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Extrasensory perception. Truth or fiction? It is difficult to count

what quantity divorced any healers, sorcerers, magicians, fortunetellers, psychics and other “chatterers“ from the other world presently. For a long time the person was interested in everything that is connected with the unknown. Whether and it this unknown - extrasensory perception? Whether really it is so mysterious?

Open spaces of the domestic Internet dazzle at every turn with announcements it seems: “ I will charm darling“, “I will jinx“, “I diagnose a karma“ etc. And many go according to announcements and pay money! Believe that the “kind“ uncle the wizard will come and will solve all their problems a wave of a magic wand. Very doubtful prospect...

But on such trustful the real charlatans also profit. It is necessary to charm - yes there are no problems. To jinx - please! It is possible not to move &ndash at all; the unlimited sum and you in chocolate! And what? Read a spell and all - all problems it vanished as if by magic, were resolved wonderfully...

Any sane person knows that he in this world of nothing just like that is given, to have to pay for all. Even if all these spells and damage work, then who knows what such games with otherworldly the world can lead to?... But in what the reason of such hobbies? What it so in a crowd pulls all to psychics? Of course - ignorance. Only the ignorant person “climbs“ there what does not understand.

And who in general told that the extrasensory perception is available to the elite? Such statement smells slightly of impudent deception! It the same as to tell that skillfully to learn to move a hand or a leg - business is difficult, labor-consuming... Here it is dexterous to learn to play the piano, using hands and fingers - yes, put not a lung, but to claim that only pianists &ndash can move fingers; just nonsense!

Any talents need to be developed and if really there is an extrasensory perception, then it develops from ability to feel. “But to feel that?“ - you ask me, now I will explain...

There are no people who would not feel on themselves others look. Even if someone looks at us from a back, we already feel it. The attention should be felt! You remember an episode from the lyrical comedy of Georgy Danelli “I a step ́ yu across Moscow ́“, where the young guy Kolya who is played by Nikita Mikhalkov tests a look of the passerby? In everyday life such behavior - commonplace. What it, telepathy?...

For many women the man`s attention can be meaning of life. Any woman feels even a back if the man stares at it. The science cannot explain this phenomenon, but it is also not able to understand brain opportunities what there to speak about an ekstrasensorka...

You can make simple experiment. Try to present for a start a situation when you stand in the middle of crowd and you begin to shout loudly. Even at one thought of it many have “goosebumps“ on skin. Here to you and power of reason! And if you actually attract attention crowds in addition negative?! The shame and confusion are provided, without saying that you will redden and will sharply go hot you.

Attention - very strong weapon! From a look ice to melt not that women... All advertizing technologies and the mass media technology are constructed on management of attention. Main task - to attract and keep attention of the viewer. If to assume that the attention and is this energy about which ekstrasena “are concerned“, then all gets up on the places at once: where your attention &ndash is directed; there your energy “flows away“.

Often it happens that our attention distracts some the bad situation or conversation which happened in the past with unpleasant the person. While we think of it, we feel bad, we are abandoned by vital forces... Once we distract, at once it is easier to become and forces come back. If our attention is taken away by darling, then we on the contrary, feel how life “comes back“.

If vyumet to operate the attention, then you are able to operate the life . All charlatans I use cunnings to draw attention of the client. Unless they will say that to be a psychic - commonplace? It is necessary to tell that the Christianity rejects the doctrine about power, it uses the concept “Holy Spirit“ that it is also heavy to understand and feel. But also Christians have rituals and difficult ceremonies, unclear for the simple person.

They claim that “rescue“ is possible if the person finds their belief (same fight for “clients“ ). Each “pulls a blanket on itself“ , and the simple person only also manages to unfasten the unlimited sum to both charlatans, and religious communities. All extort money. Well it is correct - there is a wish to eat that!

The benefit if unfortunate received, wanted - help. And if is not present? How to define in advance, will deceive you or not? Here it is not enough knowledge. That psychics that priests that the same ordinary doctors work with time real miracles! But how to find necessary “wonder-worker“? Answer - extrasensory perception as all of us feel other people! If the person is unpleasant to you why to him to go?

Also truly and the return. You are felt by all surrounding people. They feel your mood, your fears, your intentions. All live feels you, even insects! Not for nothing at some in the house there live cockroaches, and at others, even at neighbors - no... Feel, an infection where to them is more cheerful!

And as we often speak: “I have a bad presentiment“ or “I felt that all will be as it should be“. We all possess extrasensory perception, but here was able to use it not everyone is capable - here training is required, as well as when playing a piano.