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How to change specialty? From radiochemistry to geochemistry of

it is difficult, but it is possible. This problem arose not only in the dashing nineties years (when engineers turned in shuttles, junior researchers - into oligarchs, physics - into bankers, officers - into bandits), and existed always.

B 1976, having protected in Leningrad / Moscow the master`s thesis with the sophisticated name on radiochemistry , the author went to Khabarovsk and got a job in Institute of tectonics and geophysics of Academy of Sciences of the USSR. To continue to work with open radioactive sources in the Far East it was impossible according to sanitary standards. And the subject of institute was exclusively geological. It was necessary to train for a new profession in geochemist .

Here - that I also faced barriers of special languages . It turned out that minerals and rocks - though substances in chemical sense, but have so-called trivial names without communication with the chemical nomenclature.

For example, unpretentious olivin with a formula (Mg, Fe) SiO 4 . It is salt of orthosilicon acid. But - geochemical names! From a forsterit of Mg 2 [SiO 4 ] to a fayalit of Fe 2 [SiO 4 ]. And so 10 thousand minerals. And names need to be remembered.

With rocks it is even more difficult. For example, basalt - “ the main effusive rock of a normal row, the most widespread of all kaynotipny breeds. Paleotypal analogs of basalt are diabase and basalt porphyrite. Intrusive analogs of basalt are gabbros, a gabbro - norita, norita, troktolita “. I see?-.

Here and I - it seems, the chemist with good Leningrad education, and understand nothing. Well, did not teach us to geochemistry! In 1976 I had all knowledge of the olivena from A. N. Tolstoy`s novel “A hyperboloid of the engineer Garin“.

Mine in which extract gold from the Olivinovy belt. Garin and Zoya`s dialogue:

- What you offer me instead of Rollinga? I am a woman expensive.
- the Olivinovy belt.
- That?
- the Olivinovy belt. Um! It is very difficult to explain it. Free evening and books at hand is necessary … The Olivinovy belt is the power over the world. I will employ your Rollinga in door-keepers, - here what is the Olivinovy belt

I and made - was imposed with books and geochemical language studied three years. There were both expeditions, and experiments, and publications in serious magazines. Even Konder in the ranks of nice prospecting artel “Cupid“ extracted platinum and gold, however, not from the Olivinovy belt, and from the loose field.

By the way, in artel invited thanks to my former radiochemical specialty - in passing with platinum the radioactive mineral thoriate was washed away , with which I also adjusted safe work.

Eventually wrote very special monograph “Basalts: from eruption to fiber“. And earned by consultations at the choice of raw materials for production of basalt (stone) cotton wool and fiber a living.

There is such vital metamorphosis! This year even invited to participate in justification of existence radical (in rocks) platinum on one of fields in the north of Khabarovsk Krai.

So be not afraid to change specialty if forces life, - business this labor-consuming, but interesting. In the presence of good basic education the success is provided!