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How to increase efficiency of intellectual and creative activity?

If you the creative person or your work it is connected with brainwork, then it is heavy not to notice that in one day you are visited by inspiration, and in another you have total absence of motivation, desire, and you are not visited by interesting ideas. In such unlucky days your work turns into tiresome series of the useless actions which are decently spoiling to you mood.

But to relieve itself of the similar periods or at least to facilitate such spirit, it is necessary to understand for a start: first of all - on what labor productivity, and in the second - depends that influences our inspiration.

Labor productivity depends on many factors: health, health, tone, day regimen, diet, food allowance etc. But we will stop on a day regimen as at the majority the working day begins in the morning, the lunch break follows later and already in the late afternoon we come back home. Even if you have a free schedule or you work at home, then influence of change of day and night anyway influences you.

Not for nothing there is the Russian saying: “Who gets up early, God gives that“. Probably, ancestors noticed long ago that all affairs are got on since morning far better, than on a sunset. Practically all live does not sleep early in the morning as the person likes to do it, and actively moves and gets to itself livelihood for day (if, of course, this live is not fed from hands of the person who, however, can forget about it). Let`s consider in more detail than the reason of high efficiency of work in the morning.

Why we so easily and quickly are given the solution of tasks in the mornings than if we did it late at night? One of factors is a fatigue. At the beginning of intellectual day of work our brain which had a rest after a long dream (if, of course, you it allowed it and did not torment themselves with wearisome campaigns on night clubs or parties), it is full of strength, as well as all body. The brain something is similar to a muscle in a body - it is also capable to strain and relax, and his overfatigue conducts to headaches.

If you after a lunch began to solve a new problem or fight over old, then with probability of 99% it is possible to assume that, even remaining with a workplace to 8 o`clock in the evening, the most maximum that you will be able to achieve - migraine, partial diminished responsibility, hunger in addition an unresolved problem. If you postpone work for morning, and will come back home at 4 o`clock earlier as it is accepted at normal people, then in the morning the probability of success most likely will be absolute. Scientists even established the fact that our brain is capable to carry out the task set to it without our conscious participation.

In this case it is about the solution of a task in unconscious part of your mind which as if the multiprocessor computer is capable to carry out several programs in parallel. You quietly can find this time, free for your again released attention, for the family, have a rest with friends or watch the favourite telecast. But there is more to come what is required to know that labor productivity to subordinate to the will. The second factor as it was told above, your inspiration is.

Any intellectual or creative activity is closely connected with inspiration. Many writers, poets, musicians derive the inspiration by nature, from the romantic relations, and some elementary wait - when the muse ikhposetit. But we will try to sort everything by rules of strict logic and we will not indulge in vain hopes - we will act for inspiration!

We will begin with the fact that the inspiration strongly depends on our vital force. If we have a lot of energy, then and work is got on far quicker and more simply. If we feel not on all hundred, then and it is necessary to count on fast result or great idea not especially. Business here that any creativity - process individual as it is connected with ability to express the emotions and feelings by means of the word, music, the fine arts or other types of arts, such as dance, for example, and also by means of creation something the hands. But if there are no feelings and emotions, then and there is nothing to create. And how to cause these emotions and feelings?

The first - your work has to be pleasant to you that already she or thought of it caused in you the mass of pleasant emotions and experiences. Otherwise it is rather heavy to motivate itself as “love cannot be ordered“. The second - to you needs the vital force which is your feelings and emotions, and to tell more true, a current of this vital force is felt by you as manifestation of emotions. It is easy to notice it if you are fond of sport. After physical activities the organism is filled with force next day and you feel much more vigorously and more surely. Your mood increases, you want to laugh and eyes at you shine.

But sport - not the only thing that can raise a vitality. A lot of things depend on your food. If you eat simply, moderately and consume enough water in day, then your organism feels more freely and does not spend energy for digestion of excess or junk food. It is helped by a vegetarian diet and just existence in a diet of a large number of fresh vegetables and fruit. It is also useful to be engaged in cleaning procedures for a body and an organism.

You should not hold back also influence of age. The person is more senior, the at him the organism is polluted more and the less vital force at it remains and collects. But in modern society there is a set of examples of celebrities which, having even exchanged the second half of the century, manage to look 20 years younger, and their activities can envy many young people.

Anyway, our intellectual and creative activity is influenced by a set of factors some of which are not even studied by science, for example, change of phases of the moon yet. But our life is short and it is necessary to live it as it is possible more brightly and more interestingly, and we will be helped with it by favourite work at which we will “burn“ in good sense of this word, and a healthy lifestyle!