage of vital activity, and also at people who are already weakened and too quiet. Here just right to be stirred up, having chosen red.

As red - it color of sincere cheerfulness, therefore, our addiction to it says or that we want to introduce a fresh stream in the life, or are excited with the prospects opening before us. However long “communication“ with exciting red color results in intolerance, irritability and even aggression. And people around quickly are tired of continuous contact with the “red“ person. But if there is a wish for scarlet shades to finish a reflection and to feel cheerfulness inflow, in that case psychologists recommend not to refuse to themselves such accessories.

White - one more active color. It becomes our favourite when we are ready to be exempted from past freight, having started from scratch. White raises a self-assessment, tones up, with it the victory seems quite achievable. But here people around can consider by vainglorious and cold natures those who for a long time conceived a liking for white color. Therefore it does not need to be diluted with some warm tone. And if there is even no wish to think of white color? Possibly, the fear of failure took deep root in soul, then will help to overcome it orange, red or yellow.

Green - color of harmony therefore we choose it when we feel a peace of mind and stability in life. Besides, can move us desire to calm down, find hope, to reconcile with itself. And all - the long “green period“ in life is undesirable - it can result in passivity. Rejection of color of harmony demonstrates internal discontent and emotional instability.

Invisible men feed an insuperable inclination for gray I blossom. They do not like to stand out from the crowd, keep around own opinion and emotions. Abuse of gray color speaks about tendency to a depression and self-restriction. Gray the one who wishes to prove at this stage does not love, does not see need to hide the thoughts and to keep a tight rein emotions.

Brown - color - the equalizer. The love to it says that we strive for internal balance, feeling of safety and comfort. But long carrying brown things leads to suppression of the creative beginning and disappointment in people around. In turn, to these also rejection of brown color can speak: it causes natural rejection in those who aspire to active life.

It is possible to speak about interrelation of our emotional state with a palette of paints for a long time, describing violet, blue, pink, black... Besides, there are also mixed colors . What behind them is covered, it is possible to define independently, having basic data. So, turquoise color is a mix blue and green, beige - brown and white...

This knowledge - not entertainment and not the empty theory. Itself can apply them for the good, correcting own mood and an emotional background by means of color.