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Why in the city to make a fuss? The urbanistic village of Chicago of

All of us is from the village, whatever one may do. From an animal at us to find and eat, and from the person - to seed, grow up and only then to eat. To an animal we were pushed again by urbanism: to find in shop and to eat. But human, immured by asphalt and cowed by the city, sticks out and sticks out outside.

It forces nostrils to tremble when in the spring from the earth as gives warm steam on a subthawed arable land when you watch with unclear alarm on suddenly the Lithuanian leaned against others wall when you feel in hands an itch on a simple garden chopper. You hear in yourself this call of cultivation of the earth, and nothing can be done with it …

of Winter in Chicago opposite: not so cold, as stridently to bones. But the spring breaks in just real violent summer in one casual day. And then from a haze of the soaring earth these disturbing tyapochny call signs proceed, and then to the city there are these strange people - city gardeners.

Of the earth free in the city it is full: so the city reflected. Each 10 quarters have to alternate live green islands: parks, parchenka, public gardens, lawns, huge coastal park zones. And that simply is empty someone`s for the future bought land. Zemlitsa in Chicago is most expensive than what on it costs. Each 10 miles are alternated untouched by the wood - lungs of our city, already green; in it is mute wild beasts lives, as well as it is necessary in the wood. The country my native is wide … where stick

of Made in China! And all our Chicago Chinese and Vietnamese who adjoined them, Koreans and any other Asian people. At first quietly self-capture, fanza “sbochka“, then along dumps of railway tracks, then any truths - not truths they adjusted beds in places of the compact accommodation. Both sent them, and shugat their authorities for the garden squatter settlement, but our hardworking gardeners dexterously opened green a chayn - a town already on the new brisk place, and their beds of the drill - red tomatoes flushed again, turned green a Chinese cabbage, hard brilliant eggplants sparkled fiolety. And over beds is more shameless the rebellious Asian backs counterbalanced with the straw umbrella hats rested against the Chicago lands stuck out.

Lands about a lapotok before “the American dream“, and about a floor - a lapotka of the earth behind the house. The forward earth should be set with a grass, and you for this bad grass answer to the city: water, cut, patch. Slightly that - a penalty. And what grass? Neither to eat it, nor to smoke. The back earth - God grant to put a gazeba or an umbrella to eat on air, to part a brazier, to children a swing what there, a hill, a dog where to sit down on business, and and do not can to dream of a bed. Well if the cucumber curling or a vegetable marrow on a back wall to let. Generally, with a kitchen garden just guard. And if to buy the house with big acres on backs, then this ogorodina everyone will cost the gardener at the price of gold which that tomato will veil: both the earth is expensive, and taxes on it.

But both the slave, and an animal the people are squeezed out nevertheless from itself by a drop behind a drop - there were neighbour`s communities aldermen, aldermen went to the authorities, and to the authorities the directive came from above sharply “to become green“ at this time, and here to such manners the desire from below coincided with the directive from above, and the consensus, mazl to it t so was born! Moreover and the man we had a mayor wow! Itself rural roots the guy.

So the official movement of truck farming was born in Chicago: allocated allotments, notified the population, in itself neighbour`s committees stusovatsya, helped the power to put nice standard sarayushka under stock (not to sparkle buckets and shovels on a look), were connected to neighbour`s schools and kindergartens - let and children to manure will smell, and process went. And people should not speak twice: abnormal, greedy before land work, it was full - fully. Demarcated, “lifted“ beds in timberings, were fertilized, zamulcheval to a mezhgryadya, were seeded, and … ate.

Around kitchen gardens there were neighbour`s parties with a sit-round gathering, acquaintances and even - about love - were started with (many lonely aged people met on the vegetable soil in - a garden - whether - in - a kitchen garden), someone guessed to expose a basket - another of vegetables for sale: fresh, directly from a bed, you display on small baskets, you write the price, and nearby a box for money: people pass by, with pleasure buy, a denyuzhka in a box. You come in the morning - already found several tens, how in cabbage!

But not only for sale. And eat. Together with city truck farming shoulder to shoulder there is a drive: Go local, Go Green. The Russian proverb “where was born, there and was useful“ here it is modified after the own fashion: where was born, there and it was fed. It is considered that the person is better ground on that food which grows at him under legs, so it is more useful to an organism, and is more ergonomic. Well estimate what advantage to the Siberian from avocado from Mexico far when in its potato from an arable land and a ramson from the field just the fact that it is necessary to its Siberian organism!

An interlude

By the way, about Siberia, about Altai in particular: hungry time is perfect, still cards did not cancel, and by cards jam brand 500 cement fortress. And the town of Biysk where back kitchen gardens will be enough for how many eyes moreover arable lands (as Altaians kitchen gardens call) nearly to chuysko - the Mongolian path. And my first children`s memoirs about that from where the food undertakes - Koreans local. Yes at them any plot of land was not empty! If is worth little - the malsky Korean, then around him all under kitchen gardens and arable lands on verst. And draw: the steppe yes the steppe around, and inside the Korean does market gardening. Yes. And everything grew and kucheryavitsya, blazed harvests. And the markets were filled up with the Siberian vegetables which are grown up by the Korean hands. Those already lived on Go local, Go Green.

For gardeners of Chicago the kitchen gardens too help. Even not in respect of economy of money, and in respect of availability of qualitative ecological food. Pure natural ecological fruit - vegetables (in comparison with usual store) are rather expensive and are available not to all. Do market gardening as you understand, not those people, ancestors whom owned plantations and armies of free gardeners are average, light-middleweight and lightweight of America. And if market (amishevsky, organic, eco-friendly) at us is in two approximately time more expensive store then here it - the, is fresher, from a bed. And free.

Forgot about money, well they are all you will not earn and you will not save. But here to give the chance to the city person from the megalopolis to return to healthy physical work genetically peculiar to it in the fresh air not digging out and an instillation of rusty pipes, and to cultivation from tiny sunflower seeds, from nothing, just from the earth, surprisingly beautiful, tasty, useful plants, to work with such mutually return when you pour the energy in energy of a seed, and energy of the ordinary dirty earth and the sun on your eyes raises this miracle (and if to speak about essence of the Divine, then here it, here and all in it when the nuclear force of a microscopic seed of a trifling plantain tears to devils the ice breaker multilayered asphalt!) and to allow the person to rejoice the FRUIT of its works - whether this benefit?

Passed by the public kitchen gardens which are accurately dug over and cleaned towards the winter - they hid till spring. Wait, darlings. And I thought: and we will not become as there will be, alas, no those people who put these gryadochka in the center of the megalopolis here. But other, new people will come. And again the spring will come. Also the elegant beds put already by others will turn green. Also fruits of hands of ordinary citizens will be poured by ripe juice. And city truck farming will be included strongly into culture of the country as indissoluble communication of the person with the earth. And so byst to a dovek because the earth has to give birth from human work on it. All the rest in the world - is derivative. Isn`t that so?