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What has to be the ideal mistress?

will make a reservation At once, the mistress is not the wife and even not the girlfriend, and, therefore, man`s claims to her specific. Fortunately, from it do not wait for ability to give a practical advice or to make a lunch from three dishes on twelve persons, it should not be able to take out and bring up the child or to be devoted so to wait for thirty years from wanderings or to give a glass of water on the deathbed. It it is even not obligatory for

(though, certainly, it is desirable - as an unexpected, but pleasant bonus) to brag to friends. And mother and other relatives, as a rule, at all should not represent it.

Because the mistress has one, but all-consuming function - to be the sexual object causing passion and desire. Ubiquitous scientists already investigated and dry language of scientific reports depicted in total that being who forces male hearts to fight tensely, and other parts of a body to rise.

In brief: the main quality which the ideal mistress has to possess - she has to differ from the man. Let`s begin on points: a machismo - it force, so the woman has to be the weakest, ideally - helpless. For this purpose also the rigid corsets tightening a body and limiting breath adapted long since; to the Chinese women bandaged legs, turning them into hardly moving disabled people, now to these purposes serve half-meter false nails, tight skirts and hairpins. For this purpose in broad female masses anorexia is also cultivated. Even the notorious idiom “the woman driving“ - too from this opera, though indirectly.

Other differences female from man`s - from the sphere of secondary sexual characteristics: volume busts (the indisputable fetish of the last century which extended from Europe for the whole world), lack of hair on all body (the man is traditionally hairy) and long head hair. And in general - that more attractive to be sexual, the woman has to be put - in clothes, cosmetics, the body, and result even at modest basic data will not keep itself waiting.

By the way, widespread myths that men love blondes for the fact that they are allegedly more fertile, with the increased level of women`s hormones, or allegedly because white color most of all draws attention - are simply ridiculous. Actually, they love them for the efforts spent for work on themselves! Whether in our world the blonde to become more difficult in total as my hairdresser uttered, apropos, I should be recoloured, “the blonde - it is expensive“, meaning accounts for the services.

As in sex corporal prevails over all the rest, the ideal mistress is young and laconic, preferring to a heap of words and reasonings on Schopenhauer incoherent groans and multiple orgasms. And, of course, loves sex: always and everywhere to it it is ready, relaxed, heating and faints adoration at the sight of a naked male torso - not very well even that it can be disfigured (or it is decorated, from the man`s point of view) by a beer stomach.

I want to note that ideas of ideal mistresses change from time to time. In the Middle Ages to pass that, it was necessary to work not that fellyation wonders, and on the contrary, to lie and not to move, and even as speak on suburbs, not to “podmakhivat“.

So to sum up all aforesaid, there is a wish to advise those women who dream to become ideal mistresses: are silent and differ! Laces instead of jeans, languishing looks instead of eloquent clever words, a sexy underwear, heels, stockings, total depilation and a pheromone perfume, and also notorious technology of sex - all this nobody cancelled and soon will hardly cancel.

But that on this slippery slope of service of male lust not to lose itself, you remember the most important: an ideal therefore also an ideal that it is unattainable.