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Child-free: unwillingness to have children or...?

were told About child-free ideology already much, and in many publications the thought of “mifologichnost“ of idea of these people as about detonenavistnik - against children is emphasized and they have nothing their parents, they just want to live as consider it necessary, and do not want that to them something was imposed … Whether so it?

Before looking in the Internet - child-free communities, we will think of the fact of existence of these communities. There could be they if these people “just did not want to have children“?

Here, for example, I do not want to play sports. I respect Olympic champions, I have nothing against those who play sports in the pleasure, I do not deny its usefulness - but itself I do not want to be engaged … Also I am not engaged - the benefit nobody can force me to it: the people refusing sport in our country are not fined, not discharged from office (if the profession does not demand ideal physical shape), not assessed with a special tax (as well as there is no tax on childlessness for a long time, and problems at employment arise rather in the presence of children, than at their absence). I see the social advertizing calling for sports activities from time to time, sometimes I meet the people who are actively agitating me “to rise on skis“ - but it to me does not prevent to live as I want.

Whether I will create community not of persons interested to play sports on a social network (or to enter if that already is)? It is unlikely. I will better enter community of musicians - populists or fans of a fantasy - the word, there, where discuss that to me it is interesting and significant. And sport for me has no importance, it is not interesting to me why to me to discuss it?

But we will imagine the person who is sincerely sure that sport is the evil that it cripples people physically, corrupts to a shower, exciting vanity that the state spends for sport huge money on which it would be possible to raise salaries and pensions etc. - here such person, perhaps, can create some anti-sports group in the same vkontakte.

In other words, the community based on denial on “the importance with a minus sign“, arises where people consider something dangerous and harmful and want that as much as possible people refused it. By such principle there are communities against smoking, against drugs, against abortions or community of the militant atheists considering religion as “opium of the people“. And of course, their participants very much want that nobody smoked, did not do drugs, did not do abortions, did not believe in God - they are sincerely convinced that it will be so better for all, and do everything that to convince all of it.

About what write, for example, in communities against smoking? About to what dreadful diseases leads smoking as smokers with their yellow teeth and a disgusting smell from a mouth as they annoy a surrounding tobacco smoke, etc. are unattractive. But in the same key write in child-free communities about children and their parents: as childbirth as pregnant women and the giving birth women are ugly is dangerous as children as women disgustingly smell disturbs with children all in transport and public places - and all in the same sort … I.e. these communities arise and the communities setting before themselves the purpose of destruction something work by the same principle, as.

So illusions are not necessary: the child-free ideology is not just unwillingness to have children, it is fight against a child-bearing.