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What can learn from Americans? Lessons of the hurricane Sandie

Mozhno somehow to concern to Americans, but will not argue with one - at them definitely is to what to learn. I live in the state New - York on which the sensational hurricane Sandie walked not so long ago. It was the first natural disaster which affected me directly, that is I observed it not on the TV, and from within.

Hurricanes for America - daily reality, but happened they much more rare earlier. Most of scientists agree in opinion that natural cataclysms of the last years are a consequence of global climate changes. The brunt of the disaster was very severe this time.

First in reports how this Sandie commits excesses, being selected to our North - to the East, I not really - that penetrated - well, Ayrin was Sandie, and last year, you never know them goes here? But forecasts became more adverse - the hurricane gained strength, threat of natural disaster for New - York became more real.

Speak who is warned - that is armed. It is pleasant to me how the meteorological service of America works. Not that they were never mistaken, but work very professionally. Children watch. Here and this time hammered into all bells. And it is correct, I consider. You remember a situation with a flood in Krymsk? I cannot still understand why, knowing about the approaching threat, the authorities did not inform the population? People slept peacefully, and on them there was a death!

The respect is caused also by actions of the American authorities. They did not wave away from opinion of meteorologists though there was it at this time, frankly speaking, a lack of time - in the heat the last pre-election fights for votes. The president closely was engaged in cases on preparation of east coast of the country for an estimated brunt of the disaster. No, he did not rush about with the fire extinguisher and did not fly by plane, it just carried out the functions, did that that the head of the country, the leader of the nation at the moment, difficult for his people, has to do. I will not be surprised at all if the upcoming elections are won by Obama. Americans of very high opinion on how the President proved in a difficult situation with Sandie.

The hurricane was expected on Monday, and on Sunday New - York was ready to its arrival. From areas of alleged flooding all who followed an appeal of the authorities about evacuation were evacuated and placed, metro stations were blocked, the airports are closed. All relevant services were on the alert. Simple citizens were prepared according to the lights too. Neither the general agiotage and panic, nor a mass indifference and a reckless geroystvovaniye was observed.

The elements are elements. Damage from a hurricane serious. Big destructions in coastal areas New - York and New - Jersey. From - for breaks of gas pipelines there were fires. In the next days there were kilometer turns on gasoline stations, traffic jams, difficulties with public transport. Many people, especially elderly, were hostages on the last floors of skyscrapers without electricity, heating, water supply.

But victims are not left to the mercy of fate. Social workers, volunteers on foot rise, for example, on 24 - y (!) the floor to bring to persons in need water, products, drugs. And the American old men show just tremendous composure and invariable sense of humour.

When your house is destroyed, the fact that two next did not suffer in general not especially consoles. An example of Haiti which still in ruins after an earthquake and in comparison with which sufferings of Americans to which the loss will be undoubtedly most indemnified, seem just ridiculous too not especially - that inspires when business concerns you personally.

For each injured American of a consequence of the hurricane Sandie are catastrophic. To rake blockages, it is necessary to restore infrastructure, to adjust normal life not one day. The help did not reach some areas yet, and people, matter of course, are indignant concerning sluggishness of the authorities. But that the help will come and it will be rendered properly, there are no doubts.

For now Americans just do for each other that can. According to the lights. A small stroke to a picture of “their customs“: the extenders stretched from a door in about ten sockets and a note hang on a pig-iron fencing of the house: “We have an electricity. You can charge the mobile phone here if it is necessary. Please, do not hesitate“. To me it was for some reason remembered how after act of terrorism in Domodedovo bombila jacked up the transcendental prices of the services.

It is possible to see, of course, in my comparisons a terrible insult for patriotic feelings of Russians and to rush with the next revelations of malignity of emigrants. And it is possible to think of how it is possible to live a little bit in a different way. More properly is a little bit more equipped and somehow.

To learn lessons from the got experience - to it too not a sin to learn from Americans. For example, situations with the hurricane Sandie not the last role was played by the lesson received by the USA during act of terrorism 9/11. Then coordination of actions of firefighters, police and other services appeared not at height. The revealed problems analysed, made corresponding changes, and now readiness of the country for emergency situations 10 times more. In what all had an opportunity to be convinced last week.