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The more the case, the more loudly falls? Blockbusters - losers of

“Factory of dreams“ - on that and factory that among its products marriage periodically comes across. Show - business only half show, and where business - there both risks, and unjustified investments, and other laws of economy which nobody cancelled. Sometimes, that the end result in the form of the next blockbuster brings to the creators not glory and turns in cash desks of movie theaters, and tens and even hundreds of millions of losses.

of Whom to blame that grandiose as envisioned and to production scope historical epik Oliver Stone “Alexander“ failed in hire? Eternally provocative scandal the director represented the grand conqueror the bisexual, than brought a distemper in politically correct minds of the American public. In the interview to the Playboy magazine the Stone and told: “We decided to rummage in his sexual life. You know, maybe, this point of view also will offend someone, but in those days treated it differently“. Well, you should not take offense also to Oliver. Its opus at the budget in 155 mln. dollars hardly collected in the homeland 34. Colin Farrell who played a leading role was surprised to most this fact. He - that already packed suitcases on a ceremony of the Oscar and looked for the worthy place in the apartment for a gold figurine, and it was necessary to take a break and to rethink the career.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez joint “matrimonial“ project “Gigli“ in 2003 “became famous“ at critics and the audience. Having thought that their creation could not reach hearts of admirers, the couple hurried to break off the relations, than fairly afflicted numerous tabloids. Having spent fifty millions for this dull, cruel and silly movie, producers managed to return only the tenth part. Critics strongly recommended any, it was pleasant to cinema to be checked to whom with the jokes about disabled people floating in an aquarium brains and lesbians at the psychiatrist. That the failure was more bitter, considering that in a director`s chair Martin Brest, the author of the brilliant comedy fighter “The police officer from Beverley - Hillz“ and the smart drama “Scent of a Woman“ with Al Pacino sat. Brest more at cinema does not work since then.

“The secret of the red planet“ (in the original - “Mars demands mummies“) is estimated by fiasco of the animation project at least at 100 mln. dollars, and the tape is worthy ranks of “The loudest falling of a case of 2011“. Critics literally broke off a picture, having especially noted extremely unsuccessful visual decision based on the motion technology - capture when animation characters are drawn from living people. Many film studios simply are afraid to support after that by ruble this, certainly, perspective technology. Or perhaps to all fault an immemorial problem with the Hollywood movies about Mars? Of course, with the red planet cinema-men are somehow not lucky: the dreadful trash, and even two surely is the share of one sensible movie.

And here should blame for failure of the comic book “Catwoman“ only Halle Berri. Whether to the actress not to know that over each performer of a role of the girl of the agent 007 (“Die, but not now“) the damnation hangs. Berry, without having managed to receive the Oscar for a role in “A ball of monsters“, right there rushed to earn money in blockbusters. Also stumbled on the most obvious cobble-stone. 100 - the million budget of “Catwoman“ as a result paid off only on a third, and the audience recognized the movie as one of the worst in 2004, having handed to the same Berri “Gold raspberry“. The actress with firmness transferred a stroke of bad luck, having personally accepted a humiliating award (that, in general, a rarity) from hands of organizers of “award“. She even tried to justify herself: “During shooting I gained an extensive experience and learned much“. It`s all right, at least though someone had satisfaction from this nudyatina.

“Increase speed!“ - the slogan of the summer blockbuster then still of Vachovski brothers said “Spidi is a racer“ . Alas, the hope for the next hit from creators of “Matrix“ did not come true. Apparently, there were problems with ignition. Other directors apprehended a movie failure as caution to all put on airs persons. The film version of the forgotten animated film cost long ago authors 120 million from which settled in cash desks of movie theaters only forty with small. Having counted upon the reputation, Vachovski did not pay due attention to marketing campaign and the first sluggish reviews played a role in sudden death “Spidi - the racer“. Only one warms soul of creators: having come to DVD, the picture found a second wind and even enjoyed limited popularity in narrow circles. But to print money as “Matrix“, all the same did not learn.

“Battlefield: The earth“ officially is considered one of the most settling movies for all contemporary history of cinema. The tape burned through in hire on 73 mln. dollars and practically strangled the second wind of successful career of John Travolta which began with his triumphal return in Tarantino`s masterpiece “Pulp fiction“. The problem is that the picture is awful in all respects. The great admirer of creativity of Ron Hubbard, the creator of the pseudo-scientific and religious movement, and also the member of his Church of Scientology, Travolta personally was a producer of a picture. And, apparently, dreamed of monasteries of “Star wars“. However near dialogues, unnatural actor`s game, dreadful special effects together with unreasonable ambitions buried John`s dreams on a root. “Battlefield: The earth“ was the screen version of only a half of the best-seller of Hubbard, but continuation did not come out. And hardly sometime will leave.

It is today the piracy subject is considered a pot of gold. And before emergence on screens of the captain Jack Sparrow this direction literally died on hands at producers. The most striking example - a loud failure in 1995 - m to year of the adventure movie “The island of bandits“ . The author of two strong and successful fighters “Die Hard 2“ and “Rock-climber“ Rennie Harlin decided that he seized god by a beard, and pumped nearly 100 million dollars into a sea action with participation of the spouse of that time, the popular actress Geena Davies. And once crossed out both the successful career of the director, and dream on bright future of the beloved. It is hard to say whether grandiose losses of a picture became the reason of the family drama, but already three years of the spouse later dispersed. It is sad that one of the most failure blockbusters for all history of cinema (taking into account inflation of loss make about 150 million), dragged off together with itself on a bottom and the known film company Carolco Pictures on which famous “Terminators“ were created.

To explain what happened to career of famous Afro-American comedian Eddie Murphy, nobody undertakes. Anyway, after of “Pluto Nash`s Adventures“ (at 100 - the million budget the tape earned only 7 million in hire) to the actor trust to sound only donkeys in numerous “Shrekakh“. However, a star of comedy fighters of “48 hours“ and “The police officer from Beverley - Hillz“ has to be obliged on a coffin of life to authors of the movie because initially the tape was planned to be let out still in 80 - x. Become it the face of this fantastic garbage then, quite perhaps, the surname of Murphy would be unfamiliar to present generation of the audience at all.

History of Hollywood is famous not only improbable cash hits, but also so serious failures. Often neither star names on the poster, nor huge investments, nor even broad advertizing can guarantee absolute success at public. So, in 1997 - m a post-apocalyptic action “Mail carrier“ nearly gave fat up as a bad job Kevin Costner`s career. Creators of a superfilm about the Stealth plane in 2005 - m lost 100 million in native hire, having managed to cover only partially losses due to display of the movie in other countries. How many these “losers“ were and how many they still will be …