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Why men so easily distribute promises?

As well as many women, I faced in life that men distribute promises to the right and on the left. Except own bitter experience at me on call the whole collection of complaints from girlfriends! One girlfriend the man did not allow to buy

in the spring on sale a smart light overcoat, motivating it with the fact that “we will go to warm regions soon, and we will not return to cold any more“. And threw it on Skype in the summer, even without having found time to meet personally and to state the position on key questions in a face.

Her beloved swore to other girlfriend that she is the last woman in his life, and “if you throw me, I will go to the monastery“. Then, after two years of the relations, was gone itself and did not even congratulate her, the only woman of all his life, happy birthday.

In any case to speak! Men promised me sometimes it that “to get a star from the sky“ just grew dim before a sparkling of the brilliant prospects revealing before me. What all this came to an end with, to tell already senselessly - and all times nobody made them talk! Especially as presently the won contraceptives it is not necessary to try to persuade women especially, that is the main centuries-old reason - “how to untwist the woman on sex and at the same time not to marry“, already lost the essential relevance. Now the woman whom you want will untwist on sex and will not consider it as an occasion to add as a friend on Facebook. But, nevertheless, still waits that the promises made by it in a passion rush to buy a fur coat, to go to the resort to Egypt, and then to die in one day, will not remain an empty phrase.

After the next disappointment I long reflected why men so behave until on open spaces of the Internet interview of the evolutionist and a paleonevrolog, professor of the Russian Academy of Medical Science S. V. Savelyev got to me. Except everyone interesting, not belonging to our subject, it became clear that “The speech began to evolve because it does not mean any activity. It is energetically more favorable. To lie favourably everywhere, and all are engaged in it. The speech helped with competitive fight for food, for a female, for prepotent situation in pack“ .

Popular popular wisdom about “not bags in a condensed form speaks about it to move“. The woman should be pleased with something - so pleasantly to feel like the real man, looking in this shining, full of tears of joy and happiness of an eye of the ladylove! Especially as need to indulge female whims, to bring it pleasure and to receive her favor is put in men nearly at the gene level.

Other question that it is much simpler to promise the woman to go to cruise across Atlantic, to tell that you dream to buy it the car, or to paint an iridescent picture of the general future where the general well-fad pink-checked grandsons frolic in a well-groomed garden on a lawn near a mansion. And absolutely free of charge to receive couple of days of pleasure and good mood! They are pleasures and the mood - can achieve, by the way, and delivery of a simple bouquet of flowers. But this bouquet should be gone, chosen, bought, turned and to inform accurately, that is to make much more efforts, and not the fact that your lady loves such flowers. So it is only a bouquet! What then to tell about actually cruise, eternal love, education of the general children, a notorious star and so on?

Of course, then, when there pass months and years, and bright future will not come, the woman will be angry, suppressed and disappointed. But, in - the first, it will occur then. In - the second, then it will be already possible to think up and promise something new. In - the third, it is always possible to think up a justification in style “itself is guilty“ - ceased to please, grew fat, began to demand too much, “it is too good for me“, “did not see prospects in our relations“ or “you were deaf to my desires“.

Of course, all these natural factors which got to us in inheritance from monkeys, at all not a justification of male irresponsibility - though based on desire to make to us it is pleasant. Just you should not forget that man`s mission to serve female whims should not pass on the easiest ways and consume as little as possible man`s resources. Therefore you, lovely ladies, remember: men (however, as well as all) appreciate only what were enclosed to the maximum in. So know that the bouquets and modest ringlets presented today are much more expensive, than palm trees, islands and yachts promised tomorrow.