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Kremenetsky lock. Where to go in Ukraine?

the Western Ukraine attracts tourists with the interesting and unforgettable story. Here it is possible to see medieval castles, ancient churches and a set of ruins which still remember days of the Cossacks. But there is in this territory a place which is called by right “small Switzerland“ for beauty of mountain tops and ruins of the old lock, legends of which still chill blood.

the Kremenetsky lock studied thousand-year history, acquired interesting legends and events. Very few people from historians can designate date of creation of the lock with an accuracy. According to some documentation, the city of Kremenets in the territory of which there is a lock already existed in 1064. And not only existed, but was well strengthened, could resist to huge army of Boleslaus II Smely. Other historical sources mention the name of the Kremenetsky lock in 1227 when valorous defenders of the city at the price of many victims saved it from the king of Hungary Andras II.

Anyway, and the Kremenetsky lock is the main sight of the city which attracts tourists still. The lock received the name of the Check, in honor of the beauty - the wife of the king Sigismund. On a legend the governor was so keen on the darling that presented it the whole city with the fine lock. The bond really was rather charming, Leonardo da Vinci who understood gentle and thin beauty of women decided to draw her portrait. Besides, devoted it ballads and songs the best poets of that time. The queen was born in Italy and was married to the Polish king to strengthen the friendly union of the countries.

Unfortunately, among the kremenetsky people the queen at once found a cruel and gloomy image. Even today many guides tell a terrible legend that Bona liked to wash blood of innocent girls, considering eemolodilny. One more legend tells about the order of the queen to pull the leather bridge on which she always walked between the castle and neighboring mountain. Once the bridge broke and the queen fell in an abyss. By miracle having survived, she ordered to build the monastery on this place.

Whether so it actually, nobody can tell, but according to historical data, the queen was clever, courageous and rather resolute woman. At once after a wedding she created around herself a circle of the checked people by means of whom she tried to overthrow dynasties Gabsburgov. For the sake of it she also created big requisitions which, most likely, and became the reason of such unpopularity among local population in the city.

Of course, all this remained in the past. Today the lock of the Check towers over Krements, creating the romantic atmosphere, and beauty of the local nature, being weaved with legends, helps it with it. From the lock there were only ruins: gateway tower, some fortifications. But since 2011 there is its reconstruction therefore today it is already possible to see some outlines of that fortress which once inspired fear in troops.

Bon`s fortress in the Ternopil region, in the city of Kremenets, on Zamkovaya Street settles down. To get to the city, it is necessary to go on the route E85 to Dubno where there is a turn on Kremenets, or on the route E40.