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Let`s live in peace and friendship? Frivolous advice to mothers-in-law and mothers-in-law of

mother Goes! Not important - whose, him or her, mother - it and in Africa mother. The essence often one - will arrive, will give in every possible way help. And how here children - without it? Grandsons, probably, barefoot - snotty, the son hungry, the daughter is exhausted... Well, definitely it is necessary to help.

Of course, are such mothers who do not go for the conflicts, are not going to help especially and come to enjoy to themselves life on a visit and communication with a family. Silent, peace mothers are angels. If mother - an angel is you, are proud of it and enjoy the children and grandsons with all the heart! It not about you.

These councils only for those mothers that live with the children arrivals. Your children, unlike grandsons, from last visit could forget partially how it it - to live with you. How to help children to adapt to joint (let and short) to accommodation?

1. If before arrival you promised “to be engaged in grandsons“ - be engaged in grandsons, especially if grandsons small. Send the children to cinema, to restaurant, on a visit, to ski, from the house far away anywhere and do everything that you want while there are no parents with grandsons. Grandsons will be happy. If parents resist (“is not present, we do not want at cinema“; “no, nobody called us on a visit“), insist on the. As a result: your children will only be grateful that an opportunity to go on a date was given by them, as in carefree bessemeyny times. And about grandsons and there is nothing to speak, they are always glad from parents to have a rest.

2. If with grandsons you not especially have relations then do not promise to be engaged in them. Report better in advance what is not present, with grandsons as - nibud, and it is better for you at cinema, in the museum, in theater, on a kayak or on shops. Your children will know what to expect, and will only be glad to organize to you a visit of the museum or theater, a heat on a kayak or run on shops. The main thing - be defined. Then children will not rush about shocked: “My God! There arrived mother! What with it to do?“ (It, of course, in case mother active and her by all means it is necessary to do something, to less active mothers and as it was already told, - to angels it does not concern to mothers).

3. If something is not pleasant to you in life of your children, tell aloud. It is better to express at once, than to silently be indignant and save the irritation then to blow up in day of departure. Yes, in general, in what would day to blow up - good in it it is not enough. But before expressing, think: whether it is important? Whether essentially, how who washes the dishes, watches TV or where trousers lie? If all of you - speak, then consider that your son or the daughter can not agree with your criticism. And it is normal, children to themselves can quite have other view of life. Then just suffer a little more, all - you on a visit.

4. If your son or your daughter asks about the help , help with all the heart: teach the daughter to mold pelmeni, tell the son how to communicate with the little girl. But if about the help do not ask - do not help better . Your councils (especially on education of grandsons) can be given a hostile reception - a pier, we and big, and so know all. Or find the most positive form in which your council could be stated. Do it accurately and not really often. You remember, you the grandmother - enjoy it, but do not raise your children once again through your grandsons.

5. Try to find something positive in life of a family of the child. Well and that that children barefoot, but, maybe, they at school excellent students and always in good mood. Well and that that the daughter-in-law is not able to cook soup, but she just the person good. (By the way, in this case suggest it to prepare something together, it will be possible to teach then much). Well and what that the son-in-law all the time works, but suits your daughter how many he earns and she deprived of attention does not feel. The most important - if in family life everything suits your child, then rejoice for it , do not carp at trifles.

If in a family serious problems (change, alcoholism and other), how to behave to mothers-in-law and mothers-in-law, it is necessary to write serious councils therefore we will lower this subject so far. And the list of frivolous councils for mothers-in-law and mothers-in-law can be continued in comments.

Mothers, you love the children and rejoice for them, especially if they are already adult boys and girls. It is less than criticism, it is more than positive. Children will be very grateful, and visit will go off with a bang.