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Why it is impossible to earn on the Internet? Many people have

, generally beginners in a network there is a question: “Why I cannot earn on the Internet?“. Whether someone you know, lives thanks to the Internet (and such people every month more and more), and in general nothing is impossible to me.

In - the first that I want to tell such people. Have patience. From the first day on the Internet you will not be able to earn good money. It is necessary to accumulate experience. As do not twist, but the main information on the Internet this idle talk. You need to choose the direction in which you want to earn in a network and to carefully study this direction. Here to you a living example how people are not able to wait. Let`s allow the person on the Internet enters the phrase “How to earn on the Internet?“ gets out millions of different references. “Earnings from $50 a day“ draw its attention, but he does not reflect that that earns $50 a day the person who is long time there. He begins to earn, in the first day earned is admissible 50 cents, in the second 60, in the third 40 and in a weekend looks and earnings made it $2. It throws this website and begins to parafinit it at forums, threw a pier of type in, do not “go“ there. He does not even reflect that having worked as few weeks, could come for earnings of $5 a day and then only increase the earnings. Not all far it turns out from the first, it is necessary to study earnings, but not to say that they are unreal to earn if at you that that did not turn out. When (whether) you begin to work at any work, you had no experience too. How you got it? You did not become for several days expert. You worked too, asked, learned and only through some time knew already as as becomes. And so to you my council if you want to have the income from the Internet, spend at first not a lot of time. Hour free was given, spend for studying of the material interesting you. And gradually, you will begin to understand what yes as is arranged and will begin to earn money. To achieve the big objectives it is necessary to break it on small, and small into the smallest.

In - the second, our people love a freebie and try to find it in the Internet. It is them and “kills“. And so ladies and gentlemen, I want to tell you, there is no freebie on the Internet. In real life whether much you received freebies? So in what the Internet differs from real life? It is necessary to pay for everything. The person wants to get profit in thousands of rubles, without having spent for it kopeks. So does not happen. Let`s allow in the West, it was understood for a long time therefore there people who earn much more in a network. But in the CIS countries it will reach the people it is visible very long therefore we have so many people who did not take place on the Internet. Created the website it is admissible, paid for half a year, for half a year nothing turned out and threw it. Though, they did nothing by sense. Just wrote articles and thought that visitors on their website have to flow the river, and advances any did not do. Not hunting to spend the money for advance, not to turn out suddenly:).

There now, it is also two basic principles on which the person cannot earn on the Internet. If you want to earn really in a network, follow two of these rules: Be patient, do not look for a freebie.