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Where in the world there are most unusual restaurants?

Gastronomic adventures are not always connected directly with food - frequent an environment in which food is eaten, and the accompanying attributes can become the main factor at the choice of restaurant. To those travelers who are already tempted in food and looks for besides it something unusual and interesting, I will submit the review of some of the most surprising restaurants of the world.

1. Solo Per Due - restaurant for two

(Vakona, Italy)

of Solo Per Due - this unique restaurant is intended only for two that literally follows from the name. There are no turns, the irritating talk behind the next little tables and other shortcomings of a public catering, but there are an intimate atmosphere and completely individualized approach. This restaurant is located in the ancient building in Vakona, the small town near Rome and is in the building which belonged to Horace earlier - to the classic famous to the poet of the Renaissance. Couples from around the world come here to spend rather romantic evening - a dinner by candlelight which prepare only for them two.

2. `s Baggers®: without working hands

(Nuremberg, Germany)

This restaurant picked up a fresh trend in the world - not to use highly paid human work, as much as possible having mechanized it. So, here at all there are no waiters - having chosen and having ordered a dish with the help tach - a screen, the guest receives the dish of franksky kitchen on the automated rail path which literally entangled an institution. Special pride of owners of restaurant - use only local, seasonal and bio - products, and full refusal of amplifiers of taste and other tricks of usual restaurants.

3. De Kas: Directly from a bed

This restaurant belongs to

(Amsterdam, the Netherlands) well-known Dutch the chief - to the cook, the owner of a star of Michelin, Gerta Jan Hagemanu. It differs from other institutions in the fact that directly near it there are a greenhouse and gardens where the Mediterranean vegetables, herbs and edible flowers are grown up. Besides, in 10 kilometers from Amsterdam the owner - the gardener has big fields where local seasonal vegetables are grown up. From May to October guests can not only tasty and it is useful to eat the freshest ingredients dishes, but also to make excursion to the greenhouse, and moreover - to take part in cultivation of plants on fields as a part of team of vegetable growers of an institution. Geert Jan Hageman at the same time not only chef, but also chief agronomist and gardener.

4. Observatory Restaurant Johannesburg: astronomy with a gastronomy

This gastronomic restaurant in Johannesburg is remarkable

(Johannesburg, the Republic of South Africa) not only the kitchen, but also two telescopes with a diameter of 62 and 40 santimentr, and the first of them made in the USA - the biggest telescope in South Africa belonging to the individual, and the second is equipped with the CCD camera which allows to take the picture of small and far remote objects, for example, of comets and supernew stars. To combine tasty with interesting, guests can use both telescopes - the restaurant begins to work from 18:00 in the winter and in the fall, and from 19:30 in the summer and in the spring.

5. La Masia Encantada: foot - a horror

(Arenys de Munt, Spain)

people go To this restaurant not only to eat, as for more to be frightened. During visit of restaurant of guests interactive game of horrors in which guests have to pass a number of tests waits to remove from themselves a damnation (which, probably, fell on them as soon as they crossed a threshold of restaurant).

All actors of Encantada La Masia are graduates an art - the center, the majority of them of Barcelona and practically everything work in professional theatrical groups. Show in which 7 actors take part lasts three hours - the first part, more entertaining, happens in the restaurant hall, and does not distract from food. And here the second is also filled with interactive horror - that to sustain it, guests need to follow rules and instructions.

6. Le Barachois: floating restaurant

(Constance Le Prince Maurice, Mauritius)

Uniqueness of this floating restaurant not only that it consists of five decks located among the natural fish reserve but also that it is on the exotic island of Mauritius - having conveniently settled down behind a little table, it is possible to admire both a decline on the Indian Ocean, and a view of an untouched lagoon with ridge zigzags. It is possible to reach restaurant by means of a wooden planked footway - it is open only for a dinner, and offers guests of a dish on a grill, seafood and delicacies of the Mauritius cuisine.

7. Sense on the Edge: the mountain kitchen

(Six Senses Zighy Bay, Oman)

This restaurant can brag of the unique arrangement - it is on the steep platform between two Adzharian mountains at the height of 293 meters over the gulf Zigkhi.
of Sense on the Edge worked well what all institutions of public catering in the world dream of (more true, their owners): here come for the sake of exclusive food, and not just for the sake of a fascinating view of the sea and mountains. And all thanks to the new chief - to James Knight - to Pacheko (to James Knight - Pacheco) who created a new concept of intellectual international kitchen: “I sought to create the international menu, having added it with rich Arab spices. The plan is in attracting the guest with unusual aromas of familiar dishes which give the new flavoring impressions forcing to come back to Sense on the Edge again and again“.

For this purpose he uses the best products - for example, unique Blackmore Wagyu beef beef which is grown up in Japan, or Peter`s Farm veal of the farm of the same name in the Netherlands. All vegetables which are served at restaurant are grown up right there, in own organic garden.

8. Max on One: water from around the world

This gastronomic restaurant is remarkable

of Jumeirah Frankfurt
(Frankfurt, Germany) first of all the fact that in it there is a separate menu of mineral waters - in which mineral waters not only from Europe are presented, to Great Britain and Scandinavia, but also from South Africa, Japan, Argentina, New Zealand and other countries of the world. But, certainly, fine judges go here not only behind it, and and behind high German and Austrian cuisine with which the famous chef Martin Steiner conjures. The interior of restaurant was developed by the famous Japanese designer of Takesha Sugimoto (Takashi Sugimoto) and its team from Super Potato, innovative agency of restaurant design. Registration of restaurant is impregnated with historical spirit: designers were inspired by Thurn palace history - und - Taxis - Palais and emergence of the first post service in Europe. And still the interesting detail - honey is made for needs of restaurant on a roof of hotel - a skyscraper.

... Certainly, it is not the full list of institutions which can strike guests with the surroundings, service or the menu. But, traveling, you will be able to expand for yourself this list!