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Tooth hurts? 10 councils as will get rid of a house toothache.

Each of us at least once in life faced a toothache. It appears suddenly and at not the most not right moment. A toothache the most cruel kind of pain for the person. It prevents to eat and just does the person angry, destroying nervous system to zero that the person just is ready to attack for the first and smallest irritant for himself though it it can not be. It is not necessary to suffer from a toothache, it is necessary or to go to the stomatologist or will get rid of pain, but you understand it temporary effect, teeth it is necessary to treat. In this article I will tell you options as it is possible to get rid of a toothache, checked by my acquaintances and personal me.
Is several options of a toothache: caries, damage of okolozubny fabrics (gum), thin enamel of tooth, inflammation of a gum or periosteum, mechanical or chemical impact on tooth nerves. Each person has a different reason and only the stomatologist can put the exact reason. And so we will pass to councils for removal of a toothache of the house.
1. The most popular is anesthetic tablets: analgin, a nurofen, ketones, the ibuprofen and aspirin, even helped spazmalgon.
2. Not less effectively applyings of a tampon on the painful place moistened valokordiry.
3. Also you can rinse a mouth soda solution (dilute one tablespoon of soda in a glass of warm water, it is possible to add also a drop of iodine).
4. It is also possible to make chesnochno - an onions tampon on tooth. You take in equal to quantities garlic, onions and salt and properly you crush everything and you mix to homogeneous mass. You apply this weight on a tampon and put to tooth.
5. Massage of an ear. It is necessary to massage an ear cost the parties with which tooth hurts. If tooth on the right side that hurts and it is necessary to mass the right ear. A big and middle finger massage a lobe or top of an ear. Massage approximately lasts about 5 - 10 min. You are not lazy to massage. Easy reddening of an ear is guaranteed, but helps.
6. Massage of a hand. Massage a hand from the opposite side from a painful tooth, between big and a forefinger, roundabouts. If tooth on the right side hurts it is necessary to mass the left hand. Massage lasts about 5 - 10 min.
7. It is also possible to freeze pain having put from the freezer cold fat, but effect temporary.
8. Also you can buy “tooth drops“ in a drugstore, apply couple of drops on a tampon and apply to tooth. “Tooth drops“ can be used even at pregnancy.
9. Also fir oil will help. Apply on a tampon and apply to tooth from all directions.
10. Also not less effectively validol helps. The tablet of validol should be pounded and mixed with warm water that weight similar to a smetanka turned out, also to apply it on a tampon and to put to a painful tooth.
These councils to you will help to clean a toothache, but all this temporary measures for disposal of pain. Doctors nobody cancelled. If to go to the stomatologist it will not be arrived on time, even to get rid of pain. To the stomatologist it is necessary to go, at least once a year, and in general is recommended two times a year. It is not necessary to bring itself to sleeplessness and a nervous breakdown that we can just lead on all to a depression. You love and appreciate yourself.