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Novelties of cinema. What to watch during week-end on November 3 - 5? “Newsdealer“, “Ralf“, etc.

As expected, the forthcoming festive days off will pass under the sign of Bondiana, the benefit again that the new movie about adventures of the agent 007 was approved by Vatican and is recognized as morally steady. Those who did not manage to see “007: Coordinates of “Skayfoll“ last week, have excellent chance to the future Wick - and because there are no worthy competitors among debutants of the Russian hire simply.

Among the last - the criminal drama “Newsdealer“, a three-dimensional animated cartoon of “Ralf“, the Russian drama “Steel Butterfly“, the historical blockbuster “1812: The Ulansky ballad“ and a number of pictures with laconic headings - “Change“, “Atonement“, “Taboo“.

1. “Newsdealer“ (The Paperboy, 2012)

the Director Li Daniels is on a thorny road of test by glory. The creator of the sensational independent movie about destiny of the black girl “Treasure“ later undertook to picturize three years the inconsistent novel of Peter Dexter. The picture was watched in Cannes and in Toronto, but further the nominations business did not go. It is quite natural that, having even left the Oscar empty-handed ceremony, Daniels was strongly included into the list of directors who can entrust work with stars. From the last flattens “Newsdealer“ and stares because in one shot Mathew Makkonakhi, Zac Efron, Nichole Kidman and John Cusack gathered.

Swing turned out strong, but not productive. The plot about the journalist trying to find the truth (and to earn to itself reputation) in scandalous case of murder of the sheriff in one of the southern states of America broke up to not too intelligible, but effectively shocking audience video series. Does not rescue a situation tremendous transformation of John Cusack (it you precisely did not see the actor yet), deliberately scandalous make-up and an image of behavior of Nicole Kidman, even the first successful attempts to represent the drama on Zac Efron`s face. From “facts of life“ into “Treasure“ Daniels passed to a frank seamy side, excessively savouring a dark side of human nature on the screen.

2. “Ralf“ (Wreck - It Ralph, 2012)


It is pleasant that the Disney studio is not afraid to experiment and along with purely conveyor production sometimes publishes piece goods. “Ralf“ is a nostalgic product for those who else remember an era of the first computer prefixes. In spite of the fact that in the movie are added as really existing games, and the fictional worlds, adult part of audience by all means will meet acquaintances and thoroughly almost forgotten characters.

The plot of an animated cartoon will tell a story of the strapper Ralf, villain 8 - a bit toy in which the poor creature is “nightmarized“ eternally by the positive character Felix. Having been tired of a negative, Ralf leaves the cozy world in search of the better life on open spaces of virtual space. Traveling around others games, Ralf meets their inhabitants, in passing realizing own mission.

It is obvious that “Ralf“, at all the multyashnost is simply obliged to be pleasant not only to children (which the external cover, abundance of amusing characters and a variety of graphic images will attract more), but also the adult.

3. “A steel butterfly“ (2012)

Domestic film figures do not stop trying to master alien to our cinema a thriller genre. At the same time all full-length opuses on the set subject for some reason seek to copy at the same time foreign stamps and to surprise the viewer with new sides of performers, absolutely atypical for a genre. The fiasco of “Stone“ with Sergey Svetlakov`s participation, apparently, added to nobody wisdom therefore in line Darya Melnikova, she is Mikhail Kokshenov`s granddaughter, it - one of “father`s daughters“.

For the producer infinite “Lyubovey - morkovy“ Renata Davletyarova “A steel butterfly“ - the second movie after the comedy “My Mad Family“. Lack of experience, of course, not of floggings, but in this case authors bent a level a little. In - the first, the plot how the experienced representative of law enforcement agencies uses the homeless child as a bait for the maniac - does not maintain any criticism. In - the second, the new image of Darya Melnikova too contrasts with her character from a popular TV series. The girl ripened, but somehow suddenly. As for a keynote about friendship of the inveterate skeptic and difficult teenager, did not do without stretches peculiar to any fiction here.

How the tape was ignored on past “Kinotavr“ where it was nominated for the first prize, it is possible to expect also difficult rolling destiny. However, to creators a sin to complain: the tape migrating from the detective in the melodrama and regarding as of paramount importance “a rupture of a template“ nevertheless left in a wide release, so, does not pass the mass viewer.

4. “1812: The Ulansky ballad“ (2012)

If “The steel butterfly“ is an example of a disagreement of enthusiasm and opportunities, then “the Ulansky ballad“ of Oleg Fesenko - an example of how the available opportunities go down in the sewerage. The tape trying to cause the patriotism attack dated for bicentennial anniversary of the Borodino fight in the Russian population it was in actual fact one more abortion of the Russian kinoprom.

Fesenko would obviously not like that his “custom“ creation was compared to Poul Anderson`s “Musketeers“, but, alas, quite so and not differently. A rollicking plot in which there are not enough only the queen`s suspension brackets, four uhlans, adventures, fencing on sabers and, certainly, airships. Without airships censorship will not pass. Ah yes, they also songs sing on Dunayevsky`s music, and at a slow rate so beautifully battle that takes the breath away. If not “it is ridiculous, ridiculous, reckless“. Authors shot the parody, without reflecting that similar approach can not glorify, and humiliate. The vaudeville worth five million dollars headed by Sergey Bezrukov is “the powerful patriotic appeal to descendants“. Who would doubt. And what you wanted from the author of sad “Street racers“?

This week in hire in general the chaos of domestic movies which sharply rushed in the tear formed between a premiere of “Skayfoll“ and the forthcoming display of “The cloudy atlas“ is observed. So, since November 1 the Paradiz company will suggest us to look at Kirill Serebrennikov picture “Change“ . Serebrennikov - the authority figure, the director of the tapes “St. George`s Day“ and “Representing the Victim“. Its new movie also passed a running in the abroad, having participated in a competition of the Venice Film Festival. The esthetic drama about extreme conditions of relationship of men and women is shot in a gloomy tonality, with participation of an international cast (leading roles the German and the Macedonian, and also the soloist of bottoms - VIA GRA groups of Albyn Dzhanabayev played).

The Russian cinema is also presented by Alexander Proshkin tape “Atonement“ , the heavy drama about life of the Soviet people in post-war years when the hearts and souls overflowed with hatred and sufferings took the first steps to healing. For admirers of the European cinema of the Russian Reporting and Other Cinema company brought the French comedy “What the French men“ about and the Portuguese melodrama “Taboo“ speak .

Parallel to the main hire in some movie theaters of Russia and Ukraine from November 1 to November 5 there will take place the festival of an anime “Reanifest“ during which fresh and not really animation projects from Japan will be shown.