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For whom fires of the Saint Elma burn?

Mysterious cold fires which light up during bad weather from antiquity were known to the people inhabiting the coast of the seas and oceans. Inhabitants of coastal areas paid attention that these fires appear, as a rule, by the end of a storm or thunder-storm. On these fires predicted the fast termination of a storm - a natural phenomenon, dangerous to ancient seafarers. Information on fires of the Saint Elma is connected by

with the sea, the seamen descending from the ships on the coast told about the wonderful rescue during a storm when on a mast and parts of a rigging mysterious fires appeared. So there was a legend of the mysterious forces which are coming to the rescue the seamen suffering disaster. Then inhabitants of the coast also saw the burning fires appearing on masts of the moored ships and crosses of churches.

The mast of the ship or a church spike always towered over the settlement. And the luminescence around a church cross was interpreted by all as a Divine arrangement to the Saint in honor of whom the church was constructed. In the Mediterranean the greatest distribution was gained by the name “fires of the Saint Elma“. Saint Elm (Erasmus) tortured at the time of the next persecutions of Christians in 303 was considered as the patron of the Mediterranean seafarers.

Fires of the Saint Elma often confuse to a fireball. The science in the middle of the 18th century made a hypothesis of the electric nature of a lightning, and the academician Leonard Euler explained fires of the Saint Elma - as a silent discharge of atmospheric electricity. In the beginning the 19th century the French scientist Jean Baptiste Joseph Fourier stated a hypothesis that fires appearing during bad weather on masts of vessels, it “the settled viscous evaporations of the sea“.

The 20th century brought to the world opening of the smoldering, crown and arc categories. And until recently was considered that fires of the Saint Elma is a visible part of the crown category. Then by scientists in experiment it is established that in a cloud of the same loaded drops of water any subject brought in it begins to shine. But fires of the Saint Elma arise as well in the conditions of Central Asia when there are no water drops around.

Many observers note that fires of the Saint Elma do not wave on wind as the flame of a match or a fire waves. These fires do not burn down, do not ignite objects and they cannot be extinguished water. Fires of the Saint Elma “are always attached“ to any subject, they have is white - blue color, do not make a sound and have no smell. The characteristic size of a flame - from 10 to 15 centimeters.

They burn as bulletins of the other world, unclear and mysterious, as well as those characters as which names mysterious fires are ranked. History of a martyrdom is a separate subject for research which has the not studied pages. Not it is clear why to kill the martyr in the exotic ways, for example, with a bull bone when for this purpose there is a number of more suitable tools of murder? Why to crucify the martyr on gate headfirst and how subsequently it appears, at his request? The Saint has Elma executioners, on one of versions, extended from him interiors by means of the winch. Only experienced esoterics which can see in each separate case the available communication between an outside and inner world can understand value and symbolics of similar extraordinary actions.

They say that the ancient Roman philosopher Seneca, subdividing fire into two look - terrestrial and heavenly, claimed that during a thunder-storm “stars as if descend from the sky and sit down on masts of the ships“. The pre-Christian period connected mysterious fires with a name of notorious Tindarey which family left an indelible mark in the history of the world.

In the ancient time cold fires were called “Stars Dioskurov“. In Ancient Greece this phenomenon was called fires Kastora and Polluksa (Polidevk) - by name mythical brothers - twins Dioskurov whom Zeus gave immortality, having turned into two brightest stars in constellation of Twins. Dioskura`s brothers were considered in the ancient time as patrons of the seamen who got to a storm. And emergence on masts of the ships before a thunder-storm “Stars Dioskurov“ was identified with a meeting of Twins with their sister Elena.

Considered that Elena Prekrasnaya when to her brothers - on a visit come (Polidevk) and Kastor arranges these fires. Participation of the Supreme deity of Zeus in life of family of the Spartan tsar Tindarey led to the fact that Kastor was considered as a being mortal, and (Polidevk) - immortal. Brothers were always unseparable and when Kastor was killed in battle, (Polidevk) shared with it immortality. Since then brothers are unseparable and spend alternately one day in heaven on the Olympus, one day - going down in Hades.

The legend of Elena`s meeting with the brothers consisted of those circumstances that observers noted that to the place where the cold luminescence appeared, the lightning sometimes struck. Thanks to this fact a conclusion arises that this natural phenomenon shows the existing power communication when the future in the form of a fireball meets the past presented by a cold luminescence, exchanging the power fields.

Matter in the form of light at the same time possesses properties and waves, and particles when by means of resonant inductive communication there is transmission of energy on distance. With change of light - a sound stream field structures change, and fires Dioskurov burn so far, radio stations cease to work. The cold fires which are lighting up during bad weather sometimes make sounds of the silent crackling similar to hissing.

So fires Dioskurov warn all devoted in ancient sacrament that the habitual structure of the power field when the portal to the world of shadows, to the world of unknown is open changes. Also the time when heroes of the Ancient Greek epos hurry on a meeting with the sister came. At this time the next Eurydice or other sufferer can leave a kingdom of the dead, being guided by Xing - white fires which as beacons show a way to the world of the present. To the world today`s.