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Whether is at women of the logician?

Exist such joke. The man answered the question “What Probability to See on the Street of a Dinosaur?“: “One million“, and woman: “Fifty percent“. “This as?“ - ask it. “Either I will meet, or is not present“.

he Agrees, there are women with the higher technical education who it is quite quite good, and often better than men understand the exact sciences. Many of them have scientific degrees on such disciplines as physics and mathematics. Means, all at women as it should be with logic! But why men are often not capable to explain female acts? Why they seem illogical?

We will understand for a start a structure of our brain. Scientists established long ago that the left hemisphere is responsible for logic, and the right hemisphere - for the sphere of feelings. Therefore, if at men the logic prevails, i.e. the left hemisphere, women have to use right as, according to representatives of a strong half, ladies have no logic. There is a simple mathematics. Both men, and women use a brain, but if the woman does not use the left hemisphere, then leaves that she uses right - feelings. It seems here all is clear!

Especially this difference is visible at children`s age when girls far wiser also are more bright than boys. It also is clear: so far boys think and count the actions as if a trajectory, girls, using the ability to feel, understand a situation much quicker. If we solve a logical problem, then time for application of consecutive algorithm of its permission is required, and to here feel the same taste of orange - a task far more simply. Tasty - you eat, it is not tasty - you spit out a baddy!

Therefore if the woman is developed better in respect of the sensitive sphere then and to understand man`s logic female feelings it is unreal as well as feelings not to feel logic. It is useless to look for a rational explanation for female acts. There are two options: either to reconcile, or to learn to feel it. And how still? If in formal relationship of the woman often are guided by logic, then in private life their behavior for all 100% is dictated by feelings.

“Women are auditory“ - popular wisdom says. If you want to get it to fall in love, then find such words which will open a way to its feelings. Unless it is logical? But so it is arranged - say it sweet words, and it thaws... Where there that occurs in what part of a brain, what words need to be told - secret behind seven seals... But we will try to understand.

Female feelings their mind as we found out above operates. We put the necessary program in mind and “voila“ - the program earned and performs the necessary operations. But if she thinks much - it is a complete disaster! Can decide to himself different diseases, misfortunes and... what the sick imagination is only not capable to decide... Here where here logic?

Now question: where to take this program? To read in the book? On the Internet? Perhaps personally to ask it: “What you, the darling, want to hear?“ It is silly, isn`t it? But happens that works! It was as if good if men felt that the woman wants to hear... It is not advisable to invent beautiful words, to read clever books on psychology, and simply and to clearly tell it what she wants to hear! But there is no logic, and men need logic.

Interestingly happens to observe reactions of young couples to different unpleasant life situations. Girls generally always show the discontent openly: sniff, pull faces, talk a look - everything is written on a face. Young guys fall into a stupor at this time, trying to guess the correct behavior logically. Women have no concept “correct behaviour“ - the woman arrives as feels, and the logic should not be looked for here!

If to look at the world with the woman`s eyes, then to see logic in her behavior not so difficult, but it is rather silly as about an hour will be required that to explain all this. And why, you think, women for hours speak by phone? It is correct to tell about all the feelings and emotions! Here at least an hour is necessary that to tell everything though the feeling could last literally couple of seconds.

Why the vast majority of men are not able to look at the world the woman`s eyes? The answer is simple - do not trust the feelings. They have them, precisely are present, women see it and know, but here many women lack the developed logic to inform men of the truth on reality of feelings - they just make scandals.

Only years of family life later the man can master craft to listen to the feelings. After numerous and vain attempts to capture an essense of an inner world of the woman it, eventually, begins to suspect: “Something here not so“... But why men only later, at last, gain many years such skill?

Probably, the woman is initially by nature wiser, more cunning also smyshleny. The man is urged to protect it as it is weaker and in its natural functions enters to give birth and raise children, and also to store a home.

Really, the man is allocated with physical force, dexterity, clear thinking, and here women should use cunning to survive in this world. And if presence of force allows a possibility of commission of mistakes (who stronger, that and is right), then women had to pay a high price for the mistakes for a long time.

Definitely, the female logic is strong, but if men are by nature allocated with the bigger force and the developed thinking, then let them generally also use these qualities. Not to shoulder everything women?!