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Porn: you should not repeat in house conditions? Once during sex the man told

to me: it is a pity that you can stretch out, and I it would show that to you - I in a porn saw! “Thanks to the creator for creation of creators of a porn“, - I with bitter irony remembered the quote from a song of the Russian group.

By the way, according to experts, the porn forced to develop stream video on the Internet and actually broadband Internet, to invent the Blu technology - ray, hair removal cream and many other things without what our life is already inconceivable today. But we will not sing the ode of gratitude - we will stop on those myths and legends which became stronger in mass consciousness (especially man`s, the porn is removed mainly for men), but have no chances of existence in reality.

Especially as women, wishing to correspond to high pornstandards, try with might and main. Recently in hotel witnessed, that is the involuntary listener of the cries reaching from - for walls, - the lady in the demonstration obviously changed passions.

In this regard I want to give the first advice: dear women! If you want to thank the man for the given pleasure and to show how to you it was good, you should not squeal as the innocent person on sacrifice. Just gently whisper “thanks, it was remarkable“ or at least make that you well are able, - as a token of gratitude - for example, consomme or gazpacho.

The last, of course, a joke, but do not forget that pornofilms after shootings are dubbed by specially employed actors - the same which the same lips speak then for Winnie-the-Pooh or Mickey Mouse. And actresses under a sight of a chamber make not those sounds at all, especially in the presence of the director with the megaphone and the whole team of stylists, makeup artists, assistant producers and all who by passed and incidentally came on shootings.

Not least it concerns okh - sighs during oral sex - as it is possible to groan with a full mouth... Does not interest the directors occupied with a beautiful shot, and here trying to repeat this mysterious trick in house conditions - very much even. As a result unintelligible grunting which can turn any passionate cocksucking into the amusing situation comedy turns out.

Especially if to diversify it with languishing looks and scattered on shoulders as at a porn - actresses, hair - which in real life are confused, climb in a mouth and in general in every possible way disturb. They were not brushed by two hours in intervals between a cocksucking (that is scenes) specially trained stylists who are running up and correcting an ideal view with the help of means for laying.

By the way, about provisions: widely moved apart legs (yes, I about the twine mentioned in the beginning of the text) - are good besides only for the sake of the effective picture calculated on the viewer. In real life to admire gaping genitals there is nobody, and it affects feelings not especially well - especially if legs at long sexual intercourse become numb.

And to men too not obligatory for hours to work, representing itself a hammer on an anvil. The sexual giants which are removed in a porn capable not to lose long a rhythm, - one more of the myths which entered our sexual life and a little impaired a little it. Tenderness, attentiveness and sincere feelings - here guarantee of good sex, but not hour exercises, worthy the best application (for example, in the gym).

Also from a porn the strange fashion came to total depilation - which does not leave chance to a uniform hair in key places of a body now, and now somehow it is even strange to men to admit the addictions to nedepilirovanny intimate zones. And constraining women should refuse sex for this reason.

And generally the home video can become the reception allowing to diversify the sexual leisure too. However, here the porn impaired a little pleasure a little too: just because I do not look as the pornactress, I hesitate to act in similar videos - before my inflamed look all my folds, roughnesses and other shortcomings of a figure which, in my opinion, in special degree will be visible on the screen at once emerge.

And finally general council: be vigilant and do not accept everything that is shown at cinema, for a pure coin. Art - it on that and art a little to differ from life, - even if is a pornography. Be guided by yourself, but not by the glossy, processed subsequently on the computer pictures - all of you - the living, real people who are not obliged to conform to someone`s far-fetched standards.