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What is sincere simplicity and openness?

As can often be met passersby who not that would not notice around themselves anything, they specially ignore the same passersby as well as they. Seldom when the smile or a kind look of the person ready to share the simplicity and openness with any who meets at him on the way is come into the view. In the renewing majority everyone hides in the shell contracting to the unrecognizable sizes.

The internal stiffness is a consequence of the only thing and the biggest fear of any person - fear to look to the truth in eyes. As often we run from the truth! Why? Because in - the first - from the truth to become it is offensive, and in - the second - any truth demands internal changes that to accept it.

If the person is open and simple, at conversation with you it openly we look to you in eyes, without squinting and without wriggling. Eyes how to be told - and on them in I sow a window to the soul second it is possible to understand thoughts and intentions of the interlocutor. Others eyes will also tell about the attitude of the person towards you that he thinks of you and as to treat you.

Sincere openness and simplicity is directly connected with ability to take a broad view of life open eyes. We as if show to world around that are ready to accept any vital blow, any truth about themselves as are ready to carry on with it “dialogue“ and internal work.

As a rule, we open to those people to whom we trust whom we know and from whom we do not feel danger. First of all it: our family, friends and acquaintances; but here to open the inner world for strangers, absolutely to strangers not everyone is capable, and the level of our socialization or in other words - ability to interact with society and with his certain representatives depends on it.

Those who are able to open even to unfamiliar and unchecked people without special problems find a common language with any person, start conversation and is to them far more simply, than clamped and diffident. Yes, self-assured people not to be afraid to prove, the emotions on public, to express the opinion and simply - to be itself. About many self-assured say that impudence - the second happiness. But just it is not impudence as an impudence root - fear of open interaction, and here self-confidence is a courage.

Only it is not necessary to confuse confidence to arrogance and arrogance. Two last qualities just also speak about uncertainty as behind a mask of indifference the fear to be opened, fear to show the inner world in which complexes and problems accumulated “higher than a roof“ disappears. From the saved-up problems there is also a fear to show all this to people around as they can point out often with pleasure and sneers to you your defects which shortcomings are only in your imagination and with reality have nothing in common. Shortcomings we think out ourselves, and here often we do not notice advantage as merits and demerits are internal qualities, but not external attributes.

We will tell about danger which traps open and self-assured. Condemnations, sneers, treachery - only the small list of those “impressions“ which such person can test. Not everyone can bear similar blows to the ego taking into account that consequences of such experiences can pour out in a long depression or a condition of blank despair. Not for nothing there is in the people an expression - “to kick in the teeth“. This that phrase which it is the most convenient to express feelings and emotions accompanying mental anguish. Even if show you OPENLY discontent and reproaches, then pleasant in it it is not enough though the naked and barefaced truth is far more simply accepted and endured. It is worse if think of you badly and for eyes to discuss.

There is even it that the open and simple person suddenly to become some boring, gloomy, all are condemned, and at times can behave even inadequately, from the public point of view. Such behavior is caused by a surplus of impressions and emotional fatigue as his life is full of daily sincere experiences and stresses. But in difference from ordinary people they are able “to patch“ very quickly the mentality as it is already trained by numerous deprivations and frequent mental anguish. If the simple person lives quietly and has stresses as necessary, then heroes of our story look for “adventures“, but also life at them is far brighter and more interesting.

Everyone comes sooner or later to awareness of need to express the emotions and feelings as the negative experiences which accumulated for many years demands an exit. If not to dare to self-express, then these experiences create muscular clips and emotional blocks that can lead to not little-known heart attack that is especially often observed at men aged from 40 till 45 years. Shame to show tears or mental anguish just and promote development warmly - vascular diseases as any negative experience is seriously reflected in work heart.

If we realize what to be oneself much more pleasantly and more simply, than to play different roles, then all our protective mechanisms weaken, clips vanish, but we become defenseless before threat of the outside world “to be trampled“ at us in soul. Life does not seem such idle time any more as seemed before. We precisely understand and we realize need to assume responsibility for the words, acts and actions as are forced to participate in all that concerns us. There is no opportunity to sit out more in a cozy, but fragile shell of self-deception with which we so carefully covered ourselves from year to year. We are open and we see things a direct look, accepting imperfections of the world such what they are.

Where we would not appear, our look quietly examines first of all people around, then a situation and after we make the decision to action, based on the obtained data. Our behavior to become unpredictable as all our actions are based on feelings from the outside world and from surrounding people who we try to bring into harmony with ourselves. Only after creation of the atmosphere, favorable for us, we calm down to a new situation in which from us new reactions and new actions depending on circumstances will be required anew.

Such way of life demands sensibleness in all spheres of life, beginning from a family and friends, and finishing with work. Such person is forced to work on himself as sincere simplicity and openness demand incessant courage in the relations with people and with the world constantly!