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“The economy, management and psychology“ of a New Year`s gift of

Comes nearer New year, and together with it there comes the time of pleasant preparations for the most magic and wonderful holiday. Already very soon we will see in shops harbingers of this event in the form of artificial Christmas trees, Christmas-tree decorations and other New Year`s attributes. And one of the first questions on which we seek to find the answer, - it: “As to whom we will present this New year?“

How to choose gifts to the relatives, darlings, relatives, friends and colleagues that this process gave pleasure, first of all, to you, and would not take too much time and energy? My version.

At the beginning I suggest to make the list of people to whom you would like to give New Year`s gifts. Further in this list it is necessary to allocate categories of people on importance degree for you personally. Not necessarily all family or all colleagues will get to one category. These lists will help you to decide on quantity of gifts and to correlate your financial opportunities to desires.

For example, you decided that you will be able to allocate 3000 rubles for New Year`s gifts. Then for the most significant for you people you can allocate 2000 rubles for gifts, and to distribute the remained money for souvenirs for the others.

We come back to significant people. That your gift did not get by their desires and requirements, of course, it is the simplest to take an interest what each person from your list wants to have? Usually happens so that each of us would wish to buy a certain thing not of prime necessity for which most to spend money to anything. These are things from the category “I want, but to myself I will not begin to buy“ … If in response to your question you hear

: “nothing is necessary“, there is always other way to learn about needs of relatives. It can be the objects connected with their hobbies, or by the way told by mother of the word that it is time for it to replace the iron or someone from yours was going to buy a dressing gown … Eventually, there are such things which will be pleasant and will be by the way by New year to any person, for example, new beautiful house-shoes or souvenir t-shirts with nominal New Year`s wishes, beautiful appointment desk calendars …

we will talk Now about gifts which are presented for New year as an attention sign. Most often are small New Year`s souvenirs for friends and fellow workers. Personally I when I choose such souvenirs, adhere to the principle of New Year`s suitability. Beautiful New Year`s candles and candlesticks, aromalampa, Christmas decorations will be always pertinent. Hardly anyone - that will object if present it the New Year`s USB stick, a charm, the handle with a logo, a calendar - a magnet which right there “will render habitable“ the refrigerator. In general, in New Year`s gifts there are a lot of secrets, and about it you can learn more in community “Souvenirs, Gifts, Polygraphy in Cherepovetsa“. But the most important secret of a New Year`s gift at all not in him, and in that sincerity with which you look for it you get and you give to the person.

Sovmestnos Yulia of Vasyukova