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The gregarious instinct or the rule “5 percent“

Hello, now will be a question of “a gregarious instinct“ why it at people? in what it is expressed? an example of experiment which can carry out everyone. And why it is so strong in people? Times of hunting for mammoths passed long ago, and this atavism lives and prospers. Why it is more convenient to people to follow the blazed road, wrong, but there where ALL?
It, of course, is more convenient crowd... And if in an abyss???

There is such concept as self-synchronization. An essence is as follows: if in some community of 5% of percent make at the same time certain action - other majority begins to repeat. The theory can be also called to the PILLBOX - Rather general theory of management.

If in peacefully grazed herd of horses to frighten 5% of individuals and “to let them in flight“, then all other herd will dart off; even if 5% of glowworms will incidentally synchronously flash then there will be a flash of the whole meadow.

This feature is shown also at people. Recently English scientists put experiment: in a big, spacious hall invited people and gave them the task “move as you wish“. And some were given accurately certain task to move how exactly and when. Thus it was experimentally confirmed that 5% of the people moving with a definite purpose can force all set to move in the same direction.

It is necessary for self-synchronization that a set of certain objects possessed at least partly identical it is information - an algorithmic condition of u were in the conditions allowing information exchange between them - at least addressless, circular. At the same time their speed on reaction to passing of information identical for all of them, has to be rather high.

By the way, everyone can make similar experiment. It is enough to come to a concert with the company of friends and to begin to clap synchronously at those moments when you it want and you will see that all hall will repeat after you.

Some practical conclusions from this: you should not do collectives more than 20 people. 20 people / 100% * 5% = 1 - this unit are also the leader, increase in a number of people involves loss of management. And constantly to keep attention of group in audience where the person 30 - 40, it will be very difficult for teacher to set the tone of occupation. This law can be applied also to other situations, try, but you should not rely on it completely. There is nothing absolute.

Start of such processes is possible only when people are in a condition not of understanding of the actions, the purposes and the reasons. When the level of personal discipline, sensibleness, control is very low. And this already unstructured management when it is not necessary to say to everyone that it has to do and as: there will be enough 5% of percent which will start self-synchronization process.

This phenomenon there is a lot of who uses in the mercenary purposes, starting rumors, for example, that in couple of days some goods and 5% which were frightened and ran will disappear to buy these goods will be enough to stir up the others and after a while regiments really will become empty. There will be enough 5% of percent of provokers that peaceful meeting turned into mass slaughter. You can continue further.

All thanks for attention, to a meeting. Wait for new articles.