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Evanix Hunting Master. Why this pneumatic weapon call “the Korean revolving miracle“?

are a weapon of the Korean firm “Gas Duk IL Arms Co.“ often compare to the Kalashnikov. Reliable it, even superreliable, as well as legendary automatic machine.

“Advantage - simplicity and high reliability of system. The rifle can be dipped into Dnieper, to drop in sand, to lift and continue to shoot“. From a weapon forum.

The weapon belongs to the pneumatic weapon which is quite extended presently with a preliminary rating. In English such PCP system (Pre Charged Pneumatic), in Russian - PTsP is called. The shot in PCP - system is made by means of pressure of the air pumped in the tank under very big pressure.

The principle of action of mechanics of the weapon under the name of Evanix Hunting Master - revolving. Very rare presently. After installation in a special nest of the reel charged with bullets, the special lever unbent by a thumb turns a drum and cocks with great dispatch - the trigger mechanism. We press a trigger, a cock - the drummer beats a special feature, letting out a portion of air from the tank of a high pressure behind a drum. This portion of air pushes out a bullet from a drum and through a trunk “spits out“ it in world space. Further, at bending back of the lever reminding a cock in the fire revolver, the cycle is repeated. From - for lack of a dosyl of a bullet in a trunk (I will tell about it further), the mechanism it turns out very simple and reliable.

Evanix Hunting Master options (according to the passport published on the official site of Gas Duk IL Arms Co.) :

AR4 - the gun of caliber 4. 5 mm.

AR5 - a “classical“ long-barreled rifle in three calibers (4. 5 mm, 5,5 mm, 6. 35 mm).

AR6 - a carbine - the gun in the same three calibers. And AR6 is a carbine - the gun: we remove a butt - the gun turns out, we put on - back a carbine.

The weapon is made of very qualitative materials. Any plastic. A bed, a butt (at the gun, respectively, the handle) - from a strong, beautiful tree, a receiver - from an aluminum alloy, all the rest - steel. Accuracy of mechanics strikes. It both is good, and it is bad. The slightest change of parameters with great dispatch - descent - valvate group leads to cardinal deterioration in ballistic parameters. It is information for those who like to sort everything and “to lick into shape“. Speak, trunks of these rifles do in Germany and all equipment for production is delivered to Korea from there.

Power, as well as at all South Korean rifles, is close to maximum for this caliber. The rifle “is ground“ only under firing by heavy Korean bullets. Shot power even in the smallest, 4. 5 mm caliber, make over 60 Joules while under the Russian law “About the Weapon“ the power of hunting pneumatics is limited to 25 J! Easy bullets take off with a supersonic speed and begin to somersault in air. It is simply senseless to speak at the same time about any accuracy.


Everything, described above. Power, superreliability, very presentable appearance. It is pleasant to one and all: to both fans of “classics“, and admirers “tactical find fault - a teka“, and to fans of “weapon exotic“.

“Appearance - on 5 with huge plus, and the tree is enough - of nothing (seem, a nut), and processing well at all super“ . From a forum of owners of this weapon.

The drum at not cocked can be turned a trigger. It is very useful when hunting with different types of bullets.

In shop, sorry, a drum, even the non-standard long heavy hunting bullets which are stuck together from several “standard“ pools come.


the Drum with pools can be inserted “the back on the contrary“, then pools either will not take off, or will be extended and will become with a diameter about 4 mm. It is made in order that the bullet covered “by the back on the contrary“ did not get stuck in a trunk.

Lots are very “small“, are quickly hammered with lead. It is made in order that a bullet, taking off from a drum and flying, through some distance, in a trunk, did not test strong resistance. The bullet at the same time partially warps. A lack of such design is also “the insufficient accuracy“.

“Noted one feature of system without ramming. It is impossible to put on lots on ChiZ (the rifle CZ - 200, a comment of the author) a bullet of 2,5 g (4,52 mm) without hammer, and on AR - 5 it fly there. There are shortcomings, but there are also advantages“ . From a weapon forum.

Therefore, from - for lack of system of a dosyl of a bullet in a trunk, rifle accuracy … not sports. But for hunting quite is enough.

Excessive consumption of air. Besides a constructive lack of system without ramming. To put a bullet on lots and to push out it through a trunk, the portion of air moves with obvious surplus. From - for it the rifle not worse than the fire gun roars. At the same time the muffler in a set is not delivered, and the carving on trunks of “Koreans“ is very peculiar.

Price. In foreign the Internet - shops the rifle and the gun - a carbine cost about $700-800. The gun - from 600 evergreen bank notes. In Russia … Time in one and a half - two above. Such here sad reality.

Well and in conclusion - my personal opinion. the Gun should not be taken in general. Despite external “beauty“, it so big, heavy and inconvenient that I do not even know what size there has to be a brush conveniently to capture the handle and what settlements is necessary precisely to shoot from such monster.

The gun - a carbine … Too small tank for entertaining postrelushka (approximately on 15 full-fledged shots), and is not intended for hunting in general. From - for short a trunk of accuracy any, as well as in gun option. Removable fastening of a butt is quickly loosened.

And here the rifle is yes! Thing!