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From gods to mushrooms. Let`s indulge ourselves with mushroom baked pudding?

... Egyptians considered mushrooms as food, worthy the Pharaoh`s meals. Romans called them food of the gods, and Greeks believed that mushrooms allocate soldiers with special force before battle.

Really, tastes of mushrooms appreciated still in the ancient time. Teofrast, Aristotle and Platon`s pupil, wrote in the works about morels, truffles and champignons, and the Pliny Sr., Roman scientist - the naturalist, one of the first tried to classify mushrooms, having divided them on edible and poisonous.

Today about 200 species of shlyapochny mushrooms are known from which only a few tens represent value for culinary specialists. The others treat either to conditionally edible, or inedible. On tastes mushrooms are divided into 4 categories. The first the most valuable and tasty - white make, milk mushrooms and saffron milk caps.

In spite of the fact that today there are farms which are engaged in cultivation of mushrooms for commercial purposes in Russia still there are many mushroom pickers - fans. For the city dweller to go to the wood for mushrooms is an opportunity to receive a charge of physical and emotional cheerfulness, and also to diversify a daily diet.

Though mushrooms are in many respects similar in the structure, each of them has the features which should be considered at preparation and culinary processing. For example, for pickling best of all will be suitable slippery jacks, cepes, honey agarics, saffron milk caps, birch mushrooms, champignons and chanterelles. For salting - all lamellar, and for drying - tubular, truffles and morels.

The nutrition value of mushrooms is not called into question. They are rich with cellulose, proteins, vitamins, minerals and at the same time are low-calorie. For example, mushrooms are comparable with a liver on the content of RR vitamin, and vitamin A in them almost as much how many in butter. Also much aromatic and extractive substances which increase appetite and stimulate release of gastric juice in them.

Though in mushrooms of protein it is not less, than in meat products, it is digested worse from - for contents in cellulose of “heavy“ substance of a fungin. Therefore mushroom dishes are not recommended to those who has diseases of kidneys, a stomach and a liver by . Well, and the others can quietly enjoy them especially as those dishes exists much.

Mushrooms use for preparation of soups, omelets, salads, pies, snack. They are fried, extinguished, pickled or entirely baked on a barbecue. But as mushrooms - perishable good, it is necessary to prepare them at once. As option - to pickle or dry. Then for a year they will introduce a pleasant variety in your diet.

We got used to clean mushrooms , and here the Australian microbiologist Noel Arrold who devoted himself to their cultivation advises before culinary processing by just soft brush to clear mushrooms of sand and the earth, to wash out, but not to scratch out a thin skin - it impacts to mushrooms special relish and aroma, but also is nutritious.
can Check its council, having prepared baked pudding with mushroom forcemeat and sauce . For this purpose it will be required:

- 300 g of fresh mushrooms;
- 400 g of cheddar cheese;
- 70 g of tinned corn;
- 1 egg;
- 2 bulbs;
- 1 paprika;
- 1 tablespoon of flour;
- greens;
- spices and salt to taste.

Preparation of forcemeat . Boiled mushrooms to cut, roast together with one cut bulb, corn and greens. To allow to cool down, after that to add the shaken-up egg. To cut cheese on 6 parts 1,5 cm thick. On three parts of cheese to lay out mushroom forcemeat and to cover with three rests. For now all this is baked in the microwave oven or an oven, to make sauce.

Preparation of sauce . To small cut paprika and the second bulb, to fry all this, having added flour, spices and the broth which remained after cooking of mushrooms. To water with ready sauce baked pudding and...

Bon appetit!