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Why the family needs a carving?

In cold and rainy autumn days there is a wish to be at home more and more, to fill the atmosphere with a cosiness and to please relatives with something special, created by the hands. If you like to experiment and think out something new, try to create together with the child tasty jewelry for a family dinner in equipment of a carving.

the Carving, or an art carving, is applied on any suitable surface from which it is possible to cut out. There are many kinds of a carving - on soap, ice, a tree and even a stone. But today I want to tell about a carving in cookery. It is possible to create beautiful and edible jewelry from different products: chocolate, cheese, vegetables or fruit.

Even beginners can successfully be engaged in a carving. A simple delicacy can be made houses independently, without spending too much time for their production. The main thing is not to be afraid to show the imagination. For example, today on your table there can be a tasty bouquet, and tomorrow - the real edible aquarium! Such various registration of dishes turns joint acceptance of food into the whole adventure, causes many emotions which want to share.

At the children conjuring in kitchen together with you in equipment of a carving the love to creativity and ability to appreciate fine develops. Joint creation of beautiful jewelry for habitual dishes brings a variety habitual carrying out time. All family members receive bright impressions which unite a family and paint with multi-colored paints family leisure.

Choosing products for a carving, you watch that fruit and vegetables were fresh and dense. It is necessary in order that the creations made their qualitative initial material as long as possible did not wither and pleased with the beauty and a fresh look. In the course of a carving it is possible to experiment with any vegetables: potatoes, cucumbers, large garden radish etc. From fruit more convenient for work will be apples, fresh oranges, avocado, water-melons, melons. Each fruit or vegetable has the colors and the forms, helps to show the imagination and to create the unique composition.

Decorating dishes in equipment of a carving, it is necessary to consider compatibility of the applied products also. So, jewelry from cucumbers, tomatoes and carrots will approach meat dishes, it is good to make out seafood decoratively cut out lemon segments. Fruit will be excellent ornament not only for a dessert, but also will serve as an independent delicacy.

In keen process of a carving it is important to stop and not to overdo with embellishments in time. Sometimes a small rosette from beet or the kitten who settled down on a plate edge from orange will look much more effectively, than the whole table with abundance of various jewelry in which each creation separately is lost.

It makes sense to begin acquaintance to the world of a carving with simple performed by figures and flowers. When the first results turn out, it is possible to pass to creation of more complex compositions. Having seized art of a carving and constantly inventing all new ideas, you will be able to surprise with ease guests, the family unexpected emergence on your table of the unique tasty and beautifully decorated dishes, thus, giving to the favourite people many bright impressions by preparation and during a joint breakfast, a lunch or a dinner.