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Keys of Florida. In what uniqueness of paradise islands?

If you were tired of noise and gloss of megalopolises, of their glamor and artificiality, then for certain prefer to travel, visiting national parks, reserves and just heavenly spots of the nature where the city dweller can have a rest soul and to be filled with new energy. in Only 25 kilometers from one of the most fashionable megalopolises of the world of Miami begin

unique Florida - turned sour (Florida Keys) - a chain of coral islands and reeves which lasts on the South throughout 200 km. On the Russian-speaking Internet they are often called by Keys of Florida, doing a literal translation of the word Keys with English. But actually this Spanish word cayo meaning the flat island covered with mangrove thickets.

And such islands and reeves here about 1700. The majority of them is connected by 43 bridges with a general extent more than 170 kilometers, but it is necessary to reach some by the boat. The main highway ( ) allows to reach of Overseas Highway in 2,5 hours from the first in this chain Ki`s island - the Largo to an extreme point of the island of Ki - Uest closing it.

Already this trip is worth it to visit the archipelago. The way passes in many places literally between the sky and the ocean. Water surrounds from all directions, and only the highway strip ahead reminds that you in the car. Especially it is felt on Semimilny Bridge which length makes nearly 11 kilometers.

But not for the sake of the unique highway we here and even not for the sake of Ki - Uest. Though this last island of a ridge Florida - turned sour - very interesting object for visit: there is Ki`s port - Uest - the most southern point of continental states of America, only 150 km from Havana. It is no wonder that long time of Ki - Uest was a shelter of smugglers.

And today this place attracts tourists from all social groups. One come here by cruise liners, others reach by a self-locking device, but Gulf Stream provides warm soft climate all the year round to everyone. Someone comes to feel spirit of “islands in the ocean“ of Ernest Hemingway, exactly here he lived about thirty years and wrote several novels, including “For Whom the Bell Tolls“. But the majority here - to see legendary sunset, the most beautiful evening show Florida - turned sour.

And the port city deserves attention of the megalopolises which are looking for relaxations after vanity - narrow green small streets with houses of the middle of the 19th century go down to the ocean and group of the numerous cafes located on the embankment. It is difficult to believe that this eternal resort was sold in due time by Spain for only 2000 dollars.

Other four large islands - Ki`s - Largos , Islamorad`s , the Marathon and of Big - Pine - Ki too everyone are in own way unique , and for someone they - a real paradise.

Around the largest of them, Ki - the Largo, the only live coral reef in North America, underwater caves and tens of sunk ancient ships is. Here the most transparent, always warm water, small depth and variety of the sea world of coral reeves - paradise for fans of scuba diving.

Islamorad`s island is year-round paradise for fishermen and the secret world capital of sports fishery. Here fish can be caught from pier, from old bridges, and from the leased boat it is possible to hook even fish - a sword or a shark.

And still the main secret of a heavenly spot under the name Florida - pussycats is covered in a unique ecosystem of this archipelago which includes system of islands, coral reeves, gulfs and the open ocean. Around coral reeves there live more than six thousand types of live organisms here, and on their land part - hundreds of bird species: a flamingo, red and gray herons, a kite - slizneed, a humming-bird and many others.

Florida - pussycats is a part of the Everglades National Park included in the list of the World Heritage of UNESCO. Therefore from all islands only thirty, all others are also inhabited - a reserved zone. The main emphasis is placed on protection of the nature and natural merge of the person to it here.

Visit the botanical reserve, a clinic for wild birds or scientific station on studying of dolphins on Ki - the Largo, the turtle reserve on the Marathon, meet deer to Big - Pine - Ki.

These islands - the unique place where it is possible to observe manatees, to swim for a while with dolphins, to feed from a hand of pelicans and herons, to give way on the highway to a crocodile (or to an alligator - here they coexist), and then to come to the beach and to enjoy the brightest subtropical decline in all its paints.

Exactly here, in contact with the unique nature Florida - turned sour, you will feel that if these islands and not paradise, then, at least, keys from it.