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Scorpion: artful or noble?

Are frequent, speaking about the person, we use metaphors. For example: fast, as lightning; opposite, as toad; artful, as scorpion. The two first comparisons are fair, and the third raises a question - whether the scorpion is artful?

Ancient Egyptians believed that a scorpion - an embodiment of an evil deity of Typhon. It also is clear, for millions of years the huge number of people suffered from poison of this spider. All who met a scorpion have an involuntary desire - to take the first subject and to slam uninvited “guest“.

And nevertheless the scorpion reaches for the person. The reason is simple - in the human dwelling it is possible to hide from sunshine. Being near the house, the scorpion will surely creep in a crack, under a blanket or in house-shoes. The scorpion hates light therefore he looks for the dark place where it is possible to hide. In the nature as such place the stone, a crack can serve in a cave, a rotten tree. If anything there is no similar, the scorpion will dig a mink.

And water the scorpion does not love. If someone has a desire to learn, at home the owner or not, it is possible to make it enough - quickly. It is enough to splash water in a hole as the angry scorpion will jump out outside. It will click claws, to highly raise a tail, to swing a poisonous thorn.

In the afternoon scorpions hide in shelters, come for hunting at night. Having bent the weapon up, they run back and forth, trying to find the victim. Having seen an insect, the predator rushes on it and is enough with tenacious claws. Then lifts production and considers in all its aspects. This process takes a lot of time, and the reason is banal - at a scorpion several eye. Two eyes - on a darkness, to five - seven - on a back (additional). Having enjoyed a victory, the scorpion strikes blow and waits for the terminations of convulsions.

And where here insidiousness? Hunting, and only. The weapon, the skills and habits.

And here scorpion nobility does not raise doubts. Having decided to flirt, the scorpion cleans “apartment“, treads a path for walks - the word, prepares for a meeting. Only after it “appoints meeting“. Walking with “ladylove“, the scorpion trips nearby, looks her in eyes, “speaks“ about love. Then invites on a visit. And here the scorpion behaves faultlessly. It passes “lady“ forward and, without touching her, comes afterwards.

It is necessary to notice that more the scorpion will not leave the house. Right after mating dance the female of a scorpion will raise the tail and will put the end to the family relations. Having had supper former “husband“, she will examine “apartment“ and will remain in it forever. Now at a female the status of the widow.

In 9 - 12 months (depending on a look) the skorpionikha has 10 - 20 children. Several weeks carry out skorpionchik on mother`s back. Once kids grow up, mother starves. Very few people know about similar service to children, otherwise new expression would appear: “Excellent mother! Same devoted, as skorpionikha“.

The second manifestation of nobility is the behavior of scorpions a minute of danger of death. Entomologists speak: it is worth subjecting a scorpion to tortures, he, without waiting for death, finishes life with suicide. The proof - numerous attestations of eyewitnesses. All of them watched the scorpions who got to a fiery ring. Spiders raised tails and struck themselves several blows. There is a question: it that - hatred to light or a hara-kiri on - skorpionsk?