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How to learn that article was successful?

Well how to learn? For example, according to comments. The quantity is indicative, but not always: happens that to their good article it is not enough, and in the blog mediocre - sometimes two trolls will be hooked in comments and argue on the until the moderator distracted.

long flood Arises, it seems there is a lot of comments, but here trouble, they have no relation to article for a long time. Another matter when article filled in to someone a hot shmalets for a collar! Here begins: ah, what author angry and probably in life was not lucky him and sees everywhere only bad, and can him in general the State Department employed... If the author - the woman - at her probably is not present the husband therefore she has nobody to humour and eat time to write articles (well they cannot imagine that in the world there are also other occupations and pleasures).

The second numerous group of the excited commentators are offended for the power. Whether for the country (if it seemed to them that their country offended, for example, having praised other country), whether for already nonexistent country which all - everything free of charge gave us, cared and cherished. These in general all identical, as tell-tales in a box. To salt it is a point of honor of each author therefore rough hysterics in similar articles - a sure sign that article was successful and got where it is necessary.

About successful article it is possible to judge by reposts. Recently I five a time in a row received by mail the article about a pen which writes in space. Naturally, without indication of authorship. Well it is not accepted to specify at us the author, the public considers that it is necessary to be simpler - that found, that mine. But, so interested, and let to more people knows that a self-satisfied zadornovsky joke about a pencil - nonsense. And met an article about fat many times both in a lirushechka, and in dayrika, and in a yarushechka, and in even some figushechka. Articles about different nuances of life in the USSR are quoted rather maliciously, but it is a good sign too. Generally, with reposts clearly, here everything is simple, bear in masses - means it was pleasant. Well, of course, when the reference is given...

The reader loves classification and systematization. I too therefore it would be good to place such table here: writing purpose, good luck signs, further actions of the author . Unfortunately, tables are not provided in a format, we will linearly state.

1. Purpose of writing of article: To tell the useful recipe or council.
success Signs: like “I made Thanks in comments and everything turned out“, “very much helped“, “ah as it is tasty“. The most exceptional case - comments on business. “The author specified that this napkin matches from threads number 60, it is actually necessary to take number 70“. These are the essential amendments made by responsible tone or additions (ready skrumblbumbl it is possible to strew with a grated shtrambinus, will be even more tasty). It is useful for both the author, and readers. Meets very seldom.
Further actions: to Consider sensible remarks. To write still article with good advice.

2. Purpose: To tell about some fact. Historical, cultural etc.
success Signs: “did not know Approving responses, thanks“, “it is necessary to remind of it more often“, “I will surely read, I will look, I will listen“.
Further actions: to Continue to develop a subject in the following articles.

3. Purpose: To Vzbodudorazhit the public.
success Signs: the Public is excited, in comments holivar, passions boil. The holiday was successful.
of Action:

it is delightful to i to quarrel in comments, turning aside from a cudgel of administration.

4. Purpose: To attract clients on the trainings.
success Sign: the People flock on the website of the author and are pushed to give it money for his invaluable lessons life.
of Action: to Take people for a ride abstruse councils about anything and to row money, further to buy the yacht and the lock in Scotland.

5. Purpose: To show what author clever.
success Sign: Readers were struck from delight and awe, there are no comments for this reason.
of Action: to Buy a big mirror and to admire.

6. Purpose: To expose a world zakulisa (masons, druggists, scientists, doctors, political intriguers and spies).
success Sign: the World zakulisa in panic, pharmaceutical company were ruined, it is watered. intriguers regretted, spies in eager rivalry spread names, addresses, appearances and passwords.
of Action: Does not know as yet never it happened.

7. Purpose: To improve the world by re-education of all people, having persuaded all to be kind and kind.
success Sign: the World became kinder, Old boorish ceased to write articles. In comments - light tears of joy in both occasions.
of Action: to Admire the nimbus around the head, to clean wings, then to go to give all violets.

8. Purpose: To learn to write articles to
success Signs: Approving comments, disapproving comments, reposts, personal letters with thanks.
of Action: to Consider mistakes and defects, to write further.

9. Purpose:

it is simple to i to communicate. to Write article about anything.
success Signs: does not happen. In comments contemptuous responses, the author with insult deletes the account.
of Action: to Create the new account, to think about what all - can be written interesting article and to write it.

10. Purpose: to Receive a bonus for article
a success Sign: the Bonus is added.
of Action: to Write still article. To repeat.

Note: in article provided neither honourable medals for specific authors, nor personal denunciations of them. It is offered to place favourite and unloved authors according to the table - the reader independently.