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Beauty - terrible force? The pendulum of history and style of

O what, in your opinion, is told by a proverb “Everyone to his own taste“? Probably, idea is as follows: concept “beauty“ very individually. And a conclusion such is confirmed by history. Idea of beauty during every era was the. How these representations changed, can be compared to how the pendulum is shaken to the opposite sides.

What is beauty?

we Will begin

with Ancient Greece. It was the era which proclaimed a body cult. The Greek young men tortured themselves infinite trainings, trying to reach physical perfection. The victory at the Olympic Games and eternal glory was dream of such young man.

In ancient Rome other cult - a hygiene cult was established. It was time of aromatic pools and baths in which “Romans round the clock soaked there are neatniks“. But so proceeded not for long.

The fashion pendulum to the opposite side - during a Middle Ages era shook. There came time of other purity. Whether purity? Inquisition that is forces tried “to clear“ church and society of heretics and … beautiful women! As, on their deep belief, both those, and others were the “generation of a devil“ declining society to not purity. So in their fire! Works for them was a plenty, but, fortunately, they did not cope with an objective.

And the pendulum continues to be shaken - and carries away us in other extreme: XVII century. Oh, what interesting it was an era! And what was fashion of that time - just horror! What problems concerned society of that time! Imagine how the king of France proclaims: “Well, and now, monsieur, main issue of today. Whether not to issue to us the decree ruling to put to court ladies on a face it is less than front sights. Let`s tell... - there is a king, having rolled up eyes and bending fingers, was engaged in mathematical calculations, - Well, no more than 10-13 front sights, - at last he gave out. - Agree, the monsieur, more than 20 front sights on a face is somehow too“. The monsieur, scratching wigs, according to nodded: “It is necessary to agree with you, your Majesty, 20 pieces is too, immodestly, perhaps. Thirteen just right will be“.

But the ladies who are stuck around by front sights were not the only problem of that era. Remember ancient Rome with his obsession purity. And so, during this new era there was everything with an accuracy yes on the contrary. And if you also wanted to find a bathtub to be washed, - and pipes, would not find, in any way. As bathtubs - it was the big rarity at that time. Well, not in fashion was to be pure, there`s nothing to be done?

And if to remember how put on at that time and how many the make-up did - ooh, goosebumps on a back. Kilogram clothes, dirty and unkempt towers from hair became the real nursery of louses. The persons covered with a thick layer of powder and pork fat - agree what here hygiene! And, by the way, about louses. You remember, on portraits thin necks of such beauties are tied with a silk ribbon with a medallion? It no other than “voshelovka“. Yes. Their main mission was not to decorate, and to catch louses. And to keep leanness fashionable at that time, many ladies did not disdain even to swallow of eggs of worms. In a word, you will spoil nothing beauty!

And here in the 19th century if you were thin - it meant that you are poor also the loser. Respectively, completeness became an indicator of a high position in society and a sign of prosperity and health. Remember works of artists of that time. From their portraits on us it is proud well-fad beauties with curvy shapes look. “Oh and they have a cellulitis, - you notice. - Nearly last stage!“ But such beauties were queens of fashion of that time.

Well, and today? In what extreme carried away us, people of the 21st century, a pendulum of unpredictable fashion?

the Cult of fight against calories

Of course, in the party, opposite to fashion of the 19th century. We so got used to see thin women from screens of television that began to consider that it and is the real beauty. And it is valid, today there is an opinion that to look good means to be thin.

Us just bombard images of so-called “ideal women“ from all directions. If we, adults, come under such influence, what to speak about children - teenagers who spend thousands of hours at screens of TVs? After viewing of photos of models of the girl it is total want to grow thin. But it is real only the few from them suffer from excess weight. What dangers of such influence of show business?

Many begin to torture the organism severe diets, bring themselves to exhaustion, are engaged in hours in gyms. And all this for the sake of achievement of an ideal of external beauty. Meanwhile, this ideal is achievable only for 1% of women if to consider the present accepted parameters of an ideal constitution. For the majority the aspiration to reach such external perfection is similar to wind catching. It is useless and it is even harmful.

“My life is concentrated on excess calories. I only also think of that, to smear to me oil on sandwich or am not necessary“, - the growing thin girls share the experiences. Whether it is possible to call such life happy?

the Result

So let`s keep an objective view on the fact what is beauty and that there is a fashion! You should not go into extremes as our ancestors. On the contrary, let`s study at them useful.

For example, we will learn from ancient Greeks not to be lazy and pay enough attention to physical exercises which will bring benefit to health so - will make us more beautiful. We will learn from Romans not to neglect own hygiene. Guarantee of beauty is a clean body. Here at ladies is the 17th century, I do not even know what to learn... And, of course, to sharpness!

Also we will remember that the real happiness does not depend on what figures we see on the scales.