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What is a major syndrome?

“Open mouths, break attires - boys - mazhor down the street scratch“, - told in 90 - e fate - an idol about this social layer. They did not go on corpses, doing career, they did not kill anybody with own hands in 90 - e, in their anamnesis there are no toilets on the street and dirty hostels with the frozen pelmeni which are hung out for a window leaf.

They always live on a positive - for them clubs in which champagne is a hundred times more expensive, than in New - York open, institutes where it is possible to arrive only on a patronage, boutiques and the VIP - terminals at the airports, for them correspond laws and the facts are juggled. It is about mazhor - I hope, this definition exhaustive in itself, and nobody should explain in detail that this word in modern realities means.

Boys and girls, whose parents ate black bread and dug hoofs the earth to be beaten out, as they say, in people, taste life at full scale. Muddy foam of social revolutions, economic shocks and other changes in life of society takes out on a surface of strange people. Certainly, they in something are worthy what achieved, - in any case, the proverb is “the winner is always right“ thought up not today and not yesterday.

But the problem is that parents of mazhor do not want at all that their children knew even parts of that dirt through which they had to pass for the sake of this standard of living. Therefore children - mazhor know only that to their services, - all other world ready somehow under them to cave in.

Why it occurs - obviously: parents absolutely sincerely want to the children of the better life, than themselves. Unfortunately, in practice it regenerates in permissiveness and impunity: Road accident with participation of mazhor became the talk of the town, and the impudent confidence in own invulnerability undermines in society authority of the government in general: if it is possible for one, then why it is impossible for the rest?

Here and drive drunk driving, violating all traffic regulations. These are, of course, the most egregious examples. But those powerful parents who cover the children from any troubles - even connected with direct crimes are guilty of them.

Haughty manners of mazhor are expressed in everything - from behavior at restaurants and public places to already above-mentioned behavior on roads. For society such feodalshchina is extremely destructive: in what then sense of the imposed ideas of democracy when all are equal, but some more exactly than others?

In the general weight the generalized character of a major is impudent, shameless, but in general, a useless and weak being who isolate from communication with influential relatives and acquaintances by means of withdrawal of the mobile phone - and everything, “do with it that hosh“. Vile the picture turns out - and our mazhor predictably do not love.

Though in the West the major phenomenon is rather widespread too. Remember at least the most known among local mazhor - the scandalous celebutante Ms. Paris Hilton famous for the weakened relation to life and money. Such, as it, - a set. Just Paris in addition to the money was charismatic and became known to broad masses, without being able neither to sing, nor to play at cinema, and even without possessing magnificent gitaropodobny forms as Kim Kardashyan. But all this did not bring Paris happiness: from - for tricks at parties, and especially everyones home - videos with fitness coaches, by hearsay, it disinherited.

Really, it is difficult to be a major and not to fly at the same time from coils in general: the crown prince and two princesses of the richest country of Europe, Norway, it prove: one of princesses opened school where pupils learn to communicate with the dead and to talk to horses, another fell in love with the manager and settled to work as the secretary in office, the prince in general married the fitness coach - to single mother is more senior than himself - and refused a throne. And the princess of Monaco Stefanie who is regularly giving birth to children from the security guards!

Prospects of extreme extent of destruction of mazhorsky mentality are visible from an episode with the child of one of the African dictators - cannibals: to his children there was no refusal in anything at all. Once the four-year-old boy - the beloved sonny - wanted to himself Porsh, and very much was upset when to him brought the huge real car - it - that meant a toy!

Already at adult age these successors (after the father was happily overthrown) had a hysterics in cafe if in the menu there was no desirable dish. All numerous children of that dictator (whether Bokassa it was?) live somewhere in Europe or America now and work at gas stations, in fast food or just sit on a social benefit.

And it, by the way, quite real mazhorsky future. I know several former mazhor which carried on Volgakh in school, in Artek on all ten changes, in Sochi in the closed sanatoria, those which did not know the word “no“ in any its look. From - for lack even of moderate vital difficulties at them (as at astronauts in zero gravity muscles will atrophy), atrophied, and maybe in principle even did not develop, skills of a survival.

By then as merits of their relatives died away and sank value in an estimation of society, they did not learn to stand on the feet independently - and turned into silent or violent alcoholics or just into the losers slowly spending family assets. All difference between them and other declassed elements was only that these former mazhor sometimes reserved some five-room professorial apartments on the Khreshchatyk - however, is characteristic over time turning them in a bomzhatnik, and at any opportunity tried to remind all of the sweet period of the life.

It is unknown whether waits for today`s mazhor, prosazhivayushchy in night clubs parental millions on drugs and alcohol, the same destiny. It is known that presently it is impossible to renounce anything. Therefore there is a wish to tell present generation of rich &beauty: be vigilant - your parents and other influential relatives are not eternal, and your existence “on a positive“ from club to restaurant - especially, and the former merits of your ancestors not an occasion to seem to you someone special.

However, when to you twenty, and at your legs the whole world …